Kuroshitsuji: Bright eyes

Yana Toboso, Kuroshitsuji, Ciel Phantomhive, Vector Art
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Yay for another project done :)
First: I want to say sorry to all the people I was talking to a few days ago for not answering yet...I really had to get this done,and that's why I focused all my free time on vectoring...so sorry guys,I'll answer you all tomorrow...

Second:This vector really wasn't my original goal for uploading...I just uploaded it because I was sad that no one would see it in this bigger version,because I plan to wall it...that's my original plan,hehe :)
So watch out for the wall...I'll do it in the next few days,hopefully,because I have a good bg idea,which doesn't happen to me very often XD

Third:I really didn't watch the show,so I don't know of this character's appearance...so his hair color is my own creation based on the original scan where as you can see,colors are not so defined...the colors of this wall were kinda inspired by vitaamin xxxholic vector...I think I'll make more walls with brown colors in the future,because they look really classy XD
Sorry if the outlines of this vector are a little bolder then they have to be...I really think the vector is better with them like that...and I do hope you like the roses,since I never really knew how to paint them to look real...

The name of the vector comes from a Blind Guardian's song called Bright Eyes...

Well,I hope you like the vector,and as I said,watch out for the wall coming soon XD
Please comment and fav!Hope you like it!

depths-of-sound vectory
timeless--rain celestial-luminesse paint-o-rama free--wallers

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  1. tsuki-akari Oct 22, 2008

    i love his eyes! XD
    cool vector....can't wait for the wall... :D

  2. christabel92 Oct 22, 2008

    damn,I just saw a made some mistakes and I can't update the damn vector!

  3. hayashinomura Oct 22, 2008

    It's just me or it's really what you call mistakes before, the nose hole too round and the lips a little different from original one ^^"
    But away from that, it's really nice vector (you shouldn't call it as 'damn' since it's your work, 'kay? >_^). I love the textures that you add on his clothes and roses. He look's cool and cute at the same time.
    Kuroshitsuji category now available, you don't need to make it 'other' again ^^

    merged: 10-22-2008 ~ 11:53pm
    Christa-san, I've checked the updates now. It work to go that page ^^ (I don't know for browse a file since I don't try it, sorry ^^")

  4. kuryuki Oct 22, 2008

    just beautiful!
    where did u find those patterns?

  5. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Oct 22, 2008

    Cool And beautiful,Chris-chan.The vector is cool.some mistake?mmm,I see but that Okay.This is very nice vector.

  6. Straawbeeryy Oct 23, 2008

    This looks really awesome.
    Your outlines just look plain awesome and bold. I love it!
    The eyes are just beautiful. Gosh, how did you make it look like that?
    Also, I don`t really like the texture/pattern you have over the rose. It makes it look blurry and next to that sharp line stands out and bothers me.
    Honestly, I think you overdone the pattern a bit though it`s true that it would be too plain without them.
    There`s also a slight leakage of color where the hair comes in contact with the frill of his clothes. I also would like it much more if the color wasn`t so pale... Maybe it`s because I`m a bright person...
    But really, this vector is really cool. XD
    P.S. I keep seeing these pink thing that keeps showing in your outlines. I`m not sure how to describe it but yeah.

  7. vitaamin Oct 23, 2008

    btw christa, you can update now i think i've updated alot of my vectors --"

    i agree with hayashinomura about the nostril and this is totally different from how my vector looks lol. i cant wait to see the wall!

  8. YENESIS Oct 23, 2008

    Bocchan.!-..is a star the colors are so nice! the rosses are prettiS!
    !1is beautiful"""

  9. Pulver15 Oct 23, 2008

    You made a kuroshitsuji one and such a pretty image!
    and the haircolor is right too(the original it's just a little bit darker I think)
    but must admit the nose hole is too big but....
    Aaawww! Great XD
    Now I'm curious about the wall version!

  10. Felesya Oct 23, 2008

    aah, cuddly nice colors <3 good work on blending all the elements together so well

  11. anit4e Oct 23, 2008

    Ohh Stormy-chan! *Hugs* Hehehe feels like forever since i've seen something from you!....but that's just me! ^_^'
    The lines....the lines are perfect! XD.I can't stop looking at them!
    Ahhh it's Ok for the mistakes...we all make them right? ^_^'
    Awesome work as always! XD

  12. selemental Banned Member Oct 23, 2008

    awesome vector christy-chi! *favs* +_+

  13. tretretertreteterter Nov 28, 2008

    Wow... Oo Great vector... Really)
    Beautiful work))

  14. Evercold Mute Member Nov 29, 2008

    It I, tretretertreteterter, simply I have changed a name ^^ Now I Evercold ^^ And, certainly, I shall add this wonderful work in my favs ^^

  15. angelwings083 Nov 08, 2009

    yea~ great bright eyes~ *_* hehe..:D
    thanks for sharing!~ ^__^=

  16. Barasuisyou Nov 22, 2009

    Cool vector.
    Thanks for sharing you did an excellent work with Ciel.

  17. Tokami Aug 29, 2010

    cooooooooool! thanks ^_____^

    merged: 08-29-2010 ~ 03:35pm
    cooooooooool! thanks ^_____^

  18. osyuanyuan Sep 10, 2010

    Thanks for sharing! I like it very much!

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