Lovely Complex Wallpaper: Heart Shaped Traps

Aya Nakahara, Toei Animation, Lovely Complex, Risa Koizumi, Atsushi Otani Wallpaper
Aya Nakahara Mangaka Toei Animation Studio Lovely Complex Series Risa Koizumi Character Atsushi Otani Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


okay Im back again XD
this wall is dedicated to kawaii-chicken XD
she is such a sweet person & an excellent waller XD she was gone for quite a long time & she is finally back....well kinda back ^_^'
I hope she wont disappear again ^_^'
so my cute chicken I hope you wont disappear again without leaving an egg behind XD
back to the wall, the whole idea of the wall came from this small pic :D
I wanted to create a simple & colorful wallpaper :D at the beginning the whole wall was actually black full of flashy colors but it looked kinda messy & crowded so I changed the colors to soft & bright colors :D I hope its looking good ^_^'
I vectored risa & otani from this scan"Risa & Otani by bouinbouin :)
I tried to keep the vectors simple :) & as you can see I kept the two hearts which otani & risa are in simple unlike the other hearts,cause they looked much better like this :)
the patterns & brush are from deviantart :)
okay I think thats all :D I hope you like it ;)


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Browse Lovely Complex Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. tsuki-akari Jul 17, 2008

    wow i love the colors ^^
    nice idea for the background XD

  2. Kairi-Hearts Jul 17, 2008

    ooh love it <33
    the idea is so cool XD
    it looks great ^^

  3. YoruAngel866 Jul 17, 2008

    idea is just so cute!
    i mean it really is awesome! im amazed
    and i like idea with hearts

  4. moonescape Jul 17, 2008

    OMG big sis. I coudl tell this was your work from a thumbnail away. XD Really nice and this time you chose to not outline the hair. I thought the shadows for the accessories was too black, maybe if it was brown would've lightened up the wallpaper more as that's what the concept I got from this. Though what I really love the most is the pastel background. I jsut love the shade of green with the nice design and patterns for a touch. Think there isn't much to add on and it's already A O.K. ;)

  5. rubenz Jul 17, 2008

    Sinevar san, your wallpaper always great, I truly love the heart things :D

  6. dslassey Jul 17, 2008

    I saw the thumbnail, and I knew it was your's (I literally said, "Sinever made another wallpaper!").
    I love the patterns you've used for the background. The colors are also really pretty.
    Nice job, Sinever. :D

  7. monicayurie Jul 17, 2008

    Wahhhhh! Kawaii wallpaper! *-*
    Sin-chan is in a love mood! *-* Hearts, hearts!
    Once again, lovely wall! Neat vector! Cute background!
    Coincidently, I've just watched the Lovely Complex movie (live) and I'm downloading the anime! So... your wallpaper couldn't have appeared in a better time! \o/
    Right now, I have your latest Vampire Knight wallpaper in my desktop, but after seeing this, I'm not so sure which one I'm gonna leave on it! It's so hard to have so many good options... hehehehehe
    Great wall, Sinever! + fav!
    Ja ne... ;)

  8. aishiteraburu Jul 17, 2008

    Awww such a kawaii vector wallie
    Otani-kun and Risa look so cute.

  9. Lariel Jul 18, 2008

    Hearts, hearts, and hearts -> very cute. Y'know, instead of patterns or so, it looks more like a pair of lovers bracelet I've seen before. XD Kawaii ne, this vector.

  10. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2008

    An unusual design for a wallpaper, but that's what makes it so noticeable. It's very cute, soft & feminine, but funky too. Nice!

  11. temarigenius Jul 18, 2008

    Wow! o_0 you finished it! And it's not black XD
    The wallpaper looks so nice <33
    Otani and Risa looks so cute~ :)
    You are just a genius :nya:

  12. Koboshi93 Jul 19, 2008

    WOW nice idea! they look so kawai!

  13. dollyespinal Jul 19, 2008

    Great job! I love it! XD

  14. pamkips Jul 20, 2008

    Srsly, I luv you and that's all I can say :3
    I love the design, it's so cute and original :3 and the colors *____*
    As always Sinever, I am hating on you skillz ;D
    Anywho lovely wall, as always, and merci~

    ('tis going on my desktop, where it belongs.)

  15. studio Jul 21, 2008

    Bwhahhaah "leave an egg behind" poor kawaii! Sinever you really think of her as a chicken... :) :D

    I love this wp! really really cute <3

  16. CosmoStar Aug 04, 2008

    Yay! This is really cute and cudly!
    It's impressively delicious to look at it!
    You surely got loads of talent! Congrats!

  17. Tifa-chan Aug 10, 2008

    love your wallpaper!
    the backgorund is really nice and i love these two!

  18. bouinbouin Aug 16, 2008

    The scan you used for your wall is mine.Please could you replace your link with :Risa & Otani and/or credit me


    (sorry for my english,I'am french) .

  19. cyclonehazard Sep 11, 2008

    ah! what a beautiful wallpaper. nice arrangement of lines and focus points for our stars. that picture of otani is a favorite of mine. thank you for making this.

  20. NadesicoKitty Oct 27, 2008

    This is looks really intertesing great job!

  21. pande Nov 17, 2008

    +wow wow
    +this image is great
    +thank for the sharing
    +is really cool
    +this serie is great

  22. kasandora3 May 08, 2009

    So cute! The whole idea of this image is so creative and pretty! Thanks for creating and sharing it! :)

  23. zackies123 Nov 05, 2009

    it really nice n beautiful....i like it...

  24. 2clio7 Nov 09, 2009


    gracias por
    la imagen
    es mas ke genial

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