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FINALLY! I can submit my doujinshi! First of all, this and a couple of my other my pictures was scanned by my friend, Pristine! She doesn't want me to link her here though.. Anyhow, I'm really grateful for her help!

About this picture: It actually started off from a doodle I did in March. I was drawing the girl just to decorate the front page of my foolscap block, but as it developed, I thought "Why not make it into a proper doujin?" So I did the shading, put more details, drew in the background, and there it was! Yeah.. doesn't sound like I put a lot of thought into it, did I? I was originally going for a misty scene in a garden, but being afraid of messing up the mist, it went almost completely the other direction..

Well, I was trying to make the drapes behind her look like waves, sort of cascading.. That's why I made the pattern with all the curvy lines. And just for the heck of it, there are roses bobbing in the waves too. XD As I progressed, I made all the other sheets of cloth kind of represent a seaside scene.. the one flat on the floor is the sand, the one in the foreground was supposed to be rocks or something like that. The flowers are there because I like drawing 'em. ^_^' And they suit, don't they?

Inspired by Rozen Maiden. I can't remember how long I took to draw this..but the girl herself was done in one morning, while the rest, off and on, for a few days..
Oh and this was resized because of the grittiness of the first scan. I would put up the larger resolution up here..but Imageshack is acting up now, so maybe later..

The scary thing about this was that her expression changed, after I kept it in my file for a month. Maybe it was because it got smudged or something but she looked gloating! I've changed it back to her original face.. but that was creepy. And it happened to another picture of mine too.. that was even scarier because now it looks like the two charas have ganged up on the younger one.. I feel sorry for him, he looks so terrified, and the other two so malicious..

Anyway, looking forward to your comments!

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  1. MiMi Jul 24, 2008

    Yeah, this doujin looks very like Rozen Maiden, but it still is good, the scenery is good, though XD

  2. Mindy Jul 24, 2008

    wow is really beatifull i am verry novice wend i look you pic lol

  3. temarigenius Jul 24, 2008

    Wow! Your drawing is so good!~
    So neat and detailed!
    The girl is really beautiful and the things that surround her too~
    You should really color it! >_<

  4. priincess Jul 25, 2008

    it's really a beautiful doujin! i wish i could be more patient to make details in my drawing like that ^.^' it'll take so many hours. nicely done, aozoraskies! :)

  5. xAnime4Lifex Jul 25, 2008

    Wow, nice work! I knew you could draw, but boy... The amount of detail in it is really incredible (from the roses/flowers to the frill work on the dress). The girl looks very elegant with sort of a "what do you want?" kind of look, which is cool. ^_^' What kind of paper did you do this on? It looks like there is a 3-hole punch cut-out on the left. :o Very nice work, can't wait to see more. :)

  6. Anjhurin Sep 30, 2008

    This work is really interesting, i love the idea of using the drapes to create pieces of background and details :). They are amazing !
    The character's clothes are quite nice as well, but her face and neck proportions seem a bit off (and the drawing style doesn't suit my taste so much, too shoujo in a way ^_^'... but that's just me !).

    Anyway, thumbs up :D

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