Vampire Knight Wallpaper: ~Good Night Yuuki...~

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Yuuki Cross Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Yuuki Cross Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


okay VK freak is back with a new wallpaper XD
this wall is dedicated to studio XD
studio-chan is a sweet person & she has recently told me that she visits MT just to see if I have posted a wallpaper or not, her words really touched me & I wanted to thank her with this wallpaper :)
I really hope you like it studio-chan *huggels* & thanks a lot T_T

& this wall is my entry for vampire knight the beginning contest & I didnt know what pic to choose & which couple to present & after thinking a lot I've decided to vector/paint this gorgeous scan XD I really wasnt sure if I could vector her or not cause I really had to complete the missing part which is the left side of the wall :D I tried giving up so many times & cant believe that I completed it x_x *looking crappy I know that already ^_^' *

as for the bg I tried adding a lot of things like blood, chains & piece of cloth to make it look more dark & mysterious but it didnt turn out good & after trying a lot I gave up & left the bg as it is ^_^' * sorry but it looks better like this believe me :) *
I gave a bit of glow to the wall to make it look beautiful :D

okay my wall shows a beginning of a nightmare :nya: it seems that yuuki is sleeping in a coffin with such a lifeless expression & who would love to sleep in coffin x_x I know I dont want to do that unless it was in a dream X-O
anyways enough talking & I really hope you like it :)

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  1. epsilon86 Sep 05, 2008

    This one is so pretty. It's more beautiful than the scan itself!

  2. monicayurie Sep 05, 2008

    Wow, Sin-chan. What a gorgeous wallpaper! Everything looks perfect!
    The vectoring is outstanding as usual. I can't even point out my favorite part of the wall... I love everything about Yuuki, her hair looks perfect (I love how you do hair, I've told you before), her eyes look perfect, I love the way you've colored the skin (it looks so soft and smooth) and the clothes... waaahhh! The flowers are also beautifully done and so is the arm. By the way, whose arm is that? hehehehehe
    Well... I won't write a lot today, 'cause I'm a bit sick and the words just don't come... sorry if I wrote something weird >_<
    I'm definitly rooting for you in the contest! With your skills, I think you are one of the favorites to win it! :D
    Good job! It's a fav once again. And it's already in my desktop! :)
    Ja ne! Kisu... ;)

  3. princessmeyrin023 Sep 05, 2008

    Hello Sin-chan! This wall is very nice.
    Good job...
    Not so much to say... but Great job overall!

  4. x-lawss Sep 05, 2008

    Hi there~! It have been a long time seen i saw you wall, good as always XD
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. CagalliYulaAttha91 Sep 05, 2008

    ahh.... once again a great masterpiece vector by sinever. Beautiful as ever and i agree with you, which living-breathing human would like to sleep in a coffin. It's too creepy to do so, well unless.....errr...they like coffins? XD and once again the mystery hand. *prays hard that it's zero's* XD

  6. temarigenius Sep 06, 2008

    Ahh!~ *_*
    Why do you vector and paint so perfectly!?
    So unfair >_< But then since you are the Great Evil Master.... -_-
    I'm going to steal your skills away~ X-P
    I kinda guessed that this wallpaper was yours because it's VK?

    Anyways... the wallpaper...
    The colors is so soft~ Too perfect...
    Actually I'm just speechless...
    Your vector is definitely better than the real scan~

    So now you are going to start attacking your tablet...?

    merged: 09-06-2008 ~ 08:51am
    There isn't my resolution >_<

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2008

    With more art like this your going to make me
    like it Sin-chan.

    The vector is gorgeous, I love her expression
    and the wayher eyes are gives such a impact on the scene.
    I love how you made her dress and the hair is beautiful,
    I think the only thing that bothers me would be the hand from the guy.
    I'm not sure why and I like the idea, I guess the way the hand itself is
    vectored it looks a bit odd to me.

    The flowers were a nice addition to the piece,
    their done beautifully as well.

    For the background, it's a nice color but it doesn't
    seem homey for her, like maybe some pics of Zero or Kaname
    (don't ask why I know the names) would be more better for her.

