Kannazuki no Miko Wallpaper: The Two Of Us

Kannazuki no Miko, Chikane Himemiya, Himeko Kurusugawa Wallpaper
Kannazuki no Miko Series Chikane Himemiya Character Himeko Kurusugawa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy super belated birthday, Yoru-chan! Lol, I'm what, 3 months late? Your birthday was on April 4th. At this rate I just hope to get everyone's gift done before their next birthday XD

I chose to do this image for you quite awhile ago. I noticed you liked Kannazuki no Miko and I wanted to vector this image so ta-da. I really love the pic, because I've never seen a full-size scan of it plus they look really cute.

The vector was average difficulty. Nothing complicated, but that long hair can get to you after a while XD I'm satisfied with the result. And this time I blurred the outlines a little so they're not so sharp. I usually forget to do that.

Now, I didn't plan to wall this. I finished the vector last night, and looking at it I was like "It's the perfect shape for a wallpaper...but I don't have any good ideas, and that's when I end up making a bad wall. So if I don't come up with an idea now, I'm leaving it as a vector." But somehow the thought of a Japanese folding screen came into my head and I was like "that might match the scene" so I started from there. Made the byobu (didn't know it was called that; had to look it up). I thought it might work, so I went ahead and finished the wall with the window and sunset. Entire wall made from scratch, except the sakuras on the screen which was a stock photo. Sunset was something I painted a while ago. Didn't plan on making a sunset wall--originally it was a blue sky--but it looked plain. Anyways, I'll let you guys tell me how the final result came out XD

Clean Version

-Time: 11.5 hrs
-Layers: 45
-Original Size: 2050x1592 (Much smaller than usual; I wanted thicker outlines.)
-Time: 4 hrs
-Layers: 8 (After lots of merging 0_0)
Total Time: 15.5 hrs
PSD Filesize: 28.8 MB
Project duration: April 4 - July 8

I hope you like it Yoru-chan! :3 So so sorry for my lateness ^^ And thanks to all who comment, fave, or full-view. Constructive criticism is appreciated! I know it's not perfect ;)

[EDIT] Hm, I realise the window is hard to recognize...anyone have any ideas how to improve it?

[EDIT2] I updated it to make the sunset look more recognizable, hope it helps~

[EDIT3] There's something about the lighting that's not right, so if you want it to be a window good, if you want it to be a wall the that's good too XD

vectory vector-wallers celestial-luminesse paint-o-rama mikos-moon-flower sakura--cb

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  1. tsuki-akari Jul 08, 2008

    your vector is really neat! ^^
    the background looks great :D
    yoru-chan will love it for sure!

  2. Clover Jul 08, 2008

    such a clean vector, it's amazing.
    And the background matches very well.

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 08, 2008

    You always make me want to wall, I'm feeling better
    from my cold already~

    Great vectoring as usually (I feel like those fan boys who
    praise the main character "wonderful Hakari-chan!~")

    Ok back to the wall, Nice atmosphere in this one
    I love their faces and how Chikane is covering Himeko.
    The window in the back, if thats what it is...oh it is ok...I think it could some
    darkening on one side, to make it look more like a window and not
    like the wallpaper.

    Aside from that, nice touch on the flowers...a bit too
    blurred for my taste, much rather see you vector them.

    Great job overall, lazy queen <3

  4. tswarthog Jul 08, 2008

    As a kannazuki no miko freak I give this vector 2 thumbs up!

  5. Omone Jul 08, 2008

    well, to be honest, I haven't notivces that there is a window. I thought it was a wallpaper or something.. Feeling soory for not recognizing it..
    Anyways the vector itself looks great.. and I like the thing with the cherryblossoms on it. great job on it!

  6. YoruAngel866 Jul 08, 2008

    thanx so much, sweety, its gorgeous and beautiful. vector is absolutely great, and i love this image of them! im so happy, i dont mind if its late, also background is lovely and interesting and it totally fits this image...its fantastic, and THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    fave fave fave

  7. Scampi Jul 08, 2008

    All I can say about this wall is SPECTACULAR! This is a very pretty wallpaper you made and hope to see more wallpapers from you.

  8. dollyespinal Jul 08, 2008

    Wow! very beautiful wall! I like so much the vector (it's gorgeous and they looks so innocent XD)! And I like the sunshine! :)

    The combination is excellent! I love it! :D

    I have no words (in english xD)

    Excellent job! :)

  9. BlackSponge Jul 08, 2008

    Supreme awesomeness dood.
    Most excellent vector.

  10. kanjilee Jul 08, 2008

    excellent wall!

  11. Lariel Jul 08, 2008

    *Applauds* Love it! Wasn't a fan of this anime in particular, but I lub this vector. Though I would have suggested putting a darker background, this is also awesome! XD

  12. Koboshi93 Jul 09, 2008

    another beautiful vector ><
    looooove it!

  13. akiranyo Jul 09, 2008

    Read comment on AP XD

  14. saki-xan Jul 10, 2008

    OMG :O the sky... teach me how to do it! *_*

  15. xKai Jul 11, 2008

    Ah finally another work from you~ xD missed your work lol
    Nice to see you around again.
    Firstly nicely done background and lovely japanese screen there(nicely textured)
    Secondly awesome vector as always =]
    Thirdly the western windows might not fit the japanese mood so well =D would be better if you change them to those olden japanese style windows~

    Lastly great work and hope to see more work from you again XD and of course a fav!

  16. YENESIS Jul 11, 2008

    kawai! looks so beatiful the girls! oh super!

  17. Lunariha Jul 13, 2008

    ASH-chan always makes such lovely vector-walls (and vectors too!)
    Love it <3

  18. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Jul 14, 2008

    Kannazuki no miko
    I like the story
    even though is a little complicated for me
    But I like the end of this anime
    they born again and Meet again in the new world
    very kawai
    your vectror is really nice
    specially the BG
    I think Yoru will very happy

  19. moonescape Jul 15, 2008

    You're really getting better at this. I know everyone has gotten to the state of where now I'm quite below average at my work currently. T_T Gotta start warming up on vectors and wallpapers. btw, I've never seen that image before srsly. I gotta see where did ya find that. D<

    Something about the boarders for the windows look weird. It might've been because there's no reflection on the window and the shadow is a little off. Though the vector is really nice, color tone fits with the sunset, and liked the textures and patterns on the board thing. ;)

  20. jaymac Jul 15, 2008

    I can only agree with Lunariha on ASH-Hikari's works - always clean, thorough, sharp as a tack with extrodinary backgrounds to boot. And once again, this is no exception.
    I am somehow beginning to become quite an admirer to the artwork of Kannazuki No Miko a bit more, even though I don't know mch about the series in particular or yet alone seen it. They have not released this anime in Australia as yet (the manga is now available here, but the anime isn't).
    Love your work ASH!

  21. doax30 Sep 03, 2008

    aaaaaa! my fav girls!
    thx alot ^_^

  22. GundamDR Nov 01, 2008

    Now this made my heart beat faster, lol. ;p

  23. chardylovesme Jul 23, 2009

    Yuri is sooo cute....especially Himeko here.........XD

  24. tokoyo Sep 10, 2009

    beautiful.. tnx for sharing!

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