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as usual full view please

this wall is dedicated to XD
temarigenius yoruangel866 sakura-dust monicayurie kitten XD
I hope you like it XD

okay the characters are actually from a theme that I have in my phone :D I liked the pictures & decided to make a wallpaper out of them ^_^'
I've vectored all the characters & completed the missing parts :D
so as for the first coulpe, I've completed the boy's right hand.
The second coulpe, I've completed the lower parts of their body.
& finally the lonely girl, I've changed her dress color & pattern :D

now for the background I wanted to make it simple since the characters are simple vectors :D
I hope the chalk effect & the board are looking good ^_^'
I followed a tutorial for the chalk effect but I cant find the site ^_^' -_-
anyways I hope you like it :)


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  1. dslassey Aug 03, 2008

    Oooh, I love the simple vectors, Sinever - fantastico!~
    So we have a punk-ish looking couple, a sweet looking couple, and a lobely, book-ish looking girl. I like both the idea of the wallpaper, and the idea to use cell phone themes. XD

    I like the fact that you made them writing on a chalk board - reminds me of my public school days. ^_^'
    And I simply adore the texture you used on the lonely girl. The texture on the middle girl looks like Wonder Bread packaging. XD

    Great job, Sinever!

  2. xAnime4Lifex Aug 03, 2008

    Looks really great. I love all the stuff you reconstructed. The chalk looks really good. The girl on the end has extremely perfect handwriting though...almost too perfect, it looks like computer type. ^_^' Speaking of her, poor girl doesn't have a special someone. :(

    Great work!

  3. YoruAngel866 Aug 03, 2008

    omg this is beautiful :D
    amazing :D
    and great job reconstructing the pic :D
    beautiful and very very pretty not to mention vector :D
    thanx onee-chan :D

  4. Sakura-Dust Aug 03, 2008

    Omg, this is abnormally cute <3
    Punks & preps together, yay~
    It must've been really hard to vector and reconstruct those tiny images.
    I love it beyond words, thanks a lot!
    *goes to my newly Sin-chan inaugurated 'Gift' section*

  5. christabel92 Aug 03, 2008

    This is really cool...I like the idea a lot!

  6. MoonFangs90 Aug 03, 2008

    My dear god this is absolutely gorgeous sin-chan...it absolutely deserves elite... :D
    Absolutely like it.

  7. temarigenius Aug 03, 2008

    Wow... o_0 Why does your work always amaze me? :nya: Well, you are my Great Evil Master anyways X-P
    I am totally speechless :nya: Oh yea, except that the couple in the middle... The guy reminded me of Otani XD Tall Otani X-P
    Last but not least, thank yu so much for the dedication >.< <333

  8. andain Aug 03, 2008

    Like allways u'r vectors are really fabulous, and u have some really cool ideas for wall's. Really nice wall. :)

  9. Kitaan Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2008

    Aww how cute, that sad girl in the corner feels my
    pain oh too much XD

    But as Anime4Life pointed out that handwriting
    of hers is uhhh very unique, I think you should make
    it the same as the others.

    Vectoring is great and characters are cute
    and detailed greatly, I love their outfits.

    Thanks for the dedication Sin-chan, <3

  10. SakuraShirayuki Aug 04, 2008

    LoL that's something new lol
    no really it's a cute and funny idea and well vectored! supi

  11. rubenz Aug 04, 2008

    Very cute sinevar ^^

  12. CosmoStar Aug 04, 2008

    This is so so great!
    It's a piece with some differentiation, loads of creativity and a delicious atmosphere!
    +fav<3 and download right away!
    Keep it up!

  13. ASH-Hikari Aug 04, 2008

    Aw, this is so cute ^^ And I think you did a really good job. A little more could've been done with the chalkboard effect (their drawings seem very solid; it could be realistic, it just means they spent a lot of time on them :P) I adore the patterns you used for the lonely girl's dress. You also did an awesome job extending the second couple; I never would've been able to tell if you hadn't told us. Overall this is a great wall, and lovely work ^^

  14. studio Aug 05, 2008

    ooooh how asian HS ;3
    Its awesome cute, I love it!

  15. tsuki-akari Aug 05, 2008

    idea is really cool :D
    and your vector is amazing!
    great work.....i like it

  16. satsuiidx Aug 06, 2008

    i like how u combine this 3 images into 1 and make it perfect!
    great job! i really like it!

  17. DarthTofu Aug 06, 2008

    This is awesome! :D :D
    So clean and simple yet very detailed. =]

    Though those are the neatest chalkboard drawings I've ever seen. :p
    But yeah, this is awesome and I love it lots and lots. :D

  18. Dumang31 Aug 06, 2008

    Wow that's really cuuute! but aaww for the lonely girl. Oh well, she needs no man to tie her down anyway <3

  19. Reikuclyne Aug 06, 2008

    I simply love the style of your vector! XD

  20. norine07 Aug 06, 2008

    hee hee~ before i even looked at the art work i was like this must be my dear friend's sin-chan's work and i am right! yay! nice work as always~ really cute~ the way you put the characters in~ XD and the colours too~ love it~ =] good work!

  21. melymay Aug 07, 2008

    Very cute :) Nice vectoring, and great job recreating the middle couple.

  22. Erdbeermilch Aug 07, 2008

    It's really cute, I like the different styles of the characters.
    The vector is really neat and the patterns are great too. :)

  23. GentleSnow Aug 07, 2008

    It's so simple, but I love it. Just draws my attention. Wish there was a normal size for the 17 inch monitor though...hahaha.... Good job anyways!

  24. monicayurie Aug 07, 2008

    Student: Moni XD
    I love it! I'm so touched... it's the first time someone dedicates a wall to me *tears of joy falling...*
    It looks super cute, Sin-chan! I love the two couples and the girl... I'd say I identify myself with the girl of the second couple... ^^
    The vectors are perfect as usual. And I think the board completes the scene perfectly!
    You're the best, Sin-chan! XD
    It's already on my desktop! XD
    Thanks a lot! I really love it! :)
    Ja ne... Kisu... ;)

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