Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: At Your Service, Your Majesty

Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, C.C., Lelouch Lamperouge, Suzaku Kururugi Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Lelouch of the Rebellion Series C.C. Character Lelouch Lamperouge Character Suzaku Kururugi Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Vector #87

Dedicated to my dear friend: kairi-hearts yoruangel866 moonfangs90 temarigenius. I rarely dedicated my work to my friends, so here you go! Hope you like it!

About Vector/Wallpaper:
Layer's: 156
Time: 8 hours on outlines, 7-8 hours on coloring
Easiest Part: None
Hardest Part: None
Original Image: Here
Widescreen Version: here

I can't believe I finished this! >.< I do start right away after saw the scan at AP, but.. I do have a "real life", so it takes longer than expected. And it was right after I finished the outlines, that the cleaned scans comes out. So I was like "What the?"

Anyways, to tell the truth, the scan is a HELL to vector. I've never took that long for outlining, so this is the first. To make it worse, I had lot's of jagged lines while outlining Lelouch. I don't even know why... but luckily, after resizing them into wallpaper sizes, it wasn't that visible ^_^'

Oh yeah, I re-made the stairs behind Suzaku, as the original.. is kinda hard to do. So i used Photoshop Custom Shape to made the pattern. I hope it doesn't look weird.

Lastly, sorry if it seems bright. I actually tried my best to make it a bit dark.. but seems like.. I couldn't ^_^' Gomen ne!

P/S: Widescreen version available at AnimePaper, so if you need it, go there!

vectory celestial-luminesse vector-wallers code-geass-knights

EDIT: I've darken the vector a little. Hope it look much better this time!

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Browse Lelouch of the Rebellion Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. christabel92 Sep 11, 2008

    AAAA...you did it!Finally...I'm so happy now,you made my day ^______^

  2. ThunderByte Sep 11, 2008

    Beautiful wallpaper :) Personal opinion is that this isn't too bright. Specially when dark season is coming bright wallpaper doesn't harm at all ;)
    Thanx EevaLeena

  3. anit4e Sep 11, 2008

    Ohh this is wonderful! XD.I LOVE IT! XD XD.And it's looking even more awesome with bright colors! :D.Trust me it's much better this way. ;)

  4. YoruAngel866 Sep 11, 2008

    omg this is for me and my sis?
    wow thank you :)
    happy happy happy :)
    its just perfect :) :) :) :)

  5. chrisp Sep 11, 2008

    amazing! so fast!
    i love it! the bright colors look really great!
    the vector is so clean...just perfect! you're a genius!
    lelouch is looove!

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 11, 2008

    You did a really nice job considering this image
    just recently came out. I like the different turn your using
    on your eyes, can't say I'm a fan of the bright colors but
    the lines are great. Nice background re-do and textured used
    behind Suzu looks nice, Altogether it's a great job done.

  7. YENESIS Sep 11, 2008

    magnific, the lines are so clean, lelouch & C.C, with suzaku very good!work

  8. angel26278 Sep 11, 2008

    thanks U for share I've seen in animepapr too
    U made a great work it excellent I love this wall
    of coirse go to favorites

  9. Kairi-Hearts Sep 11, 2008

    ehh? you're dedicating to me too? >.< oh, thanks so much! :D
    your vectors are always so clean, and I love your coloring and the way you do their eyes lately ^^
    the stairs look great, don't worry! :nya:
    a wonderful work, love it :3

  10. Straawbeeryy Sep 11, 2008

    *runs to AP to get the widescreen*
    Wow, you finished this so fast and you probably have schooling or something else going on too. :O
    I lovee the colors. It's so lovely. I adore the way you did their eyes. :D
    I also love your vector. The lines are nice and smooth. Look at those wonderful details.
    Nice job <3

  11. zaira Sep 11, 2008

    saw this in AP and Fav it there!
    my! i just thought another textless version of the scan in a light and bright color :D but the hell i was wrong ehehe anyway i just love this scan! very promising pic together with those 3 XD XD great job on the outlines since it really hard to outlining them most of all Lulu right :D and great job on the light and bright coloring! also the sharp and clean vector! Overall love the whole vector! and thanks for the widescreen version on AP ;) +fav!

  12. weissdarkangel Sep 11, 2008

    dang this looks nice

  13. ZonSlashSykato Sep 11, 2008

    wow wow wow ...

  14. Lunariha Sep 11, 2008

    Whoa! Now that was fast!
    Awesome vector, Eeva-san! Definitely a masterpiece XD
    *adds to favs*

  15. Kan-tastic Sep 12, 2008

    If this is our future king, I'm starting my own revolt. CC looks awesome though (as usual).

  16. luvuekisomuch Sep 12, 2008

    nice job!

    i like it~~

    ruru look so col~~

  17. Sinever Sep 12, 2008

    lovely wallpaper XD
    I really love your vectors Eevaleena-chan XD
    they are very neat & clean :)
    well done & its a highlight ;)

  18. MoonFangs90 Sep 12, 2008

    amazing thanx for dedication...absolutely love it

  19. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 13, 2008

    sexy vector...especially the girl....and her...booty *__* XD

  20. temarigenius Sep 13, 2008

    What a beautiful art.... o_0
    Like I said before... you are a vectoring machine ^_^'
    16 hours for a vectoring like this is fast! And you made the vector look so awesome~
    The vector looks nicer than the original scan XD Love the cleanness~
    I really can't say much because it's really perfect!
    And thank you very much for the dedication >.<

  21. koitoame Sep 16, 2008

    Wow, beautiful pic. ^__^ Way to go!

  22. Spongepop Sep 29, 2008

    Well this is quite pretty! I say this because of how beautiful the colors are. Lulu looks just like the prince he is and Suzaku always looks dashing in every wallpaper I've seen him in so no surprise there. Amazing vector, spectacular colors and a terrific wallpaper! Nice work!

  23. royaldarkness Sep 30, 2008

    I think this looks really good :) The bright colors suit it just fine so yeah, great job.

  24. rxs2k5 Oct 08, 2008

    wow nice wallpaper, this is really pleasant for the eye and also tempting, thanks for sharing this fine art and please share more of your work.

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