SaiKano Wallpaper: Chise ~ The Ultimate Weapon ~ SE

Shin Takahashi, SaiKano, Chise Wallpaper
Shin Takahashi Mangaka SaiKano Series Chise Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is a remake of the original wall I posted about a day ago, I remade it because of popular demand. (read: because i asked about everyones opinion in the chat XD) And I like it even more now :)

Taken from the "original" wall:
"I made this wall since I loved the series and I wanted to really show how chise felt when doing all the things she did throughout the series; the scan I found was perfect for that purpose... (thanks nuriko and Egrimm :D)
The city is actually a real city, it's Uzice in Serbia, I got permission to use the photo from makica (lovely gal) (http://makica.deviantart.com) and no, I didn't choose that photo because i don't like the city XD

erm, well, it took me perhaps 20-30 hours to make this wall; the most time consuming task was to make the lighting believable as well as extracting the scans... ^_^' "

I've made too many changes to be listed, so i thought that i'd just post it as a new wall instead of replacing the old one :)

EDIT: Ah, and as a note, the glow around Chise is a reference to the series to anyone that hasn't seen it :)

2nd EDIT: Removed those jagged edges and moved the text beneath the kanji, strange that I missed them =/

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  1. Yura Aug 16, 2004

    is really nice i like it great work

  2. FallenAngel Aug 16, 2004

    ummm...the letter l from love is kind of covered up by the kanji.The wall looks pretty good though. Nice job.

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 16, 2004

    Oooo You made her faded! I see the changes as well, quite nicely done too ^^

  4. Rex Aug 16, 2004

    it's much better then before.....very much better =^.^=

    nice job on fixing up her head too XD

  5. macross Aug 16, 2004

    excellent work

  6. Akasaki Aug 16, 2004

    Nice wall. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. blueotaku-sp Aug 16, 2004

    Yeah it

  8. itsDchlorine Aug 16, 2004

    WOW taht looks alot better w/o the extra brighter glow i like the lighter bluish glow lits better on the eyes lol great work^^ hoep to see more of it!!

  9. halcyonTwilight Aug 16, 2004

    Wow....great wall ^^ I love the light coming from the city....really nice work ^_^!!! You made a really great wall :D !!!

  10. jornada Aug 17, 2004

    Me agran}dan mucho los wall de caracter obscuro.
    I love dark walls. it os a great job.

  11. sword Aug 17, 2004

    looks a lot better than before. major props to u!

  12. misl3d Aug 17, 2004

    w3ll...i must say Chise is one of the sweetest characters from Anime/Manga series ^-^= but i think this wasn't the best image to put with this background...but it's only an opinion.

  13. photoshopdocument Aug 17, 2004

    Wow. ( ^_^;; )


    It does indeed look better than the "original". Chise fits in better with the background because of the colors you used, and the blue glow adds to that. The saishuuheiki kanojo kanji is in good contrast with the rest, so that doesn't bother me.

    On a sidenote (I'll try not to sound like a bitch ~_~ ), I just noticed the top right of Chise's hair is jagged...


  14. Zuri-chan Aug 17, 2004

    Wai~ You made more of the snow. ^^ The glow on Chise looks better now, reminds me when she does glow in the series. Keep it up. ^^

  15. wanna Aug 18, 2004

    this on is also very nice :o ^-^
    looking forward to you next wpp

  16. rockid Aug 18, 2004

    Great pic, It's much better then the previous one :)

  17. bobil Aug 24, 2004

    Wow! what a nice job

  18. Sieg9986 Aug 26, 2004

    I think this is a great wall, awesome job, good color and everything.

  19. dod13 Aug 29, 2004

    nice wall...i like the dark sombre ambience. chise is one of my favourite anime characters :)

  20. jackalx66 Oct 04, 2004

    Nice BG...fave
    but u can add a few things in the image
    that don't like so cloudy^_^
    work well done

  21. polar Oct 09, 2004

    nice wall~

  22. Wraith Oct 28, 2004

    WOW Thats a good one!! Haven't seen the shows yet but could be interesting.

  23. nekosasu Jan 16, 2005

    great wallpaper! you really did well with the city and lightning effects, all thumbs up! (and in comparison with the old one, it's much better like this ^^)
    Keep the good work up! ;)

  24. Genbu-san Feb 18, 2005

    per mi k aket ia lavia vis o sino un de mol semblan o tas copiat o tan plagiat a tu k me sela kes el ka pasat

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