Ouran High School Host Club Wallpaper: The Jabberwock

Hatori Bisco, BONES, Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki Suoh Wallpaper
Hatori Bisco Mangaka BONES Studio Ouran High School Host Club Series Tamaki Suoh Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

As always please full view.
This is my contest entry for dark-wallies. I really wanted to do something from American Mcgees Alice . The game came out a long time ago, but is still a cult fav. Someone from dark walls came up with a idea about taking cute characters and making them disturbing. I thought that was a great idea. I used the picture from Host club, I have no idea what the anime is about I have never watched it, I just know it is a cute happy anime. I wanted to vector the twins as well, but did not have enough time.
About the wall. everything is vectored expect the clocks. I free handed the bottle and bowl. The door mouse came from Angel Sanctuary, the rabbit from a manga scan, and the skulls from stocks, and the bleeding cup came from a scan from Neuro. I kept changing so many things. I thought one thing would work and then it did not. I am glad that the focus things I wanted to use still worked though. There is much to say expect I hope everything works well, since this was such a pain.
In case anyone is wondering the title is from the poem the Jabberwocky, from Alice Through the Looking Glass. Disturbing poem for a disturbing wall.

Credit where credit is due
I am not posting links because it would be to many
eye cup from Neuro
door mouse from Angel Sanctuary
bunny from a random manga scan
hatter from Host club
clock stocks and textures from sxc.hu
painfully vectored in Paint shop Pro

Shameless Advertising
dark-wallies vector-wallers vectory yaoi-heaven
theunderappreciated celestial-luminesse

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  1. hayashinomura Oct 13, 2008

    Creeeeeppppyyyyyyy~~~~~ the background so creeeeppppyyyyyy~~~
    Tamaki-senpai looks good too with the blood.... I just conscious that.......
    So this is your entry for Halloween Contest, good luck then ^_^

    merged: 10-14-2008 ~ 01:50am
    Ummm, wanna ask, is that bunny's honey-senpai? ^_^

  2. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 14, 2008

    Just that, I adore the whole setting. I would never have thought of this sort of background for that scan.
    I like how you did the blood spilling out of the tea cup, is very clever and the execution is flawless.

    Excellent job! <33

  3. ArtificialRaindrop Oct 14, 2008

    Dementia, you ROCK! XD I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw your wallpaper! It's even better that you picked Ouran Host Club to twist. They actually had a goofy parody of Alice in Wonderland in one of the manga volumes, too. I'd almost started working on an Alice-themed wallpaper for the contest, but I'm glad I didn't- yours would have definately blown it out of the water OX

    The detail is absolutely stunning. This merits a favorite ;)

  4. YENESIS Oct 14, 2008

    magnific! is ahh very nice idesa! usa-cganis dead!
    great wall!

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 14, 2008

    Oh my goodness... Tamaki-samaaaaa ;_;
    LOL, this is too creepy! You did an excellent job with the vectoring and textures. Great job!

  6. dslassey Oct 14, 2008

    This is so awesome, Dementia! It perfectly fits the theme of the contest! And I can't believe you made Tamaki so creepy. XD
    And I think Honey-sempai's gonna kill you for what you did to his bunny. o_O

  7. kit-kat Oct 14, 2008

    Love the vector of Tamaki, and love the creepy atmosphere. Great job :)!

  8. YoruAngel866 Oct 14, 2008

    yup i agree with dslassey, its excellent, and perfect for the contest.
    omg i love bloody cup he is holding :D
    well done
    tamaki sama!
    also The Darkest One in dark wallies

  9. Idril Oct 14, 2008

    Crepy but lovely!

    I luv this things! XD

    awsome wallie, sweetie!

  10. Koboshi93 Oct 14, 2008

    so...creepy and hot...

  11. lovelylayla Oct 14, 2008

    disturbing, very very disturbing...

    great vector, very fitting for halloween

  12. christabel92 Oct 14, 2008

    wow,this is so cool,I love it :)
    you did an amazing job on the vectoring and the textures...

  13. Kairi-Hearts Oct 14, 2008

    wow! really disturbing! But it's awesome XD
    not sue how to comment this one actually (I already suck at commenting in the first place...)
    love how you combined everything together. It looks really great!

  14. vitaamin Oct 15, 2008

    wow! it is very disturbing --" you cant really tell that from the thumbnail.
    few comments: the face looks amazing, like the blurring that you used combined with the sharper shadow is perfect.
    the lines def. could be smoother though, although the messiness could add to the creepiness if done properly.
    i think the blood from the the eye cup, teacup and bowl with honey-senpai's bunny (LOL so sad) is smudged too much, and the bowl kinda needs an outline.
    but wow the idea and execution is really cool XD

  15. spiritsword Oct 15, 2008

    I sure wouldn't expect Tamaki to be in this wall. This is maybe more for Hani, but still I love this wall. ^_^

  16. Hanahanoiday Oct 15, 2008

    This is really wonderful,god...O_O very very fantastic,vedtored is it totally amazing.
    These skulls are so pretty,beautifully horror wallpaper.

  17. selemental Banned Member Oct 15, 2008

    It's demented! yay! :D *favs* Awesome work, dementia!

  18. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Oct 16, 2008

    I saw the English demo in Denver at Nan Desu Kan and it was totally awesome! Vic Mignogna plays Tamaki perfectly! I love this wall! The gothic-ness is great with amazing details while still staying true to the character! Thanks for sharing! :)

  19. drastikhate Oct 16, 2008

    A Real MAD Hatter and it's none other than TAMAKI!

    The atmosphere comprising of eyeballs and skull-cups really gives that Creepily eeire feeling :o

    ANYone care for a cup of weasal-in-a-jar? He might've said

  20. Alcyndore Oct 16, 2008

    Wow! He reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland...The Mad Hatter...Why Jabberwocky? If I remember, it was about a mythical creature...Disturbing, but I think it has more in common with the Hatter. Anyway, I love the idea, the colours and the general tone of this wallpaper. It is creepy but it suits Halloween.

  21. eternally-asuka Oct 17, 2008

    i was shocked to see this! LOL but nice work! really intereting thing to see in tamaki, he looks really cool

  22. AngelKate Oct 17, 2008

    LOL! Wow, Tamaki looks so out of character and yet almost so perfectly in character at the same time. You did an awesome job!

  23. Straawbeeryy Oct 18, 2008

    LOL at Hunny's bunny covered in blood. I`ve always adored that bunny...
    I really like the creepy aura. The blood spilling out to the skull and that bottle all the way to the left. What is in there?...
    I like the smoothness of the face. It looks really good with the sharp shading of the rest of the things. But, I think that the texture on Tamaki is a bit too strong. You should try reading Ouran Host Club. :]

  24. Spongepop Oct 25, 2008

    Wow nice contrast for Tamaki I like it. Everything looks well thought out in this wallpaper and I have nothing to critique so thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

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