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Fleur Tales ~ Mermaid lily

Fleur Tales is about a flower shop that in there a flower can speak about itself and telling you the story behind their meaning.

she is a famous singer, because of an accident, she can't walk again that make her lost everything she had. but she didn't give up until one day she gain everything back and even more.

She is a lily of the valley that often appear to the person with sadness and sorrow to give the courage and the way to find their own happines.^^.

weeee..i kinda didn't confident with the story..><.(hope i do well)..><

Hope u like it.^^

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  1. YoruAngel866 Sep 30, 2008

    omg this is so beautiful :D
    i like the story too :D
    also her hair is so beautiful :D
    i wish it could be bigger :(

  2. pirupirupi Sep 30, 2008

    your story sounds very nice! and drawing your own story's chara is really cool
    love it~ thanks and good luck

  3. x-lawss Sep 30, 2008

    Your story, i like that :) and your drawing are good, i like that too XD
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. chrisp Sep 30, 2008

    omg another amazing piece from you!i love it! thanks very much >.<

  5. dslassey Sep 30, 2008

    Ah, stunning. I love the predominantly green and... vanilla color scheme. The pink is a wonderful touch, and helps balance out the color scheme. Very nice piece, as usual. Now only if you'd make a predominantly purple piece.... XD

  6. melymay Sep 30, 2008

    Your imagination is just incredible : ) This has to be my favourite character that you've made so far. I love that part mermaid/water/human look that she has. Her clothing was skillfully designed. It's almost movement on paper.

    Great work.

  7. YamiTEIOH Sep 30, 2008

    It seems you've improved your style, isn't it?
    Just as always, this one is wonderful too ^^
    definitely +fav!
    Gambatte ! o/

  8. melymay Sep 30, 2008

    *Tried to edit previous comment but didn't work.*

    I'd also like to say that the concept of this girl being the 'lilly of the valley' doesn't really come to me when I look at this. At first sight your character looks like she has everything to do about water. There really isn't anything floral being represented on her. All your references to a 'lily' are the ones beside her.

  9. cuteninja Sep 30, 2008

    yeah as melymay said it look smore related to water. flower just adds beauty to it. anyways whle the art sure tells itself who is the artist i think ur art has a little change in it i like that and i like how have you put more emotions in the face

  10. lilmaggie22 Sep 30, 2008

    um..that kind of reminds me about a certain someone in macross frontier~~ OMG, im outta topic!

    Well, the first thing that caught my attention is the green color that makes a contrast with the soft light colors!
    The flowers are amazing, especially those small details in the small left corner..i actually have always loved those kind of complexe designs.

    but then, theres the hair! I like how you make it half blond half green! But what i love the most is the dress. It looks soo real! The ribbons around her. I also noticed how the feets are replaced by ..we could almost say "fins"! So brings me to the water topic....i always thought about water...its like if shes near the sea...thats one thing. IF its a lily valley, the whole thing would probably be colored as a lily field.

    the thing is, each time i picture the the whole drawing with lilies everywhere, it doesnt fit! I prefer the soft hues of brown and pink rather than a drawing covered with lilies, you cant make a contrast anymore.

    So in my opinion, i like it that way. Who said she is supposed to be WITH a big field of lilies! ^^ Anyways, continue the great work, i am always surprised so continue to surprise me. And i would like to add that i feel more emotions when i see this. *i think this is something ill have to work on! XD

  11. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2008

    *continues from DA comment*

    I absolutely adore her fins/the ruffly stuff in her hair/on her arms! I also think that you've perfected your detail work on lace... It's so perfect-- not a line or dot out of place! Finally, beautiful work on the lilies. :) Keep up the great work!

  12. DarthTofu Oct 01, 2008

    ah, why are you so consistently awesome? xD Lots of love.

  13. Skyneth Oct 01, 2008

    Woah! This is so awesome! I really love your style. ^^

  14. hayashinomura Oct 01, 2008

    WOOOOWWWWWW! I love this art! Love your style in drawing especially your technique in coloring. The Lily is so gorgeus, remind me the character from Eternity Soul Manga, Glorious Lily. Adding this as my favorite ^_^. May I ask you to teach me how to coloring like that? I'm bad at coloring....>_<

  15. anit4e Oct 01, 2008

    *_*Amazing piece of art! XD.I just can't get my eyes of the colors,they are sooooo beautiful! XD.You make such gorgeous art,i just love everything! ;)

  16. sailorchiron Oct 01, 2008

    You just keep getting more and more amazing!

  17. Rufusek Oct 02, 2008

    Your work is impresive such a cute art ^^

  18. anoli Oct 02, 2008

    Your story is good maybe little sad but also happy. Thats great. Doujinshi is beautiful and colours is nice. I also like her dress and flowers.

  19. CaMiLi Oct 03, 2008

    :) very beautiful :D you really improve with any further drawing ... wow

  20. makiyasha Oct 04, 2008

    like the story line to the story and plus your drawing it will be a hit XD

  21. CHUpachan Oct 04, 2008

    godly *-*

  22. abcsr2ez4me Oct 04, 2008

    This is such a beautiful piece. So elegant. DAMN

  23. Alcyndore Oct 05, 2008

    you are just SO talented. I put u on the list of favourites a month ago and these new pictures r just amazing. Especially this one. I love green & the drawing is absolutely fantastic! Keep on going!

  24. PikaMoon Oct 11, 2008

    Man I love your drawings. XD Always so amazing! The story is also a nice concept and really adds to the image. Thanks so much for sharing! Such a beauty! XD +fave+

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