Someday's Dreamers Wallpaper: Yume - The Power to Dream

Kumichi Yoshizuki, J.C. Staff, Someday's Dreamers, Yume Kikuchi Wallpaper
Kumichi Yoshizuki Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Someday's Dreamers Series Yume Kikuchi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So I did another wallpaper... Actually, I've been planning this one for a really long time ^^;; But I just recently got to it - why? I HATE extraction x.x;; It took me like two weeks to finally get motivated to extract the stupid image. Grar, so annoying.

Anyways, this is really similar to a wallpaper I've done before, and very similar to many on this site x.X; I didn't MEAN for it to happen - it just kinda did. And I really suck at stars too ^^; So what is there really to say? I saw the water and thought it'd be cool it were clouds instead. And so I based everything around that. I was going to give her wings, but I got lazy and didn't want to draw them ^^;

I really didn't mean for it to turn out like it did, just kinda happened. This is so vanilla XD Aiiiii~ I really wish the scan I'd gotten was larger x.X; But the petals are nice and glowwy :3 Actually, everything is x.X;;;;;

And I know the perspective thing is really weird - she's sitting and the moutain's tilted x.X; It's meant to be strange like that ^^;

Image: #animusic
Brushes: [url="http://www.endlessrain.org/"]Endless Rain[/url] & DA

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  1. Kawamori Aug 17, 2004

    Brilliant work, hey you're in a dream (like your title suggests) so her sitting position isn't that important, she can even upside down, but it would be a weird wallpaper... ;o)

  2. WunAngelwHoney Aug 17, 2004

    wow! really nice!
    great effects

  3. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Aug 17, 2004

    nice fog effects ^_^ i love the dark night colours and the pedtals as well...keep it up! :D

  4. pinkdoremi Aug 17, 2004

    wow~ it's so pretty ^__^; i love the fog :D

  5. Noctum Aug 17, 2004

    The crooked horizon is driving me mad. @_@
    Also the petal in front of the sun makes the sun looks stretched.

  6. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 17, 2004

    Quote by GundamZZnice fog effects ^_^ i love the dark night colours and the pedtals as well...keep it up! :D

    The fog effect is brilliant ^^, Star-chan always amazes me because I feel that shes the master of the fog effect ^^ Seriously, there isn't too much but theres enough to make it a just right feel ^^. Its an easy color for the background, but its not bright enough to where you can't see the fog, but its a bright enough color to where you can see the girl just fine ^^. Very nicely done with this wall here Star-chan *gives you some Pocky* Congrads, favorite indeed for meeeee ^^

  7. Foolish-ishness Aug 17, 2004

    The fog looks really good.

    Nice job.

  8. sammo Retired Moderator Aug 17, 2004

    very serene wallpaper :) great job!

  9. kanoko-witch Mute Member Aug 17, 2004

    Really sweet + fav

  10. crapmonster Aug 17, 2004

    awesome job on this, real nice sky and fog

  11. halcyonTwilight Aug 18, 2004

    I hate extracting images too XD If it wasn't for that i would make a lot more walls. Anyways, i really like the petals and the fog effects. The clouds look really nice too ^^ Nice wall :D !!!

  12. irix Aug 18, 2004

    wow!!! i'm like it!!! :D

  13. Cloudnine Aug 18, 2004

    I would write a huge comment, but I'd rather save that for your guestbook XD

    anyways, really awesome work ^^ love the misty athmosphere you created for the BG. The blues you used for the sky looks great, just awesome XD~ for some reason many people fail to see that the sky isn't just one color xd

    i like how you kept is simple and clean :D The text is a bit iffy (haha I never like adding text to begin with XD) Other than that it's great ^^/

  14. Septillion Aug 18, 2004

    whoa lovely!! you definitely did a good job with this one stardusted :D i like the mist and the how the petals are sorta glowing. excellent work :D

  15. Mizuki-Chan Aug 18, 2004

    Wow~! This is really nice! XD I love the mist!

  16. Taejin Aug 18, 2004

    props to you on a wonderful Someday's Dreamers wall..that show needs more of people like you ^^

  17. h2dz Aug 18, 2004

    jus awesome... the dark blue sky is tite XD
    and ofcourse, the fog... hehe... brilliant indeed ^^
    waahhh.. u do feel like ur in a dream @.@.. i like it! :)
    must add to favs! ^^
    another awesome wall from the coolest person ever, Perfect Stardusted ^.~.. *bows*

  18. ashura001 Aug 18, 2004

    Very nice. I love the glow effects on the flower petals. ^_^

  19. Natsu Aug 18, 2004

    wow... XD cool!!!!!! XD XD

  20. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2004

    O_o THIS IS SOO beautiful!!

    now I KNOW I WANT YOU FOR breakfast!!! ^_^

  21. DarkSith Aug 20, 2004

    I like the dark colors and you used good efects on your wp.
    Nice work :)

  22. kasumi78 Banned Member Jan 17, 2005

    Very attractive wallpaper!
    With beautiful colors!
    I like!
    Very good work!

  23. AyuTateishi Apr 28, 2005

    Nice wallpaper of Yume Kikuchi!!! Good job!!! Thumbs up to this wallpaper!!!

  24. Nubes Apr 01, 2006

    she looks like she's emergin of the light... very cool

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