Kuroshitsuji: Kuroshitsuji

Yana Toboso, Kuroshitsuji, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, Vector Art
Yana Toboso Mangaka Kuroshitsuji Series Ciel Phantomhive Character Sebastian Michaelis Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

edit | yay my second elite XD thank you so much!
also lighter colors version

time & effort: god no comment, like three weeks on and off? number of days i slaved was probably like 6 or 7.
layers: ~350
program: photoshop cs2
easiest part: lineart for sure
hardest part: the shading, especially on their clothes
original scan: thanks to thuyngoc
textures: the ones that came with photoshop (i know i'm so lame)

i felt like making it flawless but in the end i got tired to staring at its unfinished status and decided i just had to stick it out and finish it. the product is not as detailed or nice as i had intended, but at least its FINALLY finished

changes to the scan | so i really did want to do the branches and the spooky background but so many of the colors were already really dark so i decided to go with a screen door instead. i love the rose pattern, vectored from the original scan. i was going to make a more detailed outside but its so small that it wasnt worth it. there are some sad sad clouds that you can barely see because i got tired of painting them. i also wanted to do the other cake and the fruit but i was too lazy. its really sad about the fruit though because that was my favorite part of the scan --". i kinda hate the green box in front but believe me without it the space was so empty even with the pattern on the carpet. the chocolate box was too blurry and i didnt feel like referencing. that shrug thing coming from the couch also looked weird so i took it out almost forgot, i did pleats instead of ruffles. the shading on that is also horrible but not going to redo them. i think the pleats are blahhh but yea not gonna change them. and the ugly thing hanging from the couch frame doesnt really fit but i didnt want to reconstruct more pleats

coloring | god the file size was huge (650mb WTF?!?! originally the about 50% of the image was vectored at 200% of the published size but the file wouldnt even open properly so i had to make it smaller.) so making changes is such a pain in the ass. therefore i think some of the colors dont match well with the surrounding elements. the wood on his chair looks too bright compared to the screen door

textures and painting | first published work that i really painted, well only parts anyways. thanks to berry-chan for suggesting/encouraging me to try it (you have no idea how much i did NOT want to try this). omg the shading on their clothes are horrid, just ignore them. i seriously did them about 7 times and it still didnt look right so i just gave up and put some texture to ease the pain. in retrospect i should have textured the curtains T_T. i know someone is going to want the entire thing textured but honestly i kinda hate textures. i havent really gotten into downloading brushes and textures yet (although i will have to eventually if i want to do monochrome).

overall there are some parts i really adore. i like the pink roses, and i vectored them like two weeks after i vectored the blue ones so sorry that the style is so different. i feel like it should be consistent but the pink ones are so pretty i didnt want to erase them. and his shoes are lovely, i want a pair! (i saw similar style ballerinas in germany but when i went back for them they were gone)

and there are some parts i really really hate but what's done is done. i couldnt procrastinate this anymore and it was bothering me that it wasnt finished.

of course comments/critiques are welcome. sometimes i do change things, but i dont know for this scan it might be too tough. as i mentioned before the file size it like jfkldsjlfds

also thanks to everyone who supported me on this scan, even if it was just saying that you were excited for it. you have no idea how much that motivated me to finish it, otherwise it probably would have been dropped.

especially the following people to whom this vector is dedicated =]
straawbeeryy christabel92 margalet

my internet also decided to DIE right before submitting this. i had to wait like a whole day before submitting and i almost cried

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  1. Pulver15 Oct 06, 2008

    Yay you finally finished it!
    I love it!
    but I thought that you would take a break from this and would do another work
    Anyway amazing job you did here XD

  2. chrisp Oct 06, 2008

    omg omg omg! this is amazing! this will be elite for sure!
    (if not than minitokyo is really stypid)
    i love your detailed things! and the colors! cool... i just love it! keep it up XD

  3. lovelylayla Oct 06, 2008

    omg the details are gorgeous! wall it!

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 06, 2008

    I still can't add you to my watchlist...I'm missing works again ;__;

    I'm all germy and sicky so let me be quick on this,
    I've noticed the dark trade mark you'be got going now.
    When I logged in I knew this was yours and clicked instantly,
    I like how you use different color lines for each item in the vector.
    Gives them a chance to stand out and makes it easier for them to flow
    with their inside color, I will say for it to be so dark it makes
    it difficult to let them blend but it's not as bright so it works well anyways.

