Vocaloid Wallpaper: Deep Songs in the Distant Ocean

Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune Wallpaper
Vocaloid Series,Game Miku Hatsune Character

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REUPLOAD! ok, this is a wall I made like 3 weeks ago and got deleted by Minitokyo because there were too many bugs and it was undownloadable.. Well, I waited until MT was less buggy and I'm submitting this wall again :sweat:
And this is my seventh wall in Minitokyo.
I didn't knew what title should I put to this, and I have to say that the title was the last thing I thought in the wall. At first I decided to call it "Deep Ocean" only, but Miku is a vocaloid, and the vocaloids are programs that sing, so I decided to put a more apropiate title for Miku, she's not like anyother mermaid, so "Deep Songs in the distant Ocean" (ok, I didn't remove the "ocean" part) is the result. XD

The main character it's Hatsune Miku (again.. ^_^'), and, what I meant while doing this wall, I tried to make Miku look like she's a mermaid that enchants people with her voice, and lets them to go follow her deeper, and deeper and deeper in the ocean, until they die XD nah, not really *jokes*. So here we go explaining:

What I made first is the background.. it took me like three hours doing it, a mixture of diferent gradients and duplicate layers and effects.. following a tutorial I found ramdomly on Google. Then the scan. I thought that it could be good if she was in the center, but then I decided to put her in the right, and with her head down.
I converted the scan, extracted it and saved it in PNG. I merged in in the background and added some fish that are in fact a brush from Devintart. Ah, and also used some brushes for the little bubbles there.. that i found them ramdomly on Google. Duplicated layers, put the title, the rights, and other touches...

And finished it in five hours! Layers: 25+ ^^

Please enjoy and comment X-P
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  1. dslassey Aug 10, 2008

    Ooooh, I really like this - aquatic wallpapers always tickle my fancy.
    The scene is so magic - her hair is so mystifying and serene.
    +fav & I'm using it as my desktop. :D
    Also, if music helped inspire this (assuming it did seeing how vocaloid is music-related), maybe you'd be interested in joining depths-of-sound? :)

  2. Tidteeiiez Aug 10, 2008

    I love Miku too ^-^ This is very nice!

  3. YoruAngel866 Aug 10, 2008

    this is really beautiful, i only wish it could be bigger...........:( cause i cant put it like desktop then :)
    overall you did nice job on it :)

  4. xKai Aug 10, 2008

    This is really awesome~
    The bubble and the light penetrating the water surface looks SOOO good~
    The character can use some extra refining though =x
    Overall it looks good keep it up!

  5. xxKurumi Aug 11, 2008

    So, I really think this is beautiful. The only thing that miffs me a bit is that the lovely character text of "Deep Songs" bleeds over onto "in the Distant Ocean", covering part of it. This is definately a favorite, and well done. I love the contrasting blues and the magical feeling.

  6. CherryBlossom006 Aug 11, 2008

    this is lovely!
    i love the ocean and stuff related to it! (in real life)
    so i love this wallie, lovely character :dD

  7. DarthTofu Aug 11, 2008

    Hello! :D
    Pretty cool stuff, very flowy and pretty. :D

  8. Galtrann Aug 12, 2008

    It really seems that the girl is an ocean. It was a very good background and the text is also good. The extraction of the scan is great, the hair is very well extracted. Good job, Miku-chan *-*

  9. HydeExile Mute Member Aug 12, 2008

    Been waiting for it to be re-uploaded!
    The background are very great,blending perfectly with Miku.Overall?Excellent :nya:

  10. princessmeyrin023 Aug 13, 2008

    Miku-chan, it's so nice! I've never seen any wallpapers like this before! This rocks! And the anime is Vocaloid2? I never heard of it... but anyways, I like it, hope you can post a 1152x86 version...
    Go Miku-chan!

  11. aozoraskies Aug 16, 2008

    Ah, I was going to comment on this earlier but the download button wasn't working then, and I couldn't see the full size..

    Well, anyway, I love the fantasy feel I get from your wall! It's extracted really well.. Must have been a pain extracting those tendrils of hair! And those strings of beads! X-O I recognise those bubbles.. they were rather popular last time. They didn't work on my computer though. XD The background is done rather well. Even though it's obvious that the bottom left corner is from a photo, and not made by you, the lighting gives it an ethereal feel..

    Not sure if I remembered right, but it seems that you've fixed the lighting. Good, I was thinking that it was strange that the light was coming from only that sparkly bit. However.. I noticed that the light rays aren't going the same direction. Physics law being broken, dear? Just joking!

    Loving the gleaming blue.. good job, Miku!

    merged: 08-17-2008 ~ 02:11am
    I have a question! You say that the fishies were a brush but you got them to be dual coloured! How? Did you add a gradient effect to the brush or something?

  12. satsuiidx Aug 24, 2008

    it's gorgeous! no more words!
    i really like miku since i discovered her last year, my boyfriend shows me the vocaloid2 app, and we get fans of her! can't believe how much videos are around youtube, and how much fanarts around the net! it's sooo great!
    i really love this wall of yours, i put it as my actual wall ^^!

  13. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Sep 06, 2008

    This wallie is very beautiful and very good combination
    I hope I can see it in large wallie(It's looks so small)
    It's looks like ther real Ocean
    ^ ^

    hauuu hauuu
    want it
    like it
    love it
    fav it

  14. selemental Banned Member Oct 08, 2008

    My eyes are tearing from the wonderfulness that is this wallie!
    It's like watching tv on hi-def or something! Sooo Impressive!
    You're wayyy more experienced than I am!

    *favs* XD

  15. vitaamin Oct 09, 2008

    omg this wall is beautiful! i love the blue fish that are swimming around and she fits perfectly into the background. the only thing i dislike is the one orange finding nemo fish in the corner, for some reason it kinda looks out of place, maybe because the light isnt quite hitting it, but wow its so pretty.

    i wish i had walling skills like you --"

  16. lovelylayla Oct 18, 2008

    love the blue!

  17. email938 Nov 10, 2008

    this has to be the most beautiful papers I have seen in a while. i wish it could have been a bigger paper.

  18. MoonangelTsubasA Dec 11, 2008

    miku is so opretty as a mermaid
    Love the wallpaper

  19. weird12u Apr 28, 2009

    i love this to death.... my eyes can no longer bear the amazingness (must-put-in-fave)

  20. ketsap May 15, 2009

    the colors are incredible... thank you for sharing :)

  21. thalia92e Oct 10, 2009

    great work~~

  22. Cecilia07 Nov 01, 2009

    great scan. thank you for sharing :)

  23. Nayoby Mute Member Dec 08, 2009

    es muy hermosa, me gusto muchisimo.

    Me encanta!

  24. YunaHime1996 Dec 11, 2009

    Really really really beautiful ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I luv this scan ^^

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