Kare Kano Wallpaper: Kare kano // Ribbon love

J.C. Staff, Gainax, Kare Kano, Soichiro Arima, Yukino Miyazawa Wallpaper
J.C. Staff Studio Gainax Studio Kare Kano Series Soichiro Arima Character Yukino Miyazawa Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So this is my first Kare kano wall and im proud of how it turned out mostly the text and some bits of colors....i was going for a landscape version but i was sick of just putting landscape types on my comps desktop so i wanted the old school type version of my wall again but this time with a lil love interest since no one uses the images of the main characters here anymore... Kudos to Nuriko for the scan which is appreciated!

So yeah there was lots of brushes, duplication layers and gaussian blurs with a touch of overlaying...Tried to make it as simple and less grungy and techy as possible but bringing up the love!

*Ribbon: signifying the long term relationship which ties them intertwined together and in love there is nothing that can end nor break it.*

So this is kinda like my dedication to all those who hope for love and search for love i guess...

78 layers and 5 hours of work.

Hope you like! ^ ^

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  1. Noctum Aug 18, 2004

    The moment I saw the thumbnail in the recent submissions, I knew it was your work.
    Really good work with the bg.
    It looks like you missed to extract a small white triangle between the characters, though.

  2. Zuri-chan Aug 18, 2004

    The image looks a bit blurry..must be my monitor..but the details on the background are excellent. Great as always Oracle. Great work. ^^

  3. kenzuke Aug 18, 2004

    I just love your bgs !!!! :)

  4. ZyreX Aug 18, 2004

    As I said in AO!! Nice work dude!!
    Keep it up!! XD

  5. kino Aug 18, 2004

    waa thank youuu!! i love karekano and now i love you XD

  6. stardusted Aug 18, 2004

    Waaaaai~ Such lovely brushwork and amazing colors :D And it's KareKano <3

    Must adore and worship your brushwork *_________*

  7. WunAngelwHoney Aug 18, 2004

    WoW! thats really pretty!
    AnG loves the effects and especicially the colors it goes so well togehter

  8. Kane Aug 18, 2004

    I like your style. I hate grids though....
    Good work owerall. Nice text there.

  9. Fantasia Aug 18, 2004

    very nice~

  10. hidekeitaro Aug 18, 2004

    Nice :D

  11. AkinaSpirit Aug 18, 2004

    Great bg!! :D ...the scan looks a bit squish (spelling?) but it's rare to see Kare Kano wallpapers ^^

  12. saitoh Aug 18, 2004

    great work. it look awesome.

  13. crapmonster Aug 18, 2004

    just love the bg that you made there, but i dont see the pic really going well along with it. still a great wall though!

  14. candy-chan Retired Moderator Aug 18, 2004

    damn you make too many walls XD machine!

  15. katz291 Aug 18, 2004

    Awwww! It's so kawaii! =^-^=

  16. Osiris Retired Moderator Aug 18, 2004

    oh damn, bg roxorz my boxorz :D

  17. tender Aug 18, 2004

    Very nice! Well done.

  18. Spriggan Aug 18, 2004

    beautiful work..as the usual!! particularly the bg!! thanks for this.. :hmpf:

  19. DeviousOni Aug 18, 2004

    this is a good kare kano wall. i like the theme of the ribbon here. the image could have been a tad sharper and brighter, but that's b/c of of the image itself not being of best quality. nice layering too. good job!

  20. Foolish-ishness Aug 19, 2004

    Nice wall.

    Flow brushes look awesome in this one.

  21. Angelette Aug 19, 2004

    Great Kare Kano wall! I like the abstract BG.

  22. chunli61 Aug 19, 2004

    very nice! one of the best kare kano wall's ive seen!!

  23. Taejin Aug 19, 2004

    nice! some love for kknj!

  24. Mizuki-Chan Aug 19, 2004

    This is how sweet! XD XD I totally love this wall! XD XD

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