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Studio DEEN, Weiss Kreuz, Omi Tsukiyono, Ken Hidaka, Ran Fujimiya Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Weiss Kreuz Series Omi Tsukiyono Character Ken Hidaka Character Ran Fujimiya Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well after playing merry-go-round with the comets on this wall I finally gave up. :( I swear it needs something but I have no clue what...

So about the wall: the main guy is a psd from Suntiger's site Tekuteku. Ummm...what's his name again? Suntiger, I know you told me but I forgot. :D (obviously I'm not the biggest WK fan ever, lol) The background city scape is from a GetBackers wall I got from here (crazypanda submitted it). The stars and moon are made by me with the help of brush sets. The 3 outlines of the guys I traced from a scan I got... elsewhere, lol.

So suggestions are welcome as I'm not 100% happy with how this came out. I even tried a last ditch effort of listening to the opening song nonstop for 20 minutes but it didn't help. :(


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  1. MissCz Aug 18, 2004

    *gasp.* It's raquel! *hugs MyrrhLynn*

    Sorry back on track. It's a pretty good looking wallpaper.. there seems to be a lotta startdust going on, but I imagine that the idea behind it. The silloheuttes don't seem to help the image much, in my humble opinion, but I'm just an amateur so ignore me. Overall, I think it looks better than what you might think. :)

    OK, deviating time! There's another Weiss Kruez!? That, and your avatar rocks...just because Scrapped Princess rocks. ^^

  2. MyrrhLynn Aug 18, 2004

    Ahahaha, when you said "omg! it's raquel! " I had to sit there for like 20 seconds before I figured out what you were talking about. XD Kinda slow today I guess. Thanks for the comments on my way! and yes I think I went a wheee overboard on the stardust. :(

    (Oh yeah Scrapped Princess rocks! I love the characters in that show, including Cz ;) Actually I like Raquel so much that I own the official Raquel fanlisting, :) )

    :edit: Opps forgot to answer your question. Yes there is a second WK but it is really short (like 10 episodes if I remember correctly) and very strange. The opening song is cool though which is where I got the idea for this wall from.

  3. pinkdoremi Aug 18, 2004

    wow! everything in this wall matches so well :D haha, i love the siloutted ppl XD excellent job!

  4. chunli61 Aug 18, 2004

    omg i love that image!! nice work

  5. suntiger Aug 18, 2004

    ahh, so this is the final version.. His name is Ran Fujimiya XD (Aya is his codename in the first season). When you first told me your ideas about this wallpaper I got a totally different idea. Like.. completely different O.o Maybe I should make a version of the idea I got from you so you can see what I mean, but eh, dont want to take your ideas so maybe not =p

    the moon looks good, what did you use to make it O.o I remember you were saying you might try that tutorial, but it doenst look like the tutorial O.o

    anyways~ looks good ^^

  6. MyrrhLynn Aug 18, 2004

    Ah yes that is his name. Now it's on here too so if someone asks I know where to look. ^_^' The moon? Ahaha ahaha ahaha... no that's not a tutorial made moon, it's a brush I found on .... that one place. (can't remember how to spell it) I believe it's made from a photo of the moon though, since it is so realistic.

  7. Kinkosami Aug 19, 2004

    Very good! I really like the image too. (I was gonna make a wall with it!)

    If this were my wall, I'd have blurred the silhouettes a bit so they don't take the focus off the main picture. Or I wouldn't have put them there in the first place, it seems a bit squished....

    I love the moon though! Very very nice, where did you get the tutorial? And your choice of font looks really nice too, it matches the wall very well. I have a feeling those are lyrics to a song, what do they say?

    Over all you did a great job! So far this is my favorite of your walls.

  8. juanicths Oct 23, 2004

    nv got ard to catching gluhen...esp after all the mixed reviews i got abt it....some how all the main charas got revamped and i didn't like how they look like...maybe u cld tell me the title of the OP, or send it to me? shld be interesting, esp since it inpsired this wall...

    overall, i do like the effect, but maybe the silhouettes can be smaller? or a spinkling of stardust over the silhouettes wld bring the focus back to Aya... at least that's wat i think....

  9. Trever Oct 27, 2004

    your maybe not a big fan of weiss kreuz gluhen but DAMN YOU DID A great WORK !!! Aya is so.........** drooling tongue fell from mouth hanging open** never though id found aya so beautiful........Love the background and the silouhette of our others 3 favorites florists. :D let me know if you does any others of these !! Oki ? :D

  10. himeno22 Oct 31, 2004

    awesom wall, nice gob with the sillouhetts and stuff.
    he's cool! but, i like Aya way more then him, anyway i saw Aya before I saw him too. wait, is that Aya? i can't really tell...i haven't seen Gluhen yet.
    well if it it Aya...then he looks hott!!! ~*drools*~

  11. charaznableamurorei Dec 09, 2004

    Hi MyrrhLynn!

    I love how you made the silhouettes of the other charas... I don't think that they take too much attention away from the main chara, since the main chara's muchos 'guwapo' (that's handsome in my language... ^_^).... though I am looking forward to your (upcoming?) Ken wall! (anooo, do they get new names or all-new charas in the new season, anyone?) Though, methinks you rushed working on the buildings at the BG, no? The red lights' kinda kerazy, but don't worry too much about... i'm just probably nitpicking, hehe... ^)^

    nice wall, and for that, me downloads this pronto!

  12. missy1066 Feb 17, 2005

    Hi there..I love this wallpaper...this is the only place that has any good ones of the WK boys and Aya/Ran inparticular.....Aya looks good enough to eat in this!!

  13. irian Mar 27, 2005


    I love bishie wallpapers, and much better if they contain my beloved Aya. I like the way you added the shadows of the rest of the team in the background, and the city fits the mood of WK quite well.

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