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Artist Comment

This is me playing around ^^

This doujinshi art was made by Suzuco Sahara (Patisserie circle).

This do not come from a doujinshi, meaning it's just a separate 'one drawing thing' that was featured at the end of the book, after an actual SxS doujin oneshot.
I scanned the original black&white pic myself from my book 'Position' which is actually a SxS romance story when there are still kids (meaning CCS time) and it was so so SO cute! XD I really missed seeing Syaoran blushing and running away at full speed for the most littlest thing (even just Sakura looking his way).
The overflowing sweetness and cuteness is definitely one of the big selling points of Patisserie cirlce's doujinshis, and I found this little Sakura offering a cherry from her bento to an older Syaoran totally KAWAI! XD

Clamp is really messing around with SxS : we got young SxS from the CCS times, then they are parents in TRC and we got a mommy Sakura with a young "Syaoran" as her son; then we got a young princess "Sakura" in TRC with a "Syaoran" which Time is completely messed up who is very likely a lot older then her, after rewinding Time or whatever (if there is more info in chapter197, DON'T SPOIL ME! I took the resolution to not read any new chapter of TRC until ch200).

Anyway! I used this picture for my new header, while renewing my LJ layout (http://cutesherry.livejournal.com/) and, since I made it already, I thought I might as well share it, better then trowing it away in a corner of my PC.

It was fully vectored, of course, and the colors are pastels ones, and I mostly only put shades for their hairs and skin, I didn't feel the need to add on anything to their clothes. I like how it is!
My original vector is 4173*5102px (yes, giant) while the one I'm sharing her is 1280*1565px, I believe it's enough.

Leave a comment and +fav is you like it!

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  1. ASH-Hikari Aug 30, 2008

    This is seriously adorable! Waii~ And you did an amazing job with it! And it's so weird, on my left is my fish who's name is Sakuranbo (Cherry), I'm listening to Sakuranbo by Ai Otsuka, and then I view this. So many cherries XD
    Anyways I'm glad you vectored this and shared this precious image with us ^^

  2. MarleenEliza Aug 30, 2008

    its soo kawaii! i love cherrysXD

  3. Saikusa Retired Moderator Aug 30, 2008

    This is very odd, but 100% adorable!

  4. spyder2544 Aug 30, 2008

    not bad,

  5. YENESIS Aug 30, 2008

    ahhhh soo cute

  6. AngelKate Aug 30, 2008

    Aww! They look so cute <33 Great vector!

  7. shadowangel4247 Aug 30, 2008

    they are such a cute couple XD!
    it's definately one of my favorite pictures of them.

  8. fanny-chan Aug 30, 2008

    :D :D :D
    so cuuute! (L)

  9. Straawbeeryy Aug 30, 2008

    Aww, this is adorable. Your vector is great and pretty. I love the pattern on the pillows, bowl, and the paper the bowl is on. Plus the colors are lovely. Pastel <3

  10. drastikhate Aug 30, 2008

    Sweet moment...=D Love the vibrant colours you chose for a B&W scan!
    Sakura's eyes really caught my attention too!

  11. Sinever Sep 01, 2008

    very beautiful vector XD
    its colors are fabulous :)
    well done ;)

  12. Peezhoun Sep 08, 2008

    Amazing vector >.<
    I sooo like the lil Sakura :3

  13. aqiaqua Sep 23, 2008

    Wow, I can't believe I missed this in my notifs xD.

    Your vectoring skills are amazing! The pastel colours and the crisp lineart go well together ^___^. And the image is just absolutely adoreable <3

    +fave :) hope to see more of this fab S+S stuff :3

  14. clampy Oct 17, 2008

    aw this is so adorable! good job x3

  15. makaomi Nov 17, 2008

    muy kawai la imagen 100% buena que lindos mi pareja favorita sxs

  16. KaiLi Nov 28, 2008

    usually her sakuras don't look like a baby...
    I thought it was a lolicom dj for a sec... ^^'''

  17. sakura714 Dec 01, 2008

    what was the doujinshi called?

  18. rumiko23 Dec 07, 2008

    Very nice! They look so sweet! ^___^

  19. amethyst-rose Dec 13, 2008

    Aw I saw this on LJ, it's so cute! ^^

  20. LithiumAngel Feb 07, 2009

    love it! X3

  21. rebeccafuji Sep 19, 2009

    sooo adorable ME GUSTA^^

  22. ftama Dec 03, 2009

    so lovely, I love the picture xD

  23. korohitori Feb 06, 2010

    Thanks for the upload! I love this circle's artwork! <3

  24. talestry Sep 09, 2010

    awww that's so cute! It's like a baby sakura and a teen syaoran, awesome work

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