Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Wallpaper: Happily Ever After

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Rika Furude, Hanyuu Furude Wallpaper
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Series Rika Furude Character Hanyuu Furude Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy super ultra belated birthday, Saki-chan! My extreme lateness is so lol. (Saki's birthday is on February 27th ^^)

When choosing something for Saki-chan, I thought of the obvious...CLAMP, Code Geass, maybe Carnelian....but those have all been done a lot. So I simply decided I wanted to do something "cute", because I think of Saki as cute ^^ And when I saw the Rika/Hanyuu scan I was like "Kawaii! This will work!" and got to it ^^ I don't think you've even seen Higurashi, have you Saki-chan? Either way, I hope you'll like the wall anyways ^^

There's text on the scan so of course first thing was to vector it. And my gosh, the colouring was harder than the outlining. Every single part of every little thing is a different shade. So I ended up with lots more layers than usual. And almost all of them have a gradient.

Then the BG. *Dum dum dum* I think this is my first time really painting clouds from a scan, not just half-painting and smudging. And I came up with these twisty looking clouds. I call them my Fairytale Clouds XD I don't know whether they're decent or the ugliest thing ever; they look painted and that's all I wanted XD Hardest parts were the places with text; I'm bad at reconstructing. You can love it or hate it, but it's staying like this ^^ Added a bit of fog in the front and I was done~

The wall's title (and the Fairytale Clouds XD) were inspired by the ending of Higurashi Kai.

Spoiler (show)

When Rika and Hanyuu flipped the calendar to a new day I thought I would cry ;_; Finally they get to live on...

After all they've been through, they deserve a happily ever after.

(This wall is kind of decieving, ne? If someone who doesn't know Higurashi saw it they might think the anime is happy and full of cute lolis...well I guess the loli part is kinda true.)

Texture Version

Original Scan

-Time: 18.5 hrs
-Layers: 74
-Original Size: 6373x4095
-Time: 3 hrs
-Layers: 8 (Merged~)
Total Time: 21.5 hrs
PSD Filesize: 18.1 MB (Also merged~)
Project duration: March 27 - July 10

Sorry again for my lateness, Saki-chan! <3 I hope I'm not always like this >.< And I really hope you like your gift =D
Thanks to any commenters, favers, full-viewers, and advice givers! Ni-paa~

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 10, 2008

    Christmas is coming early this year~

    I love the vector, very cute and warm.
    The back ground is pretty much simple like
    the original scan, although I love the fluffy cotton
    candy like clouds. Very nice job Hikari <3

  2. Omone Jul 10, 2008

    Wow you're so fast right now. And your works still are looking superb.
    You did a very good job with the reconstruction. it's very well done.
    and the clouds are looking really nice.
    i like the simple background =d

    very well done. I am really glad you're back!

  3. tsuki-akari Jul 10, 2008

    another awesome work! vector is reallyt great :D

  4. erikamirou Jul 10, 2008

    waaaahhh XD Rika to Hanyuu X3
    I love the vector X3 Looks great great great XD and the background looks lovely X3
    Wonderful job on the reconstructions :) and the clouds look yummy XD X3 XD

  5. saki-xan Jul 10, 2008

    Quote: When choosing something for Saki-chan, I thought of the obvious...CLAMP, Code Geass, maybe Carnelian...

    Lol! :D No matter that series, because I like all of your works, no matter if they are extremely easy! you impresses me for ever >.<

    I am WOW now... What I like the wallpaper are clouds, I love the clouds! :3 especially when they're in the twilight, the wallpaper is like so happy, here is raining now :/ then remember those summer sky, that I am saying?, Simple, Thanks so much! I love it :*

  6. Sinever Jul 10, 2008

    very cute XD
    love the vector & the bg :)
    keep it up Hikari-chan ;)

  7. temarigenius Jul 11, 2008

    I've always loved this scan~ Seeing it vectored by you is just what I've wished for XD
    Not much to say for it's totally perfect!~ Always loved your works <3 :)

  8. Lariel Jul 11, 2008

    Yummy! Chibi-ness in due! You gotta love the eyes no matter what. XD
    Lol, full of cute loli-ness? Higurashi? It would, excluding all those fingernails SNAP! and the uh... ^_^'

  9. YENESIS Jul 11, 2008

    IS Precious! ahh cute cute *-----*/

  10. Kairi-Hearts Jul 11, 2008

    wah a Higurashi Wall from you XD and it's rika and hannyu nano desu~
    great job on the reconstructions, you really did a fantastic job.
    vector work is neat and clean. lovely coloring as well ^^
    and those clouds are really gorgeous and fluffy <33

  11. moonlight-shawdow Jul 11, 2008

    oh my god i love this wall so much and i was actually thinking of doing but then i just didnt....wonder why....hmm oh well
    ur clouds r just amazing wish i could do those kind of cloud -.-
    lol i also now how u feel towards the ending :)
    anyways great job as always and hope to see more (>.<)d

  12. kwoklim1234 Restricted Member Jul 11, 2008

    *thumb up* for this great vector

  13. Syukaxa Jul 11, 2008

    So adorable.~ I love Rika and Hanyuu. :3

  14. akiranyo Jul 11, 2008

    As usual, comment on AP XD.

  15. xKai Jul 13, 2008

    wonderfully done~ =D
    your vectors all looks so awesome XD The eyes look really good
    KEEP THEM COMING! rawr! =x

  16. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Jul 14, 2008

    Hauuu hauuu
    hontou ni kawaiii
    I very like hanyu and Rika
    and very like this scan
    thank you

  17. Aiira Jul 15, 2008

    K A W A I I ! ~ I love this ash-chan..
    you always make the perfect wallpapers-vectors.
    I love this one it looks so cute..
    so nice..
    ummm..do you mind if I use it as my desktop? it just looks so cute..
    anyways...A W E S O M M E E E E! job once again ash-chan ^^

  18. moonescape Jul 15, 2008

    Crap, and I still haven't even finished hers yet. T_T Uh-oh, if only the computer's virus hadn't gotten bad and I could afford my sister's laptop to have more memory so I can open my wallpapers. T_T Gotta start complaining and starting doing it. >.< Wow, I'm surprised that you knew about that series. I was recently introduced it by my friend-ish and it was because he complimented me saying that the series (or was it character) reminds him of me. o_o" I shall start browsing around that area to see why does it remind him of me?!?! (O_O)

  19. IcyBlade Jul 22, 2008


  20. korii Dec 23, 2008

    Rika looks so cute >//<

  21. tiventiven Feb 04, 2009

    parecen un par de angelitos malditos---

  22. chardylovesme May 01, 2009

    nice vector! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is a cute anime, hehhehe XD

  23. Evangelynn Jul 21, 2009

    Happy happy... Fav + ;)

  24. tokoyo Jul 26, 2009

    very cute! I like this!

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