Kiniro no Corda: ~Salut d'Amour~

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Artist Comment

It's been a while since I last submitted an artwork here :D
I've been on vector hiatus...and still am right now...but since our math midterm exam's finally over, my mom allowed me PC access without limit for three days so I decided to use the time wisely and make a vector...hehe

Layers: a total of 46 layers
Characters: Kahoko Hino and Len Tsukimori...One of my top3 fav anime couples
Anime: La Corda d'Oro (or simply Kiniro no Corda) :D
Duration: 3 days
Image source: A screenshot that I found somewhere at Photobucket....and it's definitely one of my fav KahoLen moment in the anime >_<
Background: Used a simple lilac one...can't come up with any good ideas *gomen*
Title: Inspiration from the classical song Salut d'Amour composed by Edward Elgar...Kaho played it on her violin in episode 26, and I just love it! >.<

Being on vector hiatus for quite some time, I know that my outlines need improvement again ^_^' they're either too thick, edgy, wobly and so on.....
Comments and favs are always appreciated, minna-san! XD
Hope you'll enjoy....oh, and a little reminder, please avoid ripping and credit me if used, ok?

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EDIT: For the background, I decided to stick with the one at the screenshot. So I vectored the walls :)
PLEASE FULL VIEW cuz thumbnails not that good X-P

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  1. Aiira Aug 24, 2008

    In my opinion the lines are a bit too thick, that is what I see..
    Anyways I love this vector art from you Luna-chan since I love music as much as you do. I haven't watch the anime yet, but I bet it's great isn't it? I love it so much Luna-chan it looks so sweet....

    I can't really say any negative thing..except for the lines..but you did a wonderful job ^^

    By the way...you get your vector art inspiration from music right? If you do..would you like to join us at depths-of-sound Hope you'll join us ^^

  2. YENESIS Aug 24, 2008

    ahh is pretty! the expresion i loves!

  3. PinkRoseLacus Aug 24, 2008

    Oh kyaaaaaa XD It's Kaho-chan and Len! They're my favorite too..! Wonder why just 2 favs so far?
    Anyways....I think that you've done a good job here, Luna-chan :) The outlines are ok...being thick makes more visible *LOL* Hope that more favs to come!
    *going to my favs....and fast*

  4. Reikuclyne Aug 25, 2008

    I love this one, Luna-chan XD
    It really captures the romantic-ness :) *+favs*

  5. DragonBlossom25 Aug 25, 2008

    Awww! XD XD so sweet, luna^san!

    I like this couple!

    But, i think the background is not fit for the romantic scene. It's my opinion, okey?

    Anyway, you did a wonderful job! ^u^ Want to see your next piece.

  6. shurei-KO7890 Aug 26, 2008

    i have gone crazy! it is so romantic!

    you my friend did a good job!xd

  7. DragonBlossom25 Aug 26, 2008

    Nah, that's better.

    Good job, luna^san!

  8. rizacaga Aug 27, 2008

    great job luna-chan.......definetely the outline too....^^love ur vector....

  9. OriginalQueenofAnime Aug 29, 2008

    I like the vector. For something you haven't done it quite a while, it's really good. :)

    I'd have to agree with aiiroprincessnoel in saying that the lines are a bit too thick and wobbly in some places. Also, because the background is so light, the colors on the characters seem exaggerated; for example, their hair.

    But other than that, it's a really good vector. :D Great job! ;)

    ~ The 'Original' Queen of Anime ~

  10. priincess Sep 04, 2008

    nice vectoring, lunarinha^^
    great job

  11. aozoraskies Sep 05, 2008

    Hey there, Lunariha. I noticed this on my guestbook. Is this your way of saying that you want me to take a look? ^^

    Well, it's a pretty well-done vector. Yeah, there are some wobbliness here and there, but it's al good considering your long hiatus.. I practically like the vector of the girl, you got the surprise there all right. :D I like her eyes..

    What could make this better is to use some gradients on the shine on the hair and eyes, as well as on the shadows of the clothes.. add more depth, yes? Especially on that tie, it's a little too similar to the girl's hair as it is now.. a bit distracting, IMO. And I see a few jaggy lines on the 'sailor's collar'.. Then again, I'm probably being too fussy. XD I always am, with art.. But hey, it still looks great!

    See you around. Feel free to add more to the messages on my guestbook next time! ;)

  12. dirachan669 Sep 06, 2008

    sweet =D

  13. shurei-KO7890 Sep 21, 2008

    ang galing mo talaga!

  14. selemental Banned Member Sep 29, 2008

    Luna-cha! I miss you soooooooooo much!
    I finally got off of hiatus! Yay! <3
    This vector is awesome! You've been improving so much!
    I didn't even think it was possible! That's just how awesome you are!
    Once I clean things up! I'm gonna go on a faving spree in your
    gallery! XD

    Oh! Can I add this to the club gallery btw?! :D

  15. icyan Oct 04, 2009

    nice vector ..>_<.. good job

  16. Sokkyosama Feb 18, 2010

    Thank's for sharing such a beautiful picture!

  17. kwangyong Mar 05, 2010

    kyaa! :D
    love this wallpaper!
    i love hino X tsukimori xD

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