Toradora! Wallpaper: Pink Tiger

Yasu, J.C. Staff, Toradora!, Taiga Aisaka Wallpaper
Yasu Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Toradora! Series Taiga Aisaka Character

1680x1050 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I've decided to try and follow the new animes that are coming out this season since I missed out on some interesting shows that aired during past seasons.

So far, I really like what I've seen of "Toradora". I really like Taiga and the story is interesting, even if it is a high school romance... and that's been done before.

I used my favorite image of the opening for the wallpaper : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v193/Electrastar/Picture1.png but, I decided to use the style of coloring that was used in this picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v193/Electrastar/Picture2.png which is also from the opening.

I know it's pink and really simple but I find myself liking simple walls as I grow older. I played around with the halftone pattern to try and make it look like a manga image. I like it that way, but I also have a non-screentone version that I like.

For those of you who don't like the pattern, download the clean version here: http://img440.imageshack.us/my.php?image=toradorawallievers3noscsr7.jpg

Enjoy Taiga in all her pinkness! ^_^'

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  1. Koboshi93 Oct 24, 2008

    tsudere powa!

  2. selemental Banned Member Oct 24, 2008

    Really awesome work even though I'm not really into pink. XD


    w00t 2nd post :D

  3. Bshatiah Oct 31, 2008

    this is so cute! x3

  4. nanaa-chan Nov 29, 2008

    nice niceee i love heeer!

  5. Masheleni Dec 01, 2008

    Taiga is just THE BEST! I love the show... and this wallpaper is a MUST HAVE... I just love that expression on her face >_<

  6. jayjay1 Dec 15, 2008

    cute girl i like it cool thx for sharing >.<

  7. Arsyad05 Dec 21, 2008

    eh? Taiga pink? i though she was orange :D , thx for sharin

  8. Moon-Star Mar 07, 2009

    Nice! I love her.Kawaii Cute and Cool.
    Nie ma co ju? ?ci?gam.

  9. tokoyo Jul 26, 2009

    Taiga is so cute I like her! thanks for sharing ^^

  10. FantasyMagicalWings Sep 26, 2009


  11. playa2209 Oct 31, 2009

    love this wallpaper so cute lol

  12. panze2 Nov 18, 2009

    thanks fok this beautiful wallpaper i love Toradora Eyes of Taiga (graaa)

  13. mellinaty Jan 19, 2010

    Thanks for sharing!~ Gracias

  14. moo-poo Mar 01, 2010

    thank you for sharing ..! ><

  15. mooplapoo Banned Member Mar 16, 2010

    thank you for sharing! ^[]^

  16. marvjin Jun 30, 2010

    kowaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(...) xD

  17. Karbonix Jul 13, 2010

    Great Job ! Thanks you for sharing

  18. maryanpopis Sep 13, 2010

    So Cool!
    Thanks For Sharing!

  19. xminax Dec 06, 2010

    very good contribution thanks

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