D Gray-Man Wallpaper: Watch the World burn

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Road Kamelot Wallpaper
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Road Kamelot Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's a little late for a Halloween wallpaper , but I just got the idea for making one when I was relaxing this Friday, trying to ignore the doorbell (all those brats won't get anything from me :hmpf: ).

I thought D.Grayman would be a nice series for a Halloween themed wall because it's actually one of the scarier shonen manga out there. I might just sound like Cyril but I think Road looks darn cute especially as a normal human, her personality however...
That's what I don't understand anyways, most of the Noah and the Millenium Earl as well lead totally normal and happy lives as humans. I really wonder why they want to screw humanity. Maybe they don't care as long as they're alive.

The image was vectored/smudged/painted, I wanted to leave the background as simple as possible (because I was in a hurry and because I'm lazy XD ). It seemed a little empty that's why I vectored some of Roads weird candles from a screenshot and put them in as well.
Looking at the head Road's sitting on I remembered that I met a women with albinism lately and back then I noticed how pretty her white eyelashes looked, so I tried to make that head's eyelashes look as pretty as possible.

I guess that's all I have to say. The original scan is here, the patterns I used were taken from Hybrid Genesis.

I still don't have an internet connection at my place so I won't be able to thank you for your comments, however they're still appreciated. I'll try to answer as soons as I can so bear with me a little more.

depths-of-sound vector-wallers

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2008

    Great vectoring job, also nice on the painting <3~
    I like the dark atmosphere and of course Road is so
    cute though I don't like her when she's acting like you know
    what, the girl's head she's sitting on is a unique peice to add
    and I love the eyelashes. Also great simple-ish bg, I love the candles :3

  2. vitaamin Nov 02, 2008

    i love everything about this, beautiful painting and the girl shoudls sitting on is really creepy and cool. i do think that the background would have been better in like a black, right now its kinda washed out i think (sorry) or maybe if the light had been more yellow.
    but everything else is really stunning and amazing.

  3. kuryuki Nov 02, 2008

    haha lol i h8 those brats that dont leave doorbell alone too
    awesome wall?

  4. Sinever Nov 03, 2008

    its been a long time since you have submitted something :D
    & you're back with a creepy wall XD
    you've vectored & painted Road very nicely & like it :)
    well done :)

  5. dslassey Nov 03, 2008

    God, Anja, you surely are amazing! I truly thought it was an excellently extracted scan, but you vectored/painted it! Wow, really breathtaking!
    I've totally missed new wallpapers from you (hell, I miss you T_T), so this is like the best Halloween treat ever (i couldn't eat any candy, and I'll tell you why whenever you have internet).

    I've always wanted to do something with that pic, but it always seemed too difficult for me to do anything with it. Now I'm glad I did nothing, because your's kicked its non-existant ass five times over! XD
    I like the floating candles - makes you wonder why ther aren't lighting any of the room up.... creepy. >_<

    Great job, and it's been such a lovely treat to see another wall from you! :D

  6. dementia Nov 03, 2008

    man with your works you can never tell they are vectored. they look perfectly painted. I'm glad your back

  7. Spongepop Nov 03, 2008

    I think one of the lovely aspects of this wallpaper is the colors and I was immediately drawn it to for that very factor. This lovely piece has a mixture of beautiful dark and ominous colors which are amongst my favorites.

    The most noticeable and intriguing figure is the protagonist. Even from afar, the subtle and menacing of this persons aura is very enchanting. I enjoy seeing your beautiful display of these dark and gloomy colors. I think It's an impeccable way of crafting this unique and stupendous wallpaper.

    Your work has left an incredible impression on me, shouldn't that be a major factor in making wallpapers and sharing them? It makes people like myself happy with your work, making them stop and think, and even wanting more. This is definitely a great visual work and you've executed it exquisitely!

  8. obsidianwings Nov 06, 2008

    Looks great! From the image vector/painting to the layout of the wallpaper... I like the simple background because the candles give a nice touch but don't distract from the central image. :D

  9. ArianaCh Feb 20, 2010

    its pretty nice! ??? ------------------------------------------

  10. kimjae02 Mar 29, 2010

    thank you for sharing

  11. lurvegurl May 02, 2010

    ROAD-to-dama ! ;DD
    yesh im'a big fan of ROAD.
    And just to say you did a great job ! :) though a bit more shadow from the candles would have made it absolute ;D

  12. shebow Oct 31, 2010

    allen.. mishu.. kawaiiii.. desu ^^

    merged: 10-31-2010 ~ 09:43am
    ilove the vectors.. nice .. ^^

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