Orange Planet Wallpaper: Just the two of us

Haruka Fukushima, Orange Planet Wallpaper
Haruka Fukushima Mangaka Orange Planet Series

1440x900 Wallpaper

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full view please


nyahahaha XD
i finished! maann this took me soo long!
well i planned to make this as an birthday present for my friend AnimeLoveAnime
but i am sooo laaate! i'm late..buhu *cries* forgive me!
i just wanted to give you something...i hope this is ok... X-O

well after i have all orange planet volumes...i just love it! i have planned another 2 projects...i think vector and a wallie...but i don't know ^^

after reading volume 4 i just felt in love with this picture: CLICK HERE
after getting bored i vectored it...but after finishing them i had no idea for the background...well i opend a thread and asked and at first i wanted to vector flowers...but i could not...my skills are just to bad ^^ ...than i wanted to make landscape...but i could not find i good pic...and than i wanted to make a sunset...but well my skills :sweat: so after sitting about 4 hours on the background i just had no result -.- and than i read what darkheartknight
told me...just vector the fireworks!...and i did it......OKKK i didn't vector them i vectord after and firework tutorial...but as you can see...i used some brushes too...but i PAINTED...i can't paint but i PAINTED...crazy ^^

well i like how it turned out! but only with the help of my good friend[http://pulver15.minitokyo.ne]Pulver15[/url]
thank you! just because of your help i could find the right clolors

well after hours of background...i had the problem with the title...but after i woke up i had the title in my had ^^ tadaaaa XD

ok ok enough...here just the facts:

time: working time hmm maybe all in all 4-5 days but time from the start until now...months -.-'
layers: about 20
hardest part: background, and choosing the colors
easiest part: ehm..i dunno...ehehe...outlines?

i stop writing now...
just enjoy my wallie ;)

favs and comments are welcome ;)

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  1. Koboshi93 Oct 04, 2008

    cute! ~

  2. vitaamin Oct 04, 2008

    omg this is absolutely beautiful. i wouldnt have known that you got it from a black and white scan!

    the lines are very manga-esque though which is nice because it gives the entire thing the original feel

    you probably already know this but you should really do something to those window frames, like add texture or paint some shadows. it would really improve everything alot and i havent figured out how to do it yet, but the window screen needs some sort of sheen to make it look like a window, otherwise the background just falls flat.

    but seriously the two characters are really vectored quite nicely!

  3. chrisp Oct 04, 2008


  4. christabel92 Oct 04, 2008

    Nice work chrisp-chan...you're so fast with your vector lately :)
    I like how you vectored them as well as the wall and the window,but something is not right with the fireworks,they don't blend well with sky,it's like they are a stickers put on the sky...really don't know how to explain it better...
    But I still think the wall is really sweet and I'll fav it ;)
    What manga is that,btw?

  5. Pulver15 Oct 04, 2008

    Wow yeah you submit it already but...
    shouldn't the title is called "just the two of us"?
    Anyway I love it and I know that you sit on this wall reeeaally loong :D
    Great job you've done here XD

  6. YoruAngel866 Oct 04, 2008

    vector is really beautiful :D
    but if it were me i would remove half of fireworks. And maybe putting more shadows on the window would look beautiful :D
    but its pretty especially the vector.

  7. lovelylayla Oct 04, 2008

    kawaiiiiiii! very gorgeous wall

  8. anit4e Oct 04, 2008

    Aww this looks so cute! ^_^
    You vectored them perfectly,but that firework behind them,bugs me a little bit.Maybe if you made just a few of them,and made the wall beneath the window a little dark(and maybe some shades here and there ^_^')...But i love it how it looks anyway!Form that manga scan,this looks pretty great! ;)

  9. KiyanaIkebana Oct 05, 2008

    OMG! This wallpaper is so wonderful!
    I love the fireworks on the background!
    The vector is great too! Great job and work my friend!

  10. Lunariha Oct 06, 2008

    Oh kyaaaaaaa XD
    Lovely lovely lovely wallie XD The girls look so cute and the bg's great too!
    Nice job on the vector ing :)

  11. NenrikiKaen Oct 09, 2008

    of course u can change the description...i'm sure u figured it out by now XD

  12. selemental Banned Member Oct 09, 2008

    awesome wallie! LUVS IT!

    But tell me, where in the world is this from?! What anime? What manga? :o


  13. MoonFangs90 Oct 10, 2008

    AAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... really really cute...

  14. nongxiong Nov 13, 2008

    It's really cute.

  15. sweetiecreamy Nov 16, 2009

    Kyyyaa! Awesome^^...and this scene seeme so peaceful and romantic!
    really cool.

  16. matter320 Apr 16, 2012

    i havent read that book in a long time or finished it! LOL!

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