Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Raiders of the Lost Geass

Takahiro Kimura, Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge, C.C. Wallpaper
Takahiro Kimura Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Lelouch of the Rebellion Series Lelouch Lamperouge Character C.C. Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is my ANIWOOD entry over at vector-wallers.Hehe, cutting it pretty close, eh? I'm glad I finished this one time. ^_^'
First of all, this is dedicated to Pande, Erdbeermilch, Ori-chan, Termari and Kitten for being good friends to me. =P

Okay, so on to the wallpaper!

Finally a Code Geass wallpaper from me. At first, I was looking for a scan that Ori-chan mentioned for a different movie idea.... but then I came across this one, and was like, "IDEA TIMEZ PLOX!"
My first idea was to vector him normally and make him throwing playing cards or something to make a 007 Casino Royale wallpaper. Then my brother saw the scan and said, "Give him a hate and he could be Indiana Jones. He was right! o: And the pose was perfect to recreate the opening event of Raiders of the Lost Ark!
Then I came across that chibi scan of c.c. and immediately thought it'd make a good ugly monkey statue. SUCCESS was nigh! Now, I'd link ya to those scans, and I give full creedit to those scanners, but I'm having some internet problems (I'm lucky that I was able to upload this at all).

So I colored him brown and tan. I think Indy would be proud. :nerd:
I used a Saint Seiya scan to get the colors for the statue (my "gold" looked like barf... seriously).
For the background, I had originally wanted to make a temple wall with some fines hanging down... but seeing how I finished this five minutes ago, we can all see how that'd be impossible. So I decided to go with an old map, similar to those new DVD covers. I scaned some calendar of old maps that I had packed away. I then added several paper textures to give it a new.... antique finish?

Textures are from Bashcorpo (again, I'd link it... but internet problems).
I started this monday, and finished today. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Now I feel free.

I hope you all like it, Minna. And be glad I turned such a skinny weiner of a character into such a badass of an ADVENTURER! >:3

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  1. Erdbeermilch