Lelouch of the Rebellion: The Time we spent Together was Genuine

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Tribute to Rollo

Seriously now, every character I love from Code Geass is either dead or mentally unstable... >.<
Except Karen... but she's really close to both extremes.

For this vector I used:
- this scan
- this one for the background

The hardest parts where where I had to reconstruct.
And... just pick a color for Lulu's hair already! o_0
In the anime he has brown hair or even black, in some scans his hair is purple... Jeez. I picked brown :D
There's not much to say, but I finished the vector in 3 days and omg, I used no textures :nya:
The background isn't the greatest ever, but it's better than a gradient ^_^'

The png version (without the Sakura petals, of course) can be found at EDD!, if someone wants to wall it.


Next project: vampire-knight contest entry!

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  1. angel26278 Aug 24, 2008

    kya! so kawaii Lulu sama looks so sexy and hot
    and Rolo-kun looks so nice

  2. Franco-Gardenia Aug 24, 2008

    It is cute!

  3. christabel92 Aug 24, 2008

    Wow,this is really cool...I always loved this scan!
    You vectored it really nice :)

  4. YoruAngel866 Aug 24, 2008

    wow this vector is really nice, i especially love background for it :)
    everything is so lovely and great job

  5. SakuraShirayuki Aug 24, 2008

    Kyah Saku-chan! itlooks great! i mean seriously great ^^
    The bg fits perfectly and the vector itself is gorgeous!
    kyah you can see lulu's bellybutton !

  6. YENESIS Aug 24, 2008

    Great work! rolo! life!noooo!
    looks adorable you vectorQQQ the sakuras kakoi!

  7. Sinever Aug 24, 2008

    oh God lulu is looking so damn hot XD
    & the hands............very dirty X-P
    anyways your vector is very neat & the bg is so well done :D
    +fav ;)

  8. drastikhate Aug 24, 2008

    Naughty Naughty =D

  9. EuphieSuzaku Aug 25, 2008

    Quote by Sakura-DustSeriously now, every character I love from Code Geass is either dead or mentally instable... >.<
    Except Karen... but she's really close to both extremes.

    that's so damn true >.<

    anyway nice job and thanks for sharing :)

  10. Faqir Aug 25, 2008

    oh boo. I had rolo done already...crap. nevermind. I like yours too. ^^

  11. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Aug 25, 2008

    yeay,You already finished it and The result is very great.You put sakura petal in that corner and make it look very good
    Very great job
    and the BG is beautiful like always
    hehehe^ ^
    I like lulu pose,very sexy,HOT and spicy
    hahaha> <
    very great

  12. weissdarkangel Aug 25, 2008

    Aww... such a beautiful scene.

    RIP to all characters that died.

  13. MoonFangs90 Aug 25, 2008

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....this is so good
    I heard that Rollo shouldn't exist at all in R2
    Anyway it is really beautiful and Lelouch seams little older on this vector...
    I still don't like him...:nya:
    Really really great job and thanx for sharing.

  14. shurei-KO7890 Aug 25, 2008


    HES A LIAR...
    HE LIESto protect so many people...
    his excuse is very painful.....

    good job man!

  15. JCzala Aug 25, 2008

    Lelouch looks more manly here, but he's so hot! He's undressing already. That's something to drool more. The Lamperouge siblings are so cute together. Rolo is just adorable. I love this blushing and smiling face.

    You did one great vector work here. There are some jagged lines like the eyebrows and some on the clothes, but the color job is good. Plus, you placed the characters in a totally sweet background. Love it!

  16. misstyque Aug 25, 2008

    right, uhm... next time, could you try not to spoil everyone who hasn't seen all the released episodes?

  17. Straawbeeryy Aug 26, 2008

    Noo, hands off Lulu, Rollo. >.<
    Anyways, the background looks great. The sakura petals were a nice touch. Your vectoring is lovely. :D
    Grr, Rollo...

  18. desolater2001 Aug 30, 2008

    Excellent work there.

  19. athrun-yume Sep 26, 2008

    ahh Rolo so cute!

  20. LauraLeia Oct 10, 2008

    I actually cried when watching Rolo's last scene... T_T

    Anyway, awesome job on this. Naughty pic, definitely faved. XD

  21. lordi-chang Oct 25, 2008

    brothers.. cute

  22. marigoula Oct 26, 2008

    lelouch is so damn sexy here!

    thanks for the share!

  23. Give Nov 16, 2008

    are they holding hands? o.O

  24. jay21996 Nov 28, 2008

    yay another rolo picture :)))) thanks for uploading

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