Vampire Knight: Vamp Yuuki

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Yuuki Cross, Vector Art
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Yuuki Cross Character Vector Art Source


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we started a project in vampire-knight & its about cleaning vk's scans & I took scan number 11
its a beautiful picture of yuuki but its covered with so many annoying text.....I started working on this vector about a month ago,I removed all the texts & completed the cut off parts.
hope its looking good ^_^'
the hair was the hardest part & I did enjoyed vectoring the hair but it pissed me off sometimes -_- I know there are quite few jaggy lines here & there T_T *sorry*.
what I like most of this vector is yuuki's eyes XD it turned out really good XD isn't it?
well thats all I hope you like it ;)


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  1. tsuki-akari Jun 28, 2008

    wow! her hairs look wonderful
    and i love her eyes :D

  2. christabel92 Jun 28, 2008

    Her hair looks so cool!And the eyes!You did an amazing job an this as always :D

  3. YoruAngel866 Jun 28, 2008

    wow its so cute!
    your vector is absolutely great! and her hair is so pretty!
    you get a big wow from me!

  4. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2008

    I love her eyes and her hair! Fabulous! *.*

  5. Korixxkairi Jun 28, 2008

    MY GOD!
    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu><"
    I'm waiting for someone to vector my angel!
    I love this pic! and I love Yuuki! GO GO GO
    Yuuki x Kaname~

    Thankyou for vector her.

  6. anit4e Jun 28, 2008

    Ahhh you made Yuuki's hair look gorgeous *_*....Wow it must have been really hard to clean the scan from the text,and you did an amazing job! XD

  7. temarigenius Jun 28, 2008

    Yay!~ First vector to be done! :D
    You know what... I have no idea how you managed to vector this image :nya: There's so many text on it *_*
    And it came out really good! Totally love her hair and her eyes is really attractive XD
    So what can I say? Totally perfect! Kinda feel like crying because it's to perfect X-P

  8. norine07 Jun 29, 2008

    kyaaaahhh~ nicely done sin-chan~ omg~ i'm in love with the scan~ XD

  9. SakuraShirayuki Jun 29, 2008

    sry that i didn't comment earlier!
    now here it is:
    Okay not much to say just that it's awesome!
    The shades of the hair and the whole hair itself but not only that, after seeing the scan i noticed that you practically did her whole outfit yourself because almost everything was covered by text and that's one hell of a hard job!
    Once again awesome job! *loves the eyes*

  10. YENESIS Jun 29, 2008

    is beatiful yuuki looks a sweet pretty!

  11. melymay Jun 30, 2008

    Very impressive :D Great job on remaking .. well, most of the scan ^_^ Amazing work, definitely worth the download and worthy of a fave :)

  12. lilmaggie22 Jun 30, 2008

    Sinever! You wont stop impressing me with all you vampire knight art! Ive already commented on your wallie! OMG! I know...i tried cleaning chapter 41 cover but i gave up at the end! Words are so annoying! But you did a really good job! Your vectors are just amazing! *wide eyes! ! (hehe, ive already wrote a comment on Yuuki on the other page so i dont think i need to repeat it) But, it really turned out great! Its hard work to clean a vk cover and i admire your determination! Even though the hair was hard to do...its a real success! Um...i dont know what else to say but Keep up the amazing work! *gives a cookie (whahaha im going hyper again~~!)

  13. Kairi-Hearts Jun 30, 2008

    hmm...that project sounds very interesting XD
    I already said in the wallie but I really love the vector.
    love the hair but specially the eyes.
    And that scan was really full of text. You did an awesome job!
    Congrats :nya:

  14. barara Jun 30, 2008

    Kyaaa! Beautiful! :D I love this pic. Yuuki is adorable. Great job in her hair and eyes.
    +fav~ X-P

  15. Tsuzo Jul 01, 2008

    It's really amazing. Thanks so much for making it. ( I'm a big VK fan xP)

    merged: 07-01-2008 ~ 11:40am
    It's really amazing. Thanks so much for making it. ( I'm a big VK fan xP)

  16. dollyespinal Jul 01, 2008

    Wow! Beautiful vector! :)

  17. jake09valencor Jul 02, 2008

    O.O nice~

  18. DREAM Jul 02, 2008

    my main crit - is the garish white outline... totally not needed here.
    perhaps you shall upload a link to your wall sans the outline?

  19. music-lover Jul 03, 2008

    I'm especially fond of her hair and eyes. :D Nice job! :)

  20. ASH-Hikari Jul 03, 2008

    I know I faved the wall version, but I didn't comment and I must so I'll do it here~ Because this vector is just to die for GORGEOUS. Really. You are the best at turning manga scans into pieces of art. Yuuki looks so adorable here, with the "shh" pose and the long hair. And you made her eyes so beautiful and expressive; it's like they're real. Just awesome! And the wall version is definetely going on my desktop!

  21. CosmoStar Jul 04, 2008

    This looks simply gorgeous!
    What a stunning and perfect work you did on it!
    Simply amazing! *o*
    Both versions are lovely! ;)

  22. moonescape Jul 04, 2008

    You know that I just had to. I really love the blending for the hair. XD

  23. CaMiLi Jul 04, 2008

    omg it's stunning O____O ... >____< the vector turned out really good! perfect job sinever-chan :D:D:D

  24. trofikabinet Jul 06, 2008

    This one is just simply wonderful!
    I don't have words to describe it, I love her hair and the eyes...awww...
    PERFECT! :)

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