Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan: Violet Mist

Yone Kazuki, Idea Factory, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Toshizou Hijikata (Hakuouki)
Yone Kazuki Mangaka Idea Factory Studio Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Series,Visual Novel Toshizou Hijikata (Hakuouki) Character


Actually i think this is a new game from the creator of Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2. I cant seem to find a category for this scan, so i submit under the other category. Scanned from the october issue of B'sLog.

Again, base on a new game. The characters are hot! The mag come with the game demo, i have not yet played it since it is in japanese.

Scanned and edited by me. I have to scan 2 times for this because this poster is actually quite big

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  1. LadyGoddessCeres Oct 21, 2008

    Incredible artwork and character design! It looks like it will be a really cool game! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Enysha Oct 23, 2008

    I love almost yours scans x3. I still wonder how you got them ¬¬ hahahaha
    Very nice boy, he looks as my type XDD hahahahaha.

    See you there~~

    PD: plus fav, of course wuahahahaha ñ.ñ

  3. maristefo Oct 25, 2008

    very good scan!

  4. lordi-chang Oct 25, 2008

    who is this?... the scan is amazing!

  5. FlameMasterAJ Oct 28, 2008

    wicked pic! Reminds me of Masamune from Sengoku Basara!

  6. yutakafair Oct 31, 2008

    I love the Scan *-* it's very cool anda pretty *-*
    and i love the game >//< it's very cool

    merged: 10-31-2008 ~ 06:28pm
    I love the scan
    The game it's very cool.
    And the protagonist is very very very cool >///<

  7. christabel92 Nov 14, 2008

    This guys is so hot!And the bg,,breathtaking!I love it,I want a wall out of this!

  8. isikaru Dec 21, 2008

    This guy's design looks uber awesome. I love the color scheme. Thanks for sharing!

  9. nevi Feb 19, 2009

    such a incredible character.

  10. Enysha Mar 06, 2009

    This is from Hakuouki a visual novel game. He's a member from shinsegumi. As you, i haven't played yet so i don't know which character is u_u. But i'll do xD, though i don't know japanese >.<

    This image, is also de cover from the game ost.

    lalala~~~ Thanks for upload x).

  11. isikaru Mar 18, 2009

    He has the coolest design and color scheme ever. I love it.

  12. shinonome69 Mar 19, 2009

    thanks so much i love that game and shinsengumis hotties xD

  13. yutakafair Mar 19, 2009

    very nice scan
    i love the backgroud too XD
    the game have very godds graphics ^^

  14. nomedcat Mar 20, 2009

    So Hot hot hot ^ ^

  15. kyoko89 Mar 21, 2009

    Nice scan~
    Thx for sharing!

  16. yukitama1999 Mar 21, 2009

    HIJIKATA~~~This picture is great and beautiful!

  17. YukiIce89 Mar 21, 2009

    Simply wonderful! The guy is really hot *___*
    And the background is magic...*__*

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. garnetyuna Mar 21, 2009

    this is just amazing! I like his clothes, but I like the swords even more XD
    good scan

  19. MissDaphne Mar 21, 2009

    This is a great scan.
    The background is beautiful!

  20. LZC Mar 22, 2009

    This is over the tops for cool!
    For some reason (probably because this is so different in the score! factor), I got reminded of a comic joke about Lelouch in the final episode of Code Geass and his g*y pink sword... :P

  21. Karila Mar 23, 2009

    So cool!

  22. Ishikawa91 Mar 23, 2009

    wow this is really nice. I like the depth of it

  23. VindicatoR Mar 23, 2009

    Nice scan, thanks for sharing.

  24. Nubes Mar 23, 2009

    i think this guy is so hot i could marry him just like his is. With his Wally


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