Naruto: Kakashi and Iruka

Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Iruka Umino, Kakashi Hatake
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A shitajiki featuring Kakashi and Iruka that my sister got for me at Manifest. XD Kakashi-sensei's coolness incarnate; and as for Iruka, I think Whitney from Bacon Wafer puts it best with the comment: "I dare you to find a Naruto fan who does not adore Iruka. I dare you. And if you do, don't tell me about it, because that person is obviously in league with the devil, because IRUKA IS WONDERFUL. I wish he were my teacher." XD *nods* Yes and amen.

[edit] Updated the image using the other scanner. XD I hope it's uploaded properly. Shouldn't be too sharp now.

[edit2] Okay... so the updating doesn't seem to work. XP I'll keep trying at it.

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  1. Helen Aug 15, 2004

    I love the green background. I really love Kakashi, too. :D

  2. chuthry Aug 15, 2004

    Quite neat scan

  3. Celestial Aug 15, 2004

    eGAD~! I was just at Manifest... O___o; But I didn't see many Kakashi n' Iruka merchandise. ;-; Wai~! So lucky. =o *adds to teh KakaIru goodness*


    P.s. Did you go see the Bishonen or Yaoi panel? o.o

  4. Vequinox Aug 15, 2004

    Stellar scan! :D

  5. Ashes123 Aug 16, 2004

    Heheh I dont' care whether it was a scan or not, I still like the pic :) Nice scan dude.

  6. bucket-shot Aug 16, 2004

    Quote by Ashes123Heheh I dont' care whether it was a scan or not, ...

    o_o Eh?

  7. elizabeth-san Aug 17, 2004

    coool ! great job :)

  8. indianprincess Aug 23, 2004

    coolies! love the scan!

  9. jocelyn08 Aug 27, 2004

    ah~ Kakashi-sensei!! *running around*

  10. Eimin Sep 30, 2004

    Quote by jocelyn08ah~ Kakashi-sensei!! *running around*

    'Umm, watch out for *kablam*... ... ........ ...Iruka-sensei...^^;;;'

    Anyway, I love the scan.

  11. SakuraHaruno Oct 03, 2004

    *O* Kakashi-sensei! i love it!

  12. jackalx66 Oct 06, 2004

    nice one indeed........
    keep the good job bro..

  13. ShoguMogu Oct 07, 2004

    Wah, Kakashi/Iruka = always cool!

  14. kateChan Oct 15, 2004

    Kakashi-sensei is soooo cool! :):)

  15. MdKharaa Oct 20, 2004

    Kakashi rocks.

  16. Wokker Nov 03, 2004

    I must get a scan of one 1000 years of pain :D
    And realy nice scan.

    Have annyone wathched the korean version?
    Like in one episode it took Gara 30 mins to walk down some stairs :angry:

  17. sendoh07 Nov 04, 2004

    nice scan of Kakashi and Iruka. Kakashi still looks as cool as ever!! great scan!

  18. ryuzz Nov 21, 2004

    iruga looks great

  19. catdl Nov 22, 2004

    *drools* These two look so good together... ;D
    Great scan. xd
    i also love the background... if only I could tell what it means. ^^;

  20. takerzmuse Dec 01, 2004

    Kya~ it's Iruka-sensei and Kakashi-sensei! KakaIru is the bestestest! And so is Iruka-sensei, wai~!

    *plays ecstatically around the room, shedding kitty hairs and clawing the furniture along the way*

  21. squink Dec 07, 2004

    thats awesome the two teacher of naruto .. that sweet as anything ... hmm that is a nice scan and i must say its good to see scan of another character with the famous characters

  22. Manxita Dec 07, 2004

    Simply amazing! I wish I could own that shitajiki myself....(I just loooove Kakashi soooo much!!!) Adding it to my favourites right away...;)

  23. linkrulesx10 Dec 23, 2004

    oooh a picture of the people who naruto look up to, i think that even wen naruto becomes hokage (if he does) he will still probably look up to at iruka (in my opinion which is probabl wrong)

  24. kyuubiobsessed Dec 29, 2004

    YAY! Iruka-sensei *jumps up and down* ahhh! Kakashi-Sensei *faints* sign reads: Thank you for this wodnerful pic! Everyone loves Iruka and Kakashi-sensei!! If not, they are insane.

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