Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Megami no Negai

Takahiro Kimura, Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Nunnally Lamperouge Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Konichiwa minna! ^^

How are you doing? I'm so happy my first wall is a huge success :) actually I can't believe it.
Arigatou minna for supporting me! Here is my second wall: Megami no Negai : literals means 'Wish of the goddess'

This wall I started a while ago. It was supposed my first wallie, but it was too difficult for me to make the background and it's my first real vector :D

I had really fun to vector Nunnaly. I know everyones like C.C and Lelouch. There are lot of walls en vectors in MT. C.C is also my fav, but I like Nunnaly too.

About the vector: I started this vector 3 weeks ago and finished last week. I have used Photoshop CS3 to draw these lines. Hope you like it. :)
Duration: 5 june - 13 june
Scan: click

Now about the background :D I'm really happy I choosed for the background. I have several ideas for this vector. I think this is the most suited for Nunnaly. The bg is also my idea, same as my first wall: ' Hane wo Sagashite ' Hope you guys like it too.

I drew the clouds and the bg with a tabled. I have borrowed from a friend and she says it's very useful. I had really fun to draw the clouds, it's different with a mouse. ^^

That's it. I'm going to sleep now. It's getting late.
Hope you all like my second wall and enjoy! :D
Comments are welcome :D

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  1. melymay Jun 28, 2008

    Such quality :D Lovely job. The lighting is flawless, and that background looks great! Great job!

    You're certainly a waller to look out for ^_^ Keep it up!

  2. YENESIS Jun 28, 2008

    nunally look so beatiful this sweet wall!

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2008

    Beautiful vectoring job, and I love
    the sky. Nice colors and I love the smoothness
    of it all. Cute title as well, fits her.

  4. christabel92 Jun 28, 2008

    Oh,this wall looks so nice...the background is really great!
    Congrats on the vector...her hair is full of lines...it looks so hard to do...and you did it marvelously :D
    Keep up the good work,tsuki-san!

  5. anit4e Jun 28, 2008

    Ohh this looks nice,the lines on her hair look perfect,and the entire wall has such a wonderful color that match is up with Nunnaly :)
    Amazing job ;)

  6. dollyespinal Jun 28, 2008

    Wow! I'm shock! XD you make great walls! Nunally looks so beautiful! (as an angel for the effects :))
    Great job! :D

  7. drastikhate Jun 28, 2008

    She's like an angel in the clouds! Vectors very clean. Very Nice and Simple=)

  8. MiMi Jun 28, 2008

    Again stunning layout, akari-chan
    adding to favs, definetly! ^^

  9. monicayurie Jun 28, 2008

    Hello again! :)
    Another beautiful job! \o/
    I really like the background you've chosen. Besides its nice colors, it matches her image perfectly. And the vector is very neat too.
    Another fav! ;)
    And, again, I'm looking forward your next pieces!
    Kisu! :)

  10. YoruAngel866 Jun 28, 2008

    wow, for second vector youre doing extremly good, although i think i know the trick behind your lineart, since im using it too....nyahahhahahaahhaaa
    btw congrats on second elite and keep it up!

  11. eternalmemory Jun 28, 2008

    great job! i love the lightning :D
    looks beautiful!

  12. norine07 Jun 28, 2008

    omg nicely done! it looks really good for just your second vector! =] thanks so much for sharing this nunnally wallie! =]

  13. priincess Jun 29, 2008

    awesome vector ^^ this one is amazing
    i love the soft colours

  14. BlackSponge Jun 29, 2008

    So much beauty and awesomeness in this vector.
    Pure genius dood.
    Nunnaly's cuteness is increased to the max.
    Great job.

  15. abul Jun 29, 2008

    the point of using tablet is for your picture to look PAINTED
    and your "clouds" look like they were vectored and then blured
    u could use the smudge tool
    next time u use tablet try to make it look softer

  16. puraimu Jun 30, 2008

    Excellent job.
    Nunally looks really pretty here.

  17. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2008

    I've been meaning to comment on this!
    While I feel we can do with a little less gallery items from Code Geass, I can't help but LOVE your vectoring. The line art is very neat and the background + lighting are awesome! Nicely done!

  18. Dianuxka Jul 01, 2008

    awsome job!
    it's realy awsome and...it's nunnally *-*

  19. Lariel Jul 15, 2008

    It's truly a beauty! Aw, and ethereal too. Gotta love the way you vector Nunnally. :D

  20. cayetanita Mute Member Nov 04, 2008

    i love this picture

  21. j-valium Jun 26, 2009

    I really loved the image, and the light effects too...

  22. daiegou Jul 29, 2009

    Una representacion de la justicia, se dice que la justicia es ciega para ser imparcial

  23. crazy619 Oct 08, 2009

    Nice one there. Cheers!

  24. Vevila Feb 08, 2010

    I like how the sky's color goes with her hair! Although it might make the wall a bit monotone? But it's still a nice picture!

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