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*gigglesnort* ELITE! SANKYUU ~



So, I took a small break off of my fairytale series (1 of 5, next is the story of Echo + Narcissus) to work on this. After I found this Rokugatsu by KisekiAeon I really thought it was cute. I love the Mokona's (S/L). I also recently ran into this Dochan scan, and I fell in love with the Dochan artbook. However, as there wasn't a Dochan category, I decided to only use the background and improvise on the foreground. So, I ended up vectoring the background, and I painted just a little bit, and the sky, too. However, I only vectored a few of the plants. Overall, the background took somewhere inbetween ... 3 - 4 hours to vector/paint.

So, I decided to use the Mokona's scan that I loved. The vectoring of the white Mokona (S) was about 1.5 hour(s), and the vectoring of the black Mokona (L) took a bit over an hour. I improvised on some of the vectoring on the umbrella bottoms becuase I was, for some odd reason, having an insane amount of trouble with them. Patterns used retrieved here.

Because I had never done it before, I wanted to experiment with patterns. The original sky is very hard to see, because of the overlaying patterns. I used patterns on the Mokona's, the umbrellas, the foliage, and the sky in all different patterns for different levels of depth and character. I am actually pleased with the end result, despite all of the wasted space inbetween! :hmpf:

Everything besides the patterns are hand done.

Now, inspriation wise... While making this I listened to the music of the 1952 film "Singing In The Rain", which I absolutely adore. I particularly listened to (over and over again) Gene Kelly's "Singing In The Rain" and "Good Morning".

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Favorites + Comments loved! :nya:


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  1. DarthTofu Aug 24, 2008

    Singing in the rain is the best movie ever!
    having trouble downloading the wall, though...

  2. milla-chan Aug 24, 2008

    "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain....."
    Yeah, that really is a good movie, one of my all-time favorites :)
    really sweet wallie, thanks for sharing ^_^

  3. babyblueshakira Aug 25, 2008

    kawaii XD
    aweome wallie!
    too bad it wont let me
    download T.T

  4. KisekiAeon Aug 25, 2008

    Oh this is so cute~The patterns give it a light "pop" feeling, but the pastel colors soften the feeling.

    Thanks for dropping me a line and link.

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 26, 2008

    LOVE the gentle colors! Nicely done =D

  6. limeic Aug 26, 2008

    I think the patterns are a great touch! The whole melding of patterns... It's beautiful yet simple.
    Though I think the white mokona is a trifle too red. ^^;

    Great work!

  7. euna Retired Moderator Aug 26, 2008

    Ah, nice work. You've chosen the colours quite well and the layout also works nicely. Your experiment with patterns seems to have been a success :) Simple just the way I love it. Good work!

  8. CosmoStar Oct 06, 2008

    You should made bigger resolutions versions! It looks so cute!

  9. NadesicoKitty Oct 27, 2008

    so so very cute!

  10. t0miChan Nov 16, 2008

    makona makona makona!

  11. animegirl204 Dec 19, 2008

    ohh kawaiiiiiiiiiiii I love Mokona!

  12. AbsolutelyNobody Feb 14, 2009


  13. tennistensai Feb 17, 2009

    love the colors! very pretty! nice wallpaper!

  14. daniticha Aug 23, 2009

    Mokona and rainnn~
    Godd *_*

  15. momo88 Oct 27, 2009

    ohoh! Nice job! ^_^
    thanks for sharing!

  16. StuffedPanda Nov 08, 2009

    Absolutely ADORABLE.
    The lilies at the bottom are a nice touch.

    merged: 11-08-2009 ~ 09:38am
    Btw do you have a widescreen version?
    I'd love to have this for my desktop wall but it doesn't fit very well >_<
    Even soo, this beautiful~

  17. Coconut11 Feb 03, 2010

    Pretty and Cute..
    I really love those two Mokonas..
    and this wall makes me refresh..
    Nice job!

  18. aqito Jul 02, 2010

    awesome! this picture is so great and cool

  19. DragonBlood Oct 18, 2011

    very cute! The patterns give it a original effect! Thank you for sharing!

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