Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Wallpaper: Tanomu ze!

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Haro, Lockon Stratos Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Series Haro Character Lockon Stratos Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

For Myrrhlynn's request for the Moar-Plz project. She asked for a bishounen in normal clothes.

I saw the cover of the Voice actor single for Lockon, and knew I had to wall it (he looks so sexy in those clothes.. *fangirls* )

I wanted something abstract, so decided to go with splatters. They came from cjvirus@devART and Illustrator's brushes. The textures are from my own collection.

The text bubble says "tanomu ze", which means "I'm counting on you", which Lockon says a lot ^^ Added Haro because Haro is Lockon's partner and I won't leave him behind :)

Alt version :
1600x1200 | 1280x1024 | 1600x900

Other res :
1920x1200 | 1600x1200 | 1280x1024 | 1600x900

the-planning-board gundam00-devils vectory simple-ism celestial-luminesse vector-wallers

p.s. before anyone asks, this is the original Lockon (aka Neil), not Lockon2/Lockoff (aka Lyle) XD

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  1. vitaamin Oct 20, 2008

    i feel like its been forever since you made anything! T_T i love those lines, they are so unique and fun--i cant get my lines to have so much personality like yours. and i heart haro immensely!

    ahh i must go download some of your textures =]

  2. hayashinomura Oct 20, 2008

    Lockon-san really cool in this wall
    Luv this work ^_^ and thanks to make his wall ^_^

  3. x-lawss Oct 20, 2008

    Welcome Lock's little brother XD

  4. spiritsword Oct 20, 2008

    I looked at the blue-green version, but I think this colour is better.

  5. YoruAngel866 Oct 20, 2008

    lockon :D
    vector is well done and i love the background :D
    and i love added haro :D

  6. christabel92 Oct 20, 2008

    LOCON!Yay for a wall with him,which you can rarely see ^_^
    I love the vector and the colors,you did a cool job on this?
    what do the japanese words mean?I'm really curious ;)

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2008

    Yay~ Lockon :3
    I love the textures and color, added Haro
    is very cute and title is sexy >..<
    Great one *joins the fans screaming in back*

  8. Maniac Oct 21, 2008

    I like the Blue-Green version better, the colors seem more lively.

    BTW, you overcompressed the image... there's artifacts along the edges of the text, on haro, and on Lockon's shirt. (when you're looking at the image on a 42" screen it stands out like a sore thumb :/ )

  9. Straawbeeryy Oct 21, 2008

    I adore the blue green version better. I just love the color of his eyes.
    Aw, look at Haro. He`s so adorable!
    I love your vector and lines. You don`t even need me to say it. XD
    <3 the simplicity and Haro. *squeal*

  10. MyrrhLynn Oct 21, 2008

    Humm I think I also like the blue green version better. It adds a little bit more color contrast and really makes his eyes pop. Plus he looks good in blue green. XD

    I love the paint spatter brushes you used! I might have to grab them myself. ^^; The texture was a good choice too, I don't think paper texture works for everything, in this situation it works well though. The addition of Haro and the text bubble are perfect to balance out the side of the wall. And your vector job is fantastic (is jealous).

    I really like the giant white border around him. I've seen other walls like that and I'm thinking I might have to try it out. >_>

  11. Evelina Oct 24, 2008

    I like the color for this wallie , it's just so cool

  12. shurei-KO7890 Oct 25, 2008

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! lockon stratos!
    ilove that!
    ahhh! another gallery-item foe gundam00!

  13. SAKURAZERO Oct 31, 2008

    OMG! It's Awesome >[]<~~!

    Great work ,Maple-chan~ >w<b

    I like the blue version xD~

  14. ariadne Nov 09, 2008

    i thought he was too cheerful for Gundam
    ah Lockon ...
    great job MapleRose-san!

  15. Erhy Nov 10, 2008

    I really it very much.

    Both versions are beautiful. Good job.

  16. Helenaaaa Banned Member Nov 10, 2008

    He is so beautiful, thank u!

  17. Yoj1317 Nov 13, 2008

    Great wall! Both versions are awesome.. and I'm really glad you included the alternative. The blue-green area really brought out his eyes XD

  18. Gardevoir Dec 10, 2008

    Lyle is still cool, and it would be impossible to tell them apart by appearances alone.

    But anyway, Neil x Feldt forever!

  19. OctaDiamond Jan 13, 2009

    Wow, thanks for the many options.. you're so generous^^

  20. ImyImy Mar 02, 2009

    Nice job! ^_^

  21. bosy2626 Nov 07, 2009

    I realy like it very much.

    Both versions are beautiful.

  22. sumore Nov 08, 2009

    I simply love this. I like the added haro on it

  23. YuuhiHime Dec 12, 2009

    Hm~~ very nice colour.. I like it!

  24. ChOFee Feb 19, 2010

    Whoa gourgeous. Lockon is just fabulous... as always XD And great work, I like the abstract feel to it.

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