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Personal Series Wallpaper 1 - "Ichijin no Kaze"

A single gust of wind blows past
Causing the snow to swirl around me
I give it everything I have,
My thoughts, my tears, my heart,
And hope that it reaches you
Because there's no greater hopelessness
Than not being able to hold onto the one you love.

Hi minna, it's been a while :) I wrote that, to reflect the wall. Or more like, the wall reflects it. It's not that well-written but I thought it matched the wall, the title, the song it's named after, and Hiromi and Noe. Plus, it's not in my Personal Series for nothing...(I think it got the idea for the name "Personal Series" from you Kitten-chan, so thanks for that <3)

The title, "Ichijin no Kaze", is the name of a song from the True Tears OST. A truly beautiful piece, and one of my favourite OST tracks ever. You can hear it here.

I started this wall a long time ago, I can't believe I put it off for so long. I was always waiting for the perfect True Tears image to vector and wall, and when I saw this I knew it was it. (The image is from a PDF on the official website.) Vectoring the girls was fairly easy.I just adore the character designs from True Tears. And I loved the colours of the image also.

Then came the wall.
-The things I wanted to portray in this wall were: solitude, distance, cold, solemn, unsure, and maybe some angst. Without making it a dark wall. I know that Hiromi and Noe are together, but they really appear more alone, ne? So I put them In the middle of nowhere, on a cold snowy day. There are houses in the background with the tree, but they're too small to see, I think. The background from the mountains down is based on this scan. I redid it to fit my wall, with repainting, recolouring, and cloning.
-The sky is part of an old painted wall I was working on. I never finished it, but at least the sky came in handy. I had to change and repaint some parts. I didn't want the sky to have too much colour. I wanted it kind of grayish, to keep the solemn look, but tinting it purple made it pretty ^^ I added slight hints of pink and orange; sunset colours.
-Then was the snow. I didn't want the usual "blurred round white ball" that I usually do. In True Tears, they have truly beautiful and realistic snow, so I drew some inspiration from that. I tried to give the snow some shape, and made them all different. I guess it looks alright.
-I wasn't going to use the textured version as the main version, but it just makes the wall more dynamic I think.

And so here it is. Time for stats I guess.

-Time: 13 hrs 20 mins
-Layers: 42
-Original Size: 4409x2994
-Time: 6 hrs
-Layers: 20
Total Time: 19 hrs 20 mins
PSD Filesize: 40.7 MB

Clean Version
Blue Version

Now I apologise for my absence, I don't know why I have such a hard time doing things. But I'll try my best to come around as often as possible.
I hope you enjoy this wall (please no ripping). Thanks to all who comment, fave, or full-view!~
(Oh, and sorry it's only in widescreen! It just doesn't work as 4:3. Even I can't use it :P)

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 03, 2008

    Oh me? yea I gotta continue those ^^;
    Welcome, I thought you were having a "me" moment...
    All your walls have this innocence to them,
    very pretty and delicate.

    Beautiful vectoring, your back!
    I think the back ground is very well done,
    as expected from you...maybe blurring the tress a bit
    to give it that far away feel but not to much.

    It's so good to see a wall from you,
    it's not easy finding walls that move you and of course
    no one has your style in it :3 Great job.

  2. YoruAngel866 Jul 03, 2008

    wow, excellent vectoring like always
    also i love background!

  3. Korixxkairi Jul 03, 2008

    GO GO GO Noe... ah I really love her. why she ... in the end...want to cry.
    I love her. Nice! Sweet! Innocent!

  4. YENESIS Jul 03, 2008

    ehh! super super CuTe! is adorable you vector 0*0

  5. Kairi-Hearts Jul 03, 2008

    knew this was yours from the thumbnail XD
    glad to see a new wall from you, and it's true tears so it's a plus :3
    as always, vectoring work is fantastic, and your painting skill as awesome as ever ^^
    I can really feel those emotions in the wall...a message... I can't really put it in words... ^_^' (oh my comments sucks >.<)
    I'm really loving this one, perhaps it has become one of my favs from you due to the emotions on it.
    The Blue Version is really pretty as well ^.^

  6. tsuki-akari Jul 03, 2008

    wow!..this is simply beautiful :D
    Your vector is super ^^ lines are really thin and neat!
    i like their expression, so sad.
    the background looks wonderful as well ^^

  7. Scampi Jul 03, 2008

    Yet another beautiful wallpaper from you as expected. A snowy scene always makes me happy even though it's meant to be sad. This vector is clean and neat as always. Excellent job!

