Honey and Clover Wallpaper: ~*Give me a kiss ladies*~

Chika Umino, J.C. Staff, Honey and Clover, Hagumi Hanamoto, Ayumi Yamada Wallpaper
Chika Umino Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Honey and Clover Series Hagumi Hanamoto Character Ayumi Yamada Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment



& this wall is a present for you XD hope you love it *huggles*

okay back to the wall :D
this wall is my very first painted wallpaper using a tablet & corel painter program so please take it easy & no harsh comments ^_^'
I used this honey & clover scan, I extended that scan on both sides, the outlines,flowers & clovers were done in photoshop & the rest in corel painter :)
as you can see I used oil pastels colors & at the beginning I really had a hard time adjusting with corel painter & on top of that I've been sick for like a week now x_x
but Im kinda getting use to it & with practice I will learn more for sure :)
okay as for the bg I tried to make it as simple & childish as possible since the original scan's bg is simple :D
I really hope you like it guys & heres more resolutions :)


well thats all, enjoy it minna ;)

a lot of you guys think that this is a vector & actually its not :D I only vectored the outlines & then painted/colored the whole wall using Corel painter which a great program for painting :)
you should try it if you love painting :)


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Browse Honey and Clover Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. KiyanaIkebana Sep 25, 2008

    OMG! This wallpaper is so sweet!
    I love their hair! Looks so beautiful! Great job!

  2. norine07 Sep 25, 2008

    yay for another sin-chan's work! wonderful as always~ love the softness in the background!~ XD
    yay!~ keep it up!~

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 25, 2008

    Very nice vectoring as always from you
    Sin-chan, the light colors of their hair and then
    darkened shadows on it makes it ask for alot of attention.
    I love the colors of the hair mostly since the textures
    are very nice and sketchy.

    The dog is adorable and very cute, it looks soft
    and cuddly. And it looks so happy, very cute image you choose.
    Nice vectoring on the dog, especially the curls and such.

    As for the background it's cute and children story
    book like, it's very crayon looking and I like it since it matches
    with the vectoring.

    I think the sky could be darker, it's hard to see it
    and a baby blue color on the sky would look soo much better.
    It will bring out the clouds more and add more to the wall since it looks
    so simple and the clouds are too bright with the color of the sky to see it nicely.

    Other than that, it's beautifully done <3

  4. Koboshi93 Sep 25, 2008

    OMG so cute!

  5. Sakura-Dust Sep 25, 2008

    Kyaaa, I looove dogs <33
    My fav animal ever *looks sweetly at pet*
    I love the way you did the vector.
    It's not only perfect, but also unique, the glittery look plus so many colored shadows ^_____^
    This is simply put... one of the best presents I could get ^3^
    Thanks a lot *hugs*

  6. YoruAngel866 Sep 26, 2008

    omg this is just so pretty
    especially hair, its unique and really great done, im in love :D
    well well done on repainting both sides, its really beautiful and i think this should be highlight because of your unique style :D
    i need to put this to desktop too :D

  7. BlackSponge Sep 26, 2008

    Remove the dog, then I would see a masterpiece.
    Just kidding, it is very well done dood.
    Love it.
    Great job.

  8. kit-kat Sep 26, 2008

    So cute :) ! It's such a really beautiful wall with such nice colors!

  9. vitaamin Sep 26, 2008

    this wall is incredibly precious! gah i dl corel painter but havent had time to figure out how to export vector lines from photoshop --"

    why isnt this an elite =[

  10. rubenz Sep 26, 2008

    Pretty ^^ I really love the soft color here, looks so serene, and peaceful ^^ ( and the dog is so cute xD)


  11. monicayurie Sep 26, 2008

    Waaahhhhhhhhhh! XD So lovely, Sin-chan! *-*
    Sin-chan is learning new things! It definitly doesn't look like a first painted wall. It's so beautifuly done. Truthfully!
    No matter what technique you use, I love how you do hair! In this wall both girls' hair look so beautiful! *-* I love how you painted them! *-*
    The dog looks super cute, with the red chicks and the blue eye... really adorable!
    And the background, suits the picture perfectly. Great choice. I also love how the grass and the flowers look hand drawn... everything screaming ADORABLE in your wall! *-*
    Congratulations, Sin-chan! It's another fav!
    Keep up with the good work! And I'm looking forward your next (VK) wall! XD
    Ja ne! Kisu... ;)

    PS: Poor Sin-chan, you're sick... T_T I hope you can recover soon! Take care!

  12. shurei-KO7890 Sep 27, 2008

    so cute!

  13. flawedkaos Sep 27, 2008

    It is so cute. Lucky dog. :3

  14. MoonFangs90 Sep 27, 2008

    this is amazing as expacted of you sin-chan...great great work

  15. bromithia Retired Moderator Sep 29, 2008

    o_o! I am so glad you walled H&C man! I've been craving a good wallpaper from this excellent series. :) I really like the simplicity, and at the same time it's extremely high quality. Perfect for my desktop! Keep it up.

  16. CosmoStar Sep 30, 2008

    This is beautiful, delicate and sweet! It's looking great on my desktop!
    I loved the background, by the way!
    Perfect combination of everything!
    Thanks for sharing your work and congrats!

  17. studio Sep 30, 2008

    WOOOOOW so nice Sin sin! ;3 I love the style, it's like using pastels but much much neater :D

    I always hate getting sticky pastels on my fingers and I hate the texture and dirtiness of it all lol the wonders of corel!

    I think the theme is very very adorable and incredibly sweet! I love the dog <3 and the kiss it getting <3 and the pretty summer dresses take me back to childhood ;O

    I lurrrrve it! Keep these walls coming sweetie! ;3 KISSES

  18. YENESIS Oct 03, 2008

    beauty! i love the puppy! anf the girls are so cutes girls! is awesome!
    ahhh always!kawai!

  19. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Oct 03, 2008

    Waiii waiii
    Thia for sakura-chan too
    very amazing work
    she will very happy for it.
    I like their hair very much
    Very Cute
    and I like the other Resolution
    heheheehe,Since I'm not a widescreen
    ^ ^!
    Very CUTE CUTE
    *Hug them all ><
    I want to paint like that too>< >_<

  20. kakyuuchan Oct 05, 2008

    amazin! I searched for this pic for a long time!
    thanks for uploadin. great job :heart:

  21. aeidail Oct 05, 2008

    awww, that so cute :)

  22. selemental Banned Member Oct 08, 2008

    That is the cutest thing ever! *hugs doggy in pic*
    High detail as always! You show no mercy when it comes to making awesome wallies. :D *favs this one as well as the other ones in your gallery*

  23. PinkRoseLacus Oct 09, 2008

    What a cute vector-wallie XD
    hehe...agreed with what sel said...

  24. temarigenius Oct 23, 2008

    Wah!~ So cute! >.<
    Your wallpapers are always too awesome! >_<
    Love it very much!

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