Nabari no Ou Wallpaper: Ame

Yuuki Kamatani, Nabari no Ou, Miharu Rokujou Wallpaper
Yuuki Kamatani Mangaka Nabari no Ou Series Miharu Rokujou Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dedicated to hanahanoiday!

My newest wallpaper is a little present for my very good friend hanahanoiday to her birthday. :D
I'm sorry Hana, i am made late, because i don't have time.
I know, this wallpaper isn't your style, that you like.
But i really like it. Because this wallie is with Miharu!
He is so cute and handsome! You like it too or?XD
The vector from Miharu is really very simple,from all my vectors is lightest.
On the contrary was the background a more difficult.
I love the shine and rain effects of the background.I think that,is good or?
What do you think? :o
I'm sorry for my English, for me it is a difficult language. -_-
I hope you it! And you too Hanahanoiday!Happy Birthday!;)
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  1. YoruAngel866 Aug 08, 2008

    this wallie is so nice :) Miharu vector is splendid and its really really good
    i love dark wallies and i think you did nice job :)
    but the only thing that bothers me is the flat bottom on street lights and they should be oval
    overall nice job

  2. x-lawss Aug 08, 2008

    This look nice XD

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Aug 08, 2008

    The vector looks nice, it's jagged around alot of areas
    though. Try smoothing it with a layer of guassian blur
    and then putting soft light.

    Also, since Miharu is in the rain he should have rain
    on him, water marks or some indication that he's wet.

    Try playing around with the lighting effects on him,
    I think he should be a bit darker since that back ground
    looks really dark and I don't think thats enough light to highlight
    his whole body, try darkening the lower part, like from his waist.

    The back ground is very nice, well done and I like
    the effects on the lights and city below. The light poles are a nice job
    but on the bottom they look flat, you should try making them round
    since it's not possible light poles are that flat on the bottom and can stand straight ^^;

    Overall it's a nice job, just some minor things here
    and there but it's a good job and a nice wall to look at.
    Nice job.

  4. Sakura-Dust Aug 08, 2008

    Beautiful atmosphere!
    I really like the background, is very well designed.
    The vector is awesome too, but I think the eyes should be sharper, they look too blurry.
    It is nonetheless one of the best Nabari no Ou wallpapers, you captured the feeling of loneliness, sadness very well.
    I don't understand the title though... 'Ame' is the Japanese for 'Rain', if that's what you wanted to name.

  5. Galtrann Aug 08, 2008

    The bg is NICE! The lights are also good! Thanks for sharing it! *-*

  6. christabel92 Aug 08, 2008

    Really nice wall...love the scenery and the composition of it...this wall is really well made :D
    keep up the good work,and congrats on the elite...it sure deserved it!

  7. Sinever Aug 08, 2008

    I love the atmosphere XD
    & Im not gonna repeat what everyone else said :)
    well done & keep it up ;)

  8. chrisp Aug 09, 2008

    cool! die elite gallery is gerechtfertigt!
    the scenery is so sad but at the same time beautiful!
    the background looks amazing! i love the colors you used and the lights
    but i think there should be some shaddows..from the laterns...but maybe its only me :sweat:
    keep up the amazing work you always do >.<

  9. ShanaFlare Aug 09, 2008

    great wallpaper!^^

  10. Pulver15 Aug 09, 2008

    .....Ich weiss nich was ich sagn soll....
    nur: WoW!
    But well I think I should at least tell you that you did an amazing job XD

  11. Hanahanoiday Aug 09, 2008

    Oh yeah...i dont know what i say can.
    Aah it doesn't matter that you made it a bit later,anyway my birthday was boring and lonely,aah i have forget thank you for the help with cake.XD
    Too you haven't time,cause you was with me in ADV.:) This week was really amazing,and this is truth i haven't long time seen you,i miss you.T_T But now you made me happy with this wall.This is so depressive and i like this feel.
    And i thank you for Miharu,i luuuv him.:DHe's so kawaiii,perhaps is it all,i hope i see you soon.Bibi muck...

  12. YENESIS Aug 10, 2008

    Beatiful! great wall *-*

  13. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2008

    What really caught my attention from the tiny thumbnail was the background, that's the real star of this wallpaper! I'm not complaining about the vector, though, it's smooth and simple, but effective. I think I like the street lights best, they seem to give off a strange aura, reminds me of the Narnia books :) Keep it up!

  14. pirupirupi Aug 13, 2008

    really really nice! love ~~

  15. mokonab Aug 13, 2008

    very nice
    I love dark wallpapers
    the street lights are very nice
    and the boy really is cute :)

  16. melymay Aug 14, 2008

    I love those lamp posts. The way they emit light is so cool XD Although it's a little depressing to look at, you did a really good job :) The lights in the background are a bit off to me though...

    Keep it up :)

  17. Koboshi93 Aug 21, 2008

    kyyyaaa! Miharu is so handsome!
    I like the wall!

  18. Omone Aug 22, 2008

    well some parts are a bit jagged but i really like the whole concept.
    keep it up!

  19. tatiaka Sep 05, 2008

    Very nice wall!

  20. kakyuuchan Oct 09, 2008

    miharu is cuteh :3

  21. Siria73 Nov 01, 2008

    very great and deep pic ...

  22. desse Jul 19, 2009

    really like this wall of miharu and the overall tone

  23. diozzz Aug 22, 2009

    wow nice!

  24. JuSaCru Sep 09, 2009


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