    I'm kinda bothered by how dark the two
    boys are while the background is a light, sexy tone.
    They look like two black figures just there, the servant is the darkest
    of all but I've seen screencaps and I think it fits for him XD

    I have to say, you have alot of patience and it's
    nice to see you use them so nicely and make big vectors
    rather than single ones like myself (kitten ish lazy).

    Great job on this one and I hope to see more <3
    Gotta keep checking that watchlist...

  5. dslassey Oct 06, 2008

    I had a feeling this was your's (the tone is quite similar to your last submittion).
    I just can't believe my hunch was correct. XD
    I like the dark, almost sepia-ish tones you use (kinda like a lot of the colors are filtered with a yellow-y rust color). It looks rather elegant in my opinion.
    It's cool how the darkness of the characters are focusing the eyes towards the center of the wallpaper - very nice.
    The background is pretty awesome. Makes me realize that I need to take my time to actually add backgrounds to my wallpaper. ^_^'

    I'll be looking forward to some more vectors from you. :D

  6. YENESIS Oct 07, 2008

    grrr wyyy yaoi!
    ehh je is hot! nnice work ! *----* sexy! grrrr
    fabulous! *-*

  7. Koboshi93 Oct 07, 2008

    yaaaa others bishounen! this time kuroshitsuji hehe...
    I like the details and the color

  8. shurei-KO7890 Oct 07, 2008

    impeccable. that is what i say.
    such a good job.

  9. Alcyndore Oct 07, 2008

    i love their attitude! So dandy like! Don't worry about the shading! Really well done! I like it!:-)

  10. YoruAngel866 Oct 07, 2008

    i was expecting this vector of yours :D
    everything is just wow, especially the color outlines :D
    well done :D

  11. Fxvcvfg Oct 08, 2008

    A mistress, and her servant eh? Sigh, *thinks of better ways to comment on this, but gives up* a great wall... I think I'll take a break from this now.

  12. thuyngoc Oct 08, 2008

    Thank U for making it to a vecot :D
    I love it too much... Thank U again :)

  13. Hanahanoiday Oct 08, 2008

    OMG this is soo awesome vector,this is total perfect,i like so much this accuracy and coloration is too amazing.Simply really really beautiful vector.Keep it up.^^
    These guys looks so sexy i can't wait for anime.

  14. christabel92 Oct 09, 2008

    I can't believe I didn't comment on this one...hm...
    It's really cool,I love all the details and the colored outlines,they are so hard to do,that I never even tried to do it myself :)
    Black butler ftw~~~
    Hope to see more of BB from you,which I probably will,hehe ;)

  15. Alcyndore Oct 09, 2008

    Yap! I really like your work! I'll be watching u and I hope to see new beautiful images. U are talented :-)

  16. vitaamin Oct 10, 2008

    KYAH omg its an elite O_O thank you!

  17. Straawbeeryy Oct 10, 2008

    I`m so glad I saw this and sorry for the late comment. Blame my internet problems. x.x Now let`s get to your vector. :D
    You tried painting. Hurray! I really liked how it turns out. Alot of places are ultra smooth so good job. The only place that the painting isn`t smooth like others is on the face of the servant... the long hair one. You should smudge is out more to get the chocolate-y feel of the other places.
    Your lines are really well done. It`s so bold in some places. XD
    I agree with Kitten on how the background is all bright and in sexy tones while the boys are dark is a bit bothersome. Even so, I love what you did with the background. I love roses <3. o.O
    Another big plus is you vectored out everything~ It shows so much more effort.
    And thanks for the dedication. :] I`ll make you something too.

  18. SaikonoYume Nov 17, 2008

    Very nice~

  19. ariadne Nov 20, 2008

    very nice good job indeed thanks 4 sharing :D

  20. hellooo36 Nov 22, 2008

    i saw the lighter one too, but this one looks better- it gives a more deeper feeling of intimacy
    good job ;)
    thank you!

  21. tretretertreteterter Nov 28, 2008

    W - O - W. No more XD It is amazing))

  22. Evercold Mute Member Nov 29, 2008

    Really, there is nothing to tell - magnificent work) You are a good fellow ^^

  23. Ecthelion Feb 28, 2009

    So awesome! Just like all your work.
    Thanks for sharing ^_^

  24. lucifersaya Mar 12, 2009

    the vector really look smoothly done and very neat
    hope to see more works of you

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