D Gray-Man: --Day of Rest--

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doujinshi-support-club, dgrayman-black-fighters,
wings-lovers (Well, Timcampy has wings and there are two random birds..)

Dedicated to
Temarigenius because we're both fans of D Gray Man and for all the fun.

Scott (xAnime4Lifex) for being my first friend here and a great one at that!

gabychan in thanks for her dedication and for all the books and the friendship!

Salma (phoenixalcott) because she was the one who lead me to Rainfalling Love, one of the best groups I joined. And for being a pal!

TreeFarieAaliyah was one of those who made RFL fun

Haven100 cuz he's a friend and the most hardworking admin at RFL; here's something for you!
:) :D

I drew this in June and finished it on the 13th, at 8:43 according to my signature.. XD Why did I even record the time?

Anyway, I hope that this is acceptable for the Summer Vacation contest. The thread is here

Well, here we have the famous four of D Gray Man (and Timcampy too!),
and they're having a break! (For once)
Kanda didn't really want to. Look how irritated he looks. But the other three forced him to. Komui probably helped too..
It's at the beach, it's a sunny, windy day and it's total bliss! ...Well, for most of them. Of course, they still brought their Innocence along..
(Judge that sentence both ways; it fits)
Kanda won't leave Mugen, Lavi can't be separated from his beloved Oudzuchi hammer, Lenalee's hardly ever without her Dark Boots and Allen.. well, his Innocence is practically attached to him, no?
This was drawn before I watched the darker episodes,so it still has a somewhat innocent feel.. Now I can't draw Allen or Lenalee, without thinking of what happened to their Innocence, both literally and figuratively..

Actually, I almost drew Allen X Kanda. Really. Even though I don't support yaoi.
But the fanfics that do had been cracking me up so much, that I just felt like drawing Kanda and Allen
having a sort of glaring match.. But then I got lazy,
decided not to waste my time drawing crap, and it was a nice day with plenty of sunlight so.. I got inspired and made it happy instead.
And I was very happy with how it turned out!

I had lots of fun shading the clothes; drawing Lavi's hair and his headband and him all together, really;
adding on texture to the sky and rocks with both my mechanical pencil and 2B lead pencil;
experimenting with water and making everything swishy with the wind!

Lenalee's holding a windmill thing because her power is flight and so I thought something wind-related would suit her.
I gave Kanda a scarf because it added a sort of beach-holiday-goer look (and he looks good with it XD ).
Lavi takes his Hammer out at any small opportunity and in this case, it was to climb up the rocks. Which Kanda had to join in to, since the waves were coming in.
Allen.. I tried but he looks a bit feminine to me. I always have trouble drawing his type of character!
Bah, I have trouble making guys look guys, period. A number of people thought Kanda was a girl. Eek, he would hate that. In the end, Lavi is the most male here. o_0

Scan by Pristine. Her scanner must be smaller than A4 though, the water was cut off.. I have a photo of how it should look.. cos I want comments on the water. Hope it looks clear enough. Here

Well, do comment! Aozora loves comments..

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howls-moving-castle depths-of-sound fairies studio-ghibli

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  1. NikoxLoulis Aug 18, 2008

    Iiii that's so cute!

  2. xAnime4Lifex Aug 18, 2008

    Finally, the screen loaded. -_- I don't know if it was a problem with Mt or not. But, wow. Another great drawing. :) I'm not familiar with D-Gray Man, but the characters look pretty cool, they caught my interest. Especially the guy with the huge war hammer (if that's what that is XD ) and the girl in front with the sword. They look like they could kick some major butt! :) Artistically speaking, I think you did a good job texturizing in gray scale. Nice work Ao, and I'm honored to be one of your dedicatees, you also are a great friend. :D

    Great work, looking forward to more.

    Oh I just reread your description, is the character with the sword a guy? ^_^' I'm sorry, I don't know the anime. >.<

  3. temarigenius Aug 19, 2008

    Thanks for the dedication!
    Your drawing is really nice!
    D.Gray-Man Rocks! :D
    Love Kanda~ <3
    You should definitely color this too! >_<

  4. gabychan Sep 25, 2008

    Oh my, thank you so much Aozora ^_^
    You have very nice drawing skill. Allen-kun! < 3333 I lurv jooo *goes of into fanirl mode* Wheeeee!
    Er. sorry I'm not feeling right right now : P
    Anyways, once again thank you. You're very nice and it's my pleasure to share your friendship :D

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