GuoGuo Wallpaper: The Sun Sets

GuoGuo, Pianpian Wallpaper
GuoGuo Mangaka Pianpian Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What?! No GuoGuo wallpapers?! This is unacceptable! Who else could save me from the waller's block, other than GuoGuo? I love this artist. I hunted for each and every picture of his/hers on both MT and AP and got as many as I could. A few days ago I was sorting out folders, when I stumbled upon this beautiful image. My eyes instantly lit up and I knew I HAD to do something with it +_+

I'm not really addicted to painting, I'm more of a vectoring addict. However, I couldn't vector this scan because:
1) It's too pretty to ruin.
2) It's too soft to vector.
3) It looks fine the way it is.
Concerning the technical details, I used the Clone Tool a lot, the Smudge one a it to make the clouds look different from one another and the Brush to correct some mistakes here and there. I wanted to focus on the character more, so I darkened the right part of her face with the Burn Tool and brightened her left eye so as to give her a mysterious look (right & left are from her point of view).

I always thought the dual look of clouds (dark clouds against a light-colored sky or vice versa, sometimes look like the sky is the clouds and the other way around; hope you got what I'm saying, I don't know how to explain it better than that) is fascinating, so I tried to achieve that effect here. The clouds were more visible in the version with no textures, they kind of got covered up >_> But it's better this way, it wasn't pretty at all without textures.

Textures: Dioma & Desktop Anime
Scan: Xixiang Ji 28 by Morphee

Comments and/or favs are very welcome and appreciated :3

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  1. Koboshi93 Jul 12, 2008

    very nice. like the flowers in her hand.

  2. YoruAngel866 Jul 12, 2008

    this is excellent, the colors are powerful, textures are greatly use, captivated image...

  3. dslassey Jul 12, 2008

    Yay, you uploaded this! It really is beautiful. I might just snatch up all of the GuoGuo scans as well. =P
    One could get lost in that sky.... good thing I have a safety harness on. :B (I'mma dork)
    +fav of course! >:3

  4. zaira Jul 12, 2008

    my! i should say the scan is really nice! and yup!
    its really hard to vector that kind of scan but anyway
    i like how you did the upper part having a super blurry
    clouds and you really did a great job there! also editing the
    scan to enhance more s totally nice :D though the only thing
    that bothers me is the watchamacallit fence thing(?) or arm ledge(?)
    anyway i guess it would be much better if you reduce the vertical
    wood fence at the left side of her since its almost not the same
    as the right part so maybe make an interval between them same
    as the right side so it may look as part of the scan but overall
    love the enchancement you made at the scan ;)

  5. KiyanaIkebana Jul 14, 2008

    Nice wallpaper! I like it so much! Good job!

  6. Clover Jul 15, 2008

    Wow i really like it, uhm couse i'm really lazy at the moment i will only give a short comment, i hope you can forgive me.
    I like the way you have done it it looks like a real painting in a museum. GREAT JOB ^^

  7. Morphee Jul 20, 2008

    very nice! maybe too red in my opinion but i love the softness and the texturing of the wallpaper :) great job!

  8. crimson-blue Jan 21, 2010

    cool..I like this one!..
    thx for sharing!

  9. AllHimik Sep 25, 2010

    this wallpaper very beautiful. great job!

  10. anju27 Jun 16, 2011

    Wow! the girl is sooo beautiful *-*
    Very well done <3
    Thanx for sharing.

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