    But overall I really love it, it's a very well done wall.

  8. YENESIS Sep 06, 2008

    I like soo very much the flowers , the hair of yuki all YUKI LOOK SO CUTE BEAUTY

  9. YoruAngel866 Sep 06, 2008

    my new desktop :)
    sin chan you did wonderful job :)
    flowers are beautiful :)
    her hair is beautiful :)

  10. Straawbeeryy Sep 06, 2008

    Wow, this is definitely an amazing job. I love the hair. It looks very chocolate-y smooth. I love the way you did her dress though I think the bottom part is a bit flat. I`m not sure but for the nameless arm, I think there`s a leak in the white part. The roses were nicely done and looks lovely. I <3 roses. Amazing job on this wall Sinever. =D

  11. melymay Sep 06, 2008

    Oh wow. Lovely job :) This turned out really well. You brought life into the original image. Great work :)

  12. Galtrann Sep 06, 2008

    WONDERFULL wallpaper!
    This scan is so great!
    Good job! lol

  13. naidel Sep 06, 2008

    i really like it hino matsuri, i ll put in my favs.!
    thasks a lot!

  14. machimiko Sep 06, 2008

    It's so gorgeous! *_* ...and very well vectored too!


  15. lilmaggie22 Sep 06, 2008

    I CANT BELIEVE IT! ahhh<_< You're vector is ALWAYS so nice!
    First! The skin is always soft and pretty! (omg the shadows...the shadows!) Second..the shine on the nails is super nice!
    #3....The texture of Yuuki's dress..the whole outfit looks so realistic. The material looks real! (..wow..this wallpaper is really close to the word realistic..its like if Yuuki was...alive! 0_0, it almost scared me!)
    ) If i zoom in...Yuuki's lips are perfectly well painted..
    The eyes are of course..always the best!..
    I also see improvement on the hair! ITs really smooth and every layer and strand of hair are well represented. (did you make the hair longer?..i dont seem to recall long hair..)
    Also, i would like to mention one thing...I really like the roses , they are really gorgeous. Altough...i have a selfish thought this time(argh, dont hit me) it would be nice if it had the same effet as Yuuki's dress..(but i bet its much too hard to do it!) ^^ whaha thats all for today!

  16. ASH-Hikari Sep 06, 2008

    You know what this is? Do you want to know what this vector is? It's unbelievably gorgeous, that's what. Seriously, I don't know why I'm surprised since your vectors are always outstanding. No exception here!
    Unfortunately the background is kind of plain. But if you tried everything then you tried everything. Maybe some time you'll think of something else.
    Overall awesomeness~

  17. KiyanaIkebana Sep 06, 2008

    This is so wonderful! I love her hair and dress!
    She looks so beautiful! Your works are the best!
    I love all so much! You have talent!
    Excellent job and work!

  18. shurei-KO7890 Sep 06, 2008

    a yuuki vector!i love it!

  19. norine07 Sep 06, 2008

    omg!~ well done sin-chan~ XD love the wallie~ yay! not only are you joining the contest but cleaning the scans! hahax! *happy happy* yuuki really looks gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing~ oh and good luck for the contest~ =]

  20. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2008

    This is beautiful! I especially love her hair and face! *.* Actually everything looks perfect! Her dress, too! Fabulous!

  21. JockeII Sep 06, 2008


  22. dslassey Sep 07, 2008

    Um, wow. Can anyone say 'perfect'? P=

    I honestly think you're THE master of vector/paint styles - hnestly, it looks proffessional grade. ;)

    The detail in the hair and clothing is downright amazing! I can't even imagine how much time and effort you put into this. Great job, Sin-chan!

  23. DarthTofu Sep 07, 2008

    Gorgeous, everything is fantastic. The clothes and hair especially!
    It's much bolder than the original scan.
    Actually, it looks just like your style. lol. *redundancy*

    Only thing is, I think the outlines in the fabric should be darker, it's weird that it's lighter... also, she's in a coffin? I think it would be cool if the lighting was more dramatic, but really it looks fine as is so... yeah.

  24. ShanaFlare Sep 07, 2008

    wow,this wall is awesome :)

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