  8. erikamirou Jul 03, 2008

    Wonderful vector ( as usual XD ) and i just L-O-V-E the background! XD
    And yeah, I love the True Tears character design as well XD
    And i'm glad you "came back" XD :)

  9. dollyespinal Jul 03, 2008

    Yeah, the vector is very nice! I think the wall inspires peace :)
    Great job! :)

  10. ganstamonica Jul 04, 2008

    Love the vector as always; the background is pretty as well!

  11. Aiira Jul 04, 2008

    So beautiful Ash-chan..
    Although I envy your vectoring and wallparing skills. I still can't understand the photoshop thing. xD
    Anyways this is a very beautiful wallpaper ash-chan
    I love it..the images you used really fit the background really well.
    Winter feeling...
    What I see.
    Is somehow there waiting for something or someone to arrive? I think..
    Anyways love it..nad is that snowflakes falling?
    Anyways love the idea and keep up the good work..

    EDIT: Sorry for the long comment. I actually didn't say anything different than the other comments. Didn't I?

    Anyways once agian..Great job on this ash-chan ^^

  12. sasaki Jul 04, 2008

    Simple background but it's nice. Really beautiful wallpaper!

  13. DarthTofu Jul 05, 2008

    Nice, clean and simple.

  14. shadowxlink2 Jul 05, 2008

    Very nice sensei! Your wallpaper'ering skills are a lot better now :D and your vectors are still very clean! Thumbs up! :D

  15. MiMi Jul 05, 2008

    WOW! A very good wall, the vectoring is really good, and the background is simple but matches the vector in a good way :)
    faving it!
    By the way, can you join please this club: cafe-tb ?

  16. clanlax Jul 05, 2008

    Simple, clean but amazing. Really 5/5 stars. Great job Ash^^

  17. abul Jul 05, 2008

    u wanted a mean comment - get one >:D
    well i cant complain about vectoring since you're the only person out here that knows how to do it perfectly [well i dont count myself]
    is snow really transparent? never seen it like that
    the background looks too sharp, its afar, so why is it so clear?
    dammit, i cant find a thing to criticise :(
    well ill only add that the sky is awesome and you did a great job :D

  18. xAnime4Lifex Jul 05, 2008

    I like the sharp background...after all it's anime, it doesn't have to be photo-realistic. Speaking of the background...it's my favorite part of this wallpaper. :) It's crisp and just gives that tranquil feel that you feel on a winter day. Which is the best thing about winter days. Well then again..with how close we are to the two girl's we probably would hear the girl on the right breathing since you can see her breath. XD

  19. minamiyukihimenonaka Jul 05, 2008

    Long time no see, Hikari-Chan!
    When looks Truetears thumbnail, I guess it's must be you!

    I love snow, even it's summer here!

  20. Sinever Jul 06, 2008

    sorry Hikari-chan T_T
    I forgot to comment on your wall -_-
    well your vector is very clean & the bg is simply amazing :D
    its a gorgeous wall :)
    keep it up & its a fav XD
    plus your wall deserves to be highlighted :)

  21. Lariel Jul 06, 2008

    Dunno why, but I got hook of the song when I saw this vector. XP
    Clean and exquisite; very much like ash-chan.

  22. Omone Jul 08, 2008

    I will definetly use this wallpaper in the next winter season. It so adorable.
    The vector is amazing, well done as always
    but the background.. I am not sure.. I think it's .. I am speechless.. It looks so great *-* I totally love this work of you =D

  23. moonescape Aug 08, 2008

    sorry about that, forgot to fave/comment it a long time ago. >.<

  24. Peachey21 Oct 26, 2008

    Cool! both of them are really cute

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