Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: The Princess and Her White Knight [Garden of Love]

CLAMP, Lelouch of the Rebellion, Suzaku Kururugi, Euphemia Li Britannia Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Lelouch of the Rebellion Series Suzaku Kururugi Character Euphemia Li Britannia Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Present for gaara-no-shukaku and kitten, very long overdue, sorry it took so long >__<

I started this waaaay back at the beginning of April XD I finished the foreground soon enough, but have been putting off creating a background for it, mostly because I couldn't decide what to put in the background DX (I thought of doing the inside of a church, a balcony, a gazebo etc)...

Anyway, I wanted to make a wall for Gaara and Kitten, so I got the idea of making a SuzuxEuphie wall because of the "princess and white knight" idea fits well with them ^^ So I looked for a SuzuxEuphie scan, and found this scan. I was gonna extract it at first, but then there are white dots everywhere, so I thought I might as well vector it. So it was vectored+painted in PaintShop Pro 8. Since Suzaku's already wearing white, I made Euphie's dress pink.

For the background, I finally decided on something after seeing a screenshot from CG R2 (see walkthrough for the screenshot). Used it as reference pic and painted the background in Painter IX (finally found a good brush to use, and how to customize brush settings XD)

Too lazy to do a tutorial, but I took some screencaps and made a walkthrough. I ended up flipping the image to fit the lighting angle better, and it seems more balanced flipped XD

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2008

    You know what I think already,
    one of your best and I really love it.
    Great job painted that screencap and the vector
    looks so greatly done.

    Thank you so much murrue-chi <33

  2. princessmeyrin023 Aug 02, 2008

    It looked amazing, I love the blurry effect. The vector is very cute.

  3. Sinever Aug 02, 2008

    OMG :o
    your painting skills are outstanding :D
    the whole wall is simply gorgeous XD
    the vector & the background are so well done XD
    I love it :D
    its a fav & a highlight ;)

  4. dslassey Aug 02, 2008

    Dang your painting skills are... awe inspiring! :o
    And it does seem more balanced flipped - good call, Maple. :)
    I really love that you made Euphie's dress pink - matches her hair quite well. XD

  5. Sakura-Dust Aug 02, 2008

    Oh bro, V.V looks terrible with all that hair... I think it weights more than his body O_o
    Anyways, great job having the patience to paint that screencap.
    I love how you painted them, Suzu/Euphie were a really cute couple, I'm sad she died. One problem though... with their pompous outfits they don't blend in the background much. Well, you can say he took her for a walk in the gardens so that's fixed ^_^'

  6. gaara-no-shukaku Aug 02, 2008

    Such a lovely present! I really adore the painted background, it kinda looks blurry abit but the paint job is beautifully done. Great work and I love it. Thanks so much! ^^

  7. xKai Aug 03, 2008

    I love the mood there~ really nice mood to goes with the scan and of course the characters~ its sad euphi died so early in the show..
    Like sakura-dust said their outfit doesn't really blend into the background and i really think that a church will looks really cool with it XD
    Anyway it still looks really great!
    1 more fav to this great piece of work.

  8. music-lover Aug 03, 2008

    This is gorgeous! :D The vector of Suzaku and Euphemia is great! The change to Euphemia's dress is a very nice color. :) The background is beautiful as well! :D

  9. YoruAngel866 Aug 03, 2008

    this is absolutely beautiful and very creative work :D
    gorgeous and neat
    great job :D

  10. SakuraShirayuki Aug 04, 2008

    Oh god it's awesome!
    I mean the scan was vectored before but did not live up to expectations *sry* but yours wow i mean it totally does!
    Awesome piece of art! ^^

  11. CosmoStar Aug 04, 2008

    I really really liked this!
    That CLAMP image of the couples is really giving much fruit! It's indeed an awesome image! =^^=
    I loved how you worked on Euphie and the brown lineart! Soooo cool!
    At the thumbnail I thought that those white columns were unicorns! LOL It would look great! xDDD

  12. YENESIS Aug 04, 2008

    PRETTY! suza euphemia

  13. drastikhate Aug 04, 2008

    Impressive! A Gorgeous couple! Love how you painted them=D

  14. Erdbeermilch Aug 07, 2008

    It looks great, I like the light colour for the outlines and the background is just great.
    Nice colourchange on Euphemia, her hair must have been a real torture.

    Great work.

  15. moonescape Aug 07, 2008

    I'm impressed Maple-san! >D This is really good especially your painting skills with the background. Despite how quite blurry it is it's really indecrible to say about it. Not to mention that you actually vectored Suzaku and Euphemia. Sorry can't walk much, but still this really caught my eye. ;)

  16. Faqir Aug 07, 2008

    excellent. :D

  17. Litschii Mute Member Sep 10, 2008

    Her dress is very beautiful but i do not like her so much^_-at the head i love it but than as it goes down there i do not like them so much anymore the litlle thin "straehnen"(<-german word do not know the english word for that), but the background is really great, also yeah the boy^^great wallie thanks for the share!

  18. SaikonoYume Nov 17, 2008

    this is absolutely beautiful. The background is amazing.

  19. Esther-Louis Dec 07, 2008

    i love how clamp made code geass. cant think of any better animator ^_^

  20. Miyuki89 Dec 09, 2008


  21. RyuZefer Jan 07, 2009

    i love her dress! its so beautiful!

  22. GameQueen1988 Feb 21, 2009

    it makes you feel like it came from a fairy tale

  23. rumiko23 Mar 20, 2009

    That's really wonderful! I like this couple and they are very nice there!

  24. jakiita Jun 06, 2009

    wow, i am ... out of my word.. that is amazing, i love it ? ? ?
    i really don't know what to say, the pictures so beautiful i can't think straight! i love it really... <3 Fav for sure :P

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