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Lucky Star, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Miyuki Takara, Konata Izumi Wallpaper
Lucky Star Series,OVA Kagami Hiiragi Character Tsukasa Hiiragi Character Miyuki Takara Character Konata Izumi Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full-View if Commenting! Thumbnail is horrible >_<

Happy belated birthday Erika
Otanjoubi Omedetou ^_^

Sorry that it's super late >.< I hope you enjoy it!
I feel kinda sad about how our friendship is lately. I feel like I disappeared and that you're becoming another person I don't know anymore....
After looking through Lucky Star scans in my folders and taking a good look at this one, I decided it was perfect as Erika's b-day present. I originally wanted to make her a Syaoran vector but I've been sooo lazy so...sorry ^_^'
I got my inspiration from those sleepovers we used to do at each other's houses. Since Kagami reminds me so much of myself and since you like Tsukasa I thought it'd be perfect, so I removed Miyuki and Konata from the scene.

Vectored Kagami and Tsukasa, which was fun to do (like other LS scans^^) I loved how they changed hairstyles in one ep. Thin lines again, but I think they fit LS style so np this time ^^
I added more shadows and highlights on their hair that weren't on the original img. You guys know I always do this, and this vector wasn't exception.
Then I got scared when I looked at the background >.< Since Tsukasa wasn't originally on that side, there were a lot of new things that were going to be visible. Not only that, but I knew a vectored bg wouldn't look good so I'd have to do some painting.

So first, perspective. For me at least, it's a must when working on bgs. My painting skills suck so there was a time when I stared and stared at the whole work before gaining courage to continue. Painted the sheets, some wood too, the curtains, window/sky, then I got lazy to paint more wood on the desk so I played around with filters. Then added a pattern to the walls and worked on shadows/lights, which is always what I like to do best on a bg. Added some noise to the floor too to make it less plain.

The biggest problem is that it was looking too empty and I was scared of adding more things since it could end up too busy. I played around with colors to see if I could fix the problem, but no.
So I decided to add some pictures in the wall, some books and pencil case. Something was still missing...
The whole "blank" space between the girls was bugging me (and it still is) so I added a pillow (which looks ugly btw). I still wasn't satisfied, but I didn't want to put so many things. In the end, I added that little LS kitty on the bed, vectored from a screenshot. It doesn't have anything to do with the problem I mentioned but I think it worked out well..kinda. He's so cute <33

With no more to say, this is already a big description and not even half read it anyway, I'm going now~ Need to cook dinner :nya:
(and only a few more days of vacation for me *cries*)

Duration: 09/07 - 09/10
Time: No idea... x_x

Most Difficult: the background, all of it
Easiest: vectoring tsukasa~
Fun Part: Adding little details all around.

Original Size: 3840 x 2602
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Original Scan::Here
Texture Version
Thanks for the support everyone. It means a lot to me >.<

sakura--cb celestial-luminesse vectory code-geass-knights timeless--rain vector-wallers kyoani-fans

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  1. erikamirou Sep 10, 2008

    omg omg omg! I'm speachless :x
    And yeah, your right, i feel the same... somethings not right... maybe i'm playing to much lately ^_^'' I have to desinstall flyff >.<
    I love the vector! looks sooooo soft! X3 oh the bg is perfect! (I love the kitty X3)
    And hell i miss our sleep overs! and our no-sleeping-sleep-overs XD XD XD

  2. ASH-Hikari Sep 10, 2008

    Uwa! It's so cute. Just an excellent job! My mind is so tired right now so no good comment >.< Maybe I'll add more later. Just know I love it :P
    Oh, only thing I see is the cat, it's tail position makes it look like it's floating above the bed as opposed to sitting on it, but it's not that noticeable~

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 10, 2008

    Copy and paste from AP:

    Uwah, major kudos for the back ground, looks like a pain to make.

    Full view does it more justice as, looking at the thumbnail wasn't that bad
    either. Ok so the good points :

    Scenic - I love to see you do scenic walls, I love to see what you come up
    with and how you make it work.

    Vectors - Thin lines....never liked them but on certain walls
    they work and I think it's an okay look, I personally would have liked bold
    lines but it's not a bad thing. Not everyone likes the same thing ne? Colored
    lovely and done to a nice standard.

    Back ground itself - Nice background, the coloring and highlights here
    and there are done well. The cat is beyond cute, and I love the photos
    in the corner of the room, I think the lighting in the room is a bit too bright...like
    maybe the things in the back should be darker.
    Also I would have liked a painted version of the wall, since the vectoring of the back
    ground; the bed most to be stick out a lot. The weird way it's made looks too real
    and it kills the other things in the room.

    But overall I'll fave it because I can see the hard work done, you used
    a kitty :3 and because it's filled with love. Great job.

  4. Straawbeeryy Sep 10, 2008

    Woah, that thumbnail fooled me again. I once again thought there were no outlines. >.<
    Your lines are so thin and amazing. I can only imagine coloring.
    The background is really cute. I love the pictures on the wall. It`s adorable. I don`t really like the bed. It stands out too much. It looks a bit flat and weird. The kitty on top looks so cute though. XD
    Widescreen scenic just pwn. <3

  5. Sinever Sep 10, 2008

    very beautiful XD
    I really love your walls :D
    your vectors are always very neat & the bg is so well done XD
    +fav & its a highlight ;)

  6. ShanaFlare Sep 10, 2008

    the wallpaper is quite nice :D

  7. sakura1986 Sep 10, 2008

    If this is my b-day present............... i would fallen...............
    It just too nice =D

  8. KiyanaIkebana Sep 11, 2008

    Kawaii! This wallpaper is so cute!
    The vector is great. I like the background, it's so nice!
    Very good job!

  9. x-lawss Sep 11, 2008

    So cute XD and that is very nice too the outlines!
    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

  10. BlackSponge Sep 11, 2008

    Darn it, why do Izumi an Kagami look so darn cute?
    So unfair.....look at those kawaii faces, so wrong and so awesome at the same time.
    Pure genius dood.
    Well done.

  11. Hachiko Sep 11, 2008


  12. minamiyukihimenonaka Sep 12, 2008

    Hiaaa nice scene Kagami and Izumi! Your outlines are very thin! I think you don't use any outlines...hehee...the thumbnail are colourful from distance, and while more colourful while enlarge. Good Job Kairi-Chan!^^

  13. drastikhate Sep 13, 2008

    Haha. Love the switch in hairstyles. Also, Great out lines! They can hardly be seen.

  14. tsuki-akari Oct 07, 2008

    wow..your lines are soo thin! XD

  15. Arsyad05 Nov 07, 2008

    the simplistic is very nice, i love this original face

  16. akika Nov 23, 2008

    SO cute! The colours make me happy~ hehe thanks for sharing!

  17. Zawmbe Feb 07, 2009

    aww Kawaii! I love those two!<3

  18. cherrykame Mar 06, 2009

    so cute!

  19. takkunsama Aug 14, 2009

    kawaii nee!

  20. Taja Sep 13, 2009

    so damn cute XD

  21. marsshmeellow Jan 11, 2010

    Adoro a las hermanitas! ?

  22. suixingseki Apr 10, 2010

    the twin!
    tsukasa is so cute~

  23. goodcat Jul 12, 2010

    Very nicely done, it looks great. ^_^

  24. MeMeLoVsKy Sep 25, 2010

    absolutly....great scan and good quality....i like lucky star....in love of Kagami chan....i like her personality....my favourite charcter....Konata is cool...10x for the share a great scan...waku waku^^_^^waku waku

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