Kuroshitsuji: ANI-COM 2008 August in Kuroshitsuji

A-1 Pictures, Kuroshitsuji, Black Record, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive
A-1 Pictures Studio Kuroshitsuji Series Black Record Artbook Sebastian Michaelis Character Ciel Phantomhive Character


My Personal Scan

This is a scanning of monthly ANI-COM 2008 August issue.

The name of this anime is Kuroshitsuji.

This anime is a start of the broadcasting from October, 2008. (Only Japan)

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  1. Susan-chan Sep 02, 2008

    i cant wait for this anime *_* thx for the scan *_*

  2. Pulver15 Sep 02, 2008

    The anime looks really cool
    hope to see it soon!
    Thanks for sharing XD

  3. misstyque Sep 04, 2008

    awesome *_*

  4. HontoniKawaii Sep 04, 2008

    This Black Butler is SO SEXY~~~
    'Can't wait for the anime to start~~~
    Thanx for sharing~~~

  5. CosmoStar Sep 30, 2008

    Looks so cool and creepy!
    I really liked the details!
    Thanks a lot for scanning and sharing!

  6. tintalle Oct 25, 2008

    Can't wait for the anime to come out. Thanks for the image!

  7. fateavernus Oct 30, 2008

    the anime is extremely nice ... it's a must-watch ...

  8. hanenohime Nov 01, 2008

    wow! kinda gothic:)! love it

  9. celavi Nov 01, 2008

    the manga kicked @ss >w<
    thank you for sharing!

  10. fang5656 Nov 02, 2008

    Sebastian looks a bit weird here...not like the manga...

  11. Ayumi-Itoe Nov 02, 2008

    Great great.. nice scan. Thx 4 sharing! Sebastian is so >w<

  12. lilmaggie22 Nov 05, 2008

    I love Gothic art...its amazing how i am so attracted to it! That is why i love the Victorian Era...Although the skulls are pretty scary!0_0!
    Thank you for sharing alright!

  13. ariadne Nov 19, 2008

    as far as gothic art anime went, Kuroshitsuji is the best yet ;) thanks for sharing

  14. soujiro7keita Nov 19, 2008


  15. valtizar Nov 26, 2008


  16. tretretertreteterter Nov 28, 2008

    *_______* I really love this scan))) Thanks for it))

  17. xDarkShadows Dec 02, 2008

    The anime looks good although, not as great as the manga :X Still love this! Thanks~

  18. Galtrann Dec 02, 2008

    Beautifull! *_____*
    I need make a wall with it

  19. tykimikkislove92 Dec 08, 2008

    Ciel looks so cute ^__^ Thanks!

  20. quills Dec 10, 2008

    Nice anime- but i still prefer the manga though. Stunning picture~ thanks for sharing!

  21. nerusonakuranu Jan 21, 2009

    Exquisite! I hope there's one without the plenty of text.

  22. twistedabyss Jan 21, 2009

    this is the first picture i saw of kuroshitsuji.. that made me watch the anime

    merged: 01-21-2009 ~ 10:25pm
    this is the first picture i saw of kuroshitsuji.. that made me watch the anime

  23. snowjewell Feb 02, 2009

    Sebastian x Ciel
    akuma de shitsuji deskara

  24. Sweetcat93 Feb 13, 2009

    Oh, it's very large =O Good, good <3 It's lovely *_*

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