Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: "Yume No Tsubasa"

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2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

When I close my eyes,
my thoughts fly far away
to where your soul sleeps.


Another TRC wall from me. This is the 2nd time posting this actually. :)
The 1st one had a terrible bg but now I worked hard to improve it! :D

The title means "Wings of dreams" and I liked it. This is actually a song from the anime of Tsubasa,
so I used it. XD

I wanted to enter the vectory contest just with Sakura's vector but as usually the work would be finished
too soon for me. X-P

I combined several scans to do this wall. I did Sakura first ~ her head was taken from thecover of ch 178. The body is of
Chikage from Sister Princess. In the original scan she was holding a butterfly but a feather suited Sakura more. I added the "chain" thing on the cape for the final touch.

Then I started putting together Syaoran who is a combination of 4 scans and my immagination.
His face is from ch 188, the hair, the chest and his right arm was done by me. The left arm is of clone Syaoran from ch 174. And because I'm lazy I "stole" his sword from my previous vector of Syaoran. The pants are also from my vector of Zero, just made entirely. The tatoos I did except those on his face (the dragon is a brush and the tatoo on his left arm is Fai's). ;)

The bg is inside the ruins from ch 188. The scan was small but I managed to vector and colour it. It was a real pain. x_x I used textures, gradients and brushes to finish it. OX

I'll be taking a break from vectroing now. I really should go to the holydays to enjoy myself.


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sword-shana-lily syaoran-shrine vampire-knight vectory

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  1. xKai Jul 07, 2008

    Vector looks pretty good but shaoran's chest's proportion is weird and too squarish =]
    Good job and keep it up

  2. dollyespinal Jul 07, 2008

    Nice job! I like Sakura more than Shaoran in the wall XD but Shaoran looks so good, too! XD
    Well done! ;)

  3. limeic Jul 08, 2008

    i think your idea is good, and the vectors look quite as if they are original images. :)

    just a lil' suggestion on my end:
    i think putting both syaoran & sakura together seems.. a little cluttered. perhaps you might want to put sakura on this background ("yume no tsubasa" suits her more..) and syaoran on another?

    just my 2 cents.

    great job! :D

  4. Manta5544 Oct 02, 2008

    I say, you have great artistic skills, when I first saw this I thought it was made from CLAMP themselves xD However, the only thing that caught my attention was the neck of Sakura-chan. It seems....long...very long. I love Sakura more in this picture though, but very good job :3 Keep it up.

  5. TaiBlack Nov 03, 2008

    how sexy xD

  6. van-fanel Nov 07, 2008

    that's an amazing picture.
    Fell in love with it *___*
    thanks for posting

    merged: 11-07-2008 ~ 08:23pm
    that's an amazing picture.
    Fell in love with it *___*
    thanks for posting

    merged: 11-07-2008 ~ 08:23pm
    that's an amazing picture.
    Fell in love with it *___*
    thanks for posting

    merged: 11-07-2008 ~ 08:23pm
    that's an amazing picture.
    Fell in love with it *___*
    thanks for posting

    merged: 11-07-2008 ~ 08:24pm
    that's an amazing picture.
    Fell in love with it *___*
    thanks for posting

  7. Sakura-Rabbit07 Nov 08, 2008

    very cool love the idea!
    not so sure about seeing so much flesh from both of them though...
    love how you put things together

  8. rhezais Nov 20, 2008

    wrong propotion of Syaoran you know!

  9. ScarXHeart Dec 08, 2008

    I love eveything about your wallpaper! Very talented and artistic you are.
    ( I wish I could set it to my desktop background but people probably think I'm weird yeah, and theres kids around too)
    Just wanna tell you that its really awesome and that you're awesome too!

  10. daniticha Aug 23, 2009

    How beautifull wall +.+

  11. madxmad Sep 29, 2009

    Why i feel that Shyoran's so sexy?


    thanks for sharing!

  12. Vidhuakilx Mar 21, 2010

    wow, nice, thanks for posting it

  13. only001 Mute Member Jun 14, 2010

    T_T so many details... how many days does it take to do all this?

  14. Kasuki132 Mute Member Nov 12, 2010

    thanks for this image very very kawaii

  15. yelloweyes2 Nov 17, 2010

    hum... Syaoran'schest is a bit out of roportion. even o, he looks really sexy. thanksfor sharing your work.

  16. Serena12 Jan 13, 2011

    Cool wallpaper <3

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