Kuroshitsuji Wallpaper: The Undertaker

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

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lately this has become a problem.


edit | thank you for everyone faving and commenting! and of course carrying this to popular art section =] really appreciate it.

and of course special thanks to highlights at vector-wallers & dark-wallies

omg i just updated this and then it got elite. arigatou!


This is my second entry for the dark-wallies contest. i hope it gets accepted even though its not as scary as I had originally intended. =/ i'm so bad at committing to the scary ideas (i had alot but in the end i didnt do them)


vector #25
scan (6-25 & 9-34)
91+135 layers//4days
textures from DA and PS CS2
easiest part: outlining
hardest part: using a vanishing point and combining the two images
personal favorite: the painting and the fireplace
what i hate: the table and lack of focal points T_T

So why the undertaker? thats the name of the character holding ciel, i think hes so cool. in the manga he comes out of a coffin xD. also because the undertaker is like a mortician so i thought it was fitting for the mood. anyways for people who dont know, ciel is a little boy, but his aunt forces him to dress as a girl, part of the plot which is kinda of over the top to me, but hes so cute!

VECTOR | so the vector took me about 1.5 days. this is my first time painting like everything, no blurring used or tricks to mimic painting. i'm so proud of myself xD although in the wall you can barely see it. ciel's expression was originally kinda sad/embarrassed but i decided to make him look more afraid and crying, even though ciel doesnt cry because he knows sebastian will come and save him! it was alot of trouble combining the two scans, and in retrospect ciel is too small but if i made him any bigger his head would have been massive.

WALL | of course lots of lighting effects and outerglows etc used here. particularly difficult was using a vanishing point for the first time when drawing the fireplace. i drew it before but it just wasnt working so i decided to use my 5th grade art techniques to get it just right. hopefully it looks ok. a major flaw that i couldnt fix no matter how i tried is that the fireplace kinda pulls focus away from the characters. i did alot of blurring and stuff to alleviate this but in the end it didnt work quite as well as i had hoped. and im too lazy to vector a new bg T_T. the table that ciel is sitting on is quite empty but at the same time there isnt really enough space for me to put anything. the table is my least favorite part.

PERSONAL COMMENTS | lol yes pulver-chan, the undertake does look like a lolicon in this image, thats how i had envisioned it xD.


Alternate versions: TBA per popular request


submission for the following groups:

vectory vector-wallers dark-wallies

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  1. Pulver15 Oct 27, 2008

    I thought you would do anotehr pfoject! That's why I was really suprised!
    (you can always suprise me)
    The dark athmopshere is great again!
    and little scary ciel looks so cute! XD
    and undertaker looks like a perver here XD
    Great work again!

  2. lovelylayla Oct 27, 2008

    oh that evil evil man!

  3. chrisp Oct 27, 2008

    oh! soo cool! maan you' re just to great!
    really pulver15 is right! you can always surprise us! i just love the darkness and the background is just to amazing!
    really! i will vote for you! good luck!

  4. selemental Banned Member Oct 27, 2008

    uwaa nice submission! poor girl's crying. :x *favs*

  5. christabel92 Oct 27, 2008

    this looks scary to me,so I think it's perfect for the contest...your walls really remind me of Kitten..you have the same coloring as she on her original walls :)
    but i think that thinner outlines would look better on this one :)
    i like the bg,though :)

  6. Koboshi93 Oct 27, 2008

    uwwwa! how adorable face! I love the colors too

  7. YoruAngel866 Oct 27, 2008

    now i can see it finished :D
    i love it, the fireplace is gorgeous :D
    great job :D and its the darker one

  8. ArtificialRaindrop Oct 27, 2008

    I think it's scary, just a different kind of scary... That poor boy in a dress o_o It has a very dark atmosphere that I think is very fitting for a creepy contest. Very nice!

  9. Jakira-kun Oct 27, 2008

    wow Undertaker and Ciel looks cool XD

  10. filo05 Oct 27, 2008

    creepy... poor boy, dressed like a girlXD I love it the vector it's so good, awesome one! I think I'm becoming fan of your works haha+fav

  11. kuryuki Oct 27, 2008

    fav commented on ap

  12. Straawbeeryy Oct 28, 2008

    You know, you`re making me want to read this series now. I keep seeing you`re work and from what you said in your description, it sounds interesting. XD
    I have to point out the thing that bothers me most is Undertaker`s (his name right?) hand doesn`t look like it`s wrapped around Ciel`s neck... mostly his thumb looks out of place. Also, Ciel`s fist is a bit squarish but none of those things can be fixed so oh well.
    Your vector is just simply fabulous. You have got to teach me how you paint... :]
    I love your background. Though I think it`s too blurry but that`s the out of focus look.
    Gosh, andrea-chan, you`re still a roll! :]

  13. karstar0208 Banned Member Oct 28, 2008


  14. dslassey Oct 28, 2008

    Quote by christabel92your walls really remind me of Kitten..you have the same coloring as she on her original walls :)

    OMG yeah! The hues are similar, aren't they? Also, The softness of the finished wallpaper looks a lot like Kitten's Originals. o:

    I think this makes a perfect contest entry - seems pretty creepy to me (I mean, I'd be scared shitless if I was that girl...). The vector is superbly done, and the background is simply amazing. Great job! ^^

    Also, love the dude's malevolent smile XD

  15. YENESIS Oct 28, 2008

    ahhhh what.. are you doing aahh my bocchan!jaja looks a uke!
    nice work!bocchan!POOR!

  16. ScarXHeart Oct 28, 2008

    Oooo.... Nice, nice. really great for the halloween holiday. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  17. ShanaFlare Oct 28, 2008

    oh wow,the wall is just awesome! thanks for sharing :)

  18. Sinever Oct 28, 2008

    this wall is awesome :D
    I love how you have joined two different pics & the bg is fantastic :)
    well done its a highlight ;)

  19. ROSEANA Oct 28, 2008

    Ciellllll kawaiiiinee~~~
    It's very nice and lovely(Ciel) wall...I very love(Ciel) this wall..
    Thank you^o^

  20. Omone Oct 28, 2008

    I like how you merged those two scans. they look great together.
    the color sheme is also very nice and fitting.
    the only thing i don't really like are the big outlines but i thing it depends on the viewers taste. I am more used to thin outlines=D

    anyways, really a great wallpaper!

  21. Murasakiiro Oct 28, 2008

    what a perverted smile......:?

  22. Chiisuteru Oct 28, 2008

    AWWW CIEl !
    Undertaker is a unquie character I <3 him too

  23. spyder2544 Oct 29, 2008

    hey, wow, i really like this. there clothing is so old school. its all good.

  24. anit4e Oct 29, 2008

    Absolutely amazing.Putting the two scans together,and making a creepy atmosphere...
    Lovely job! ;)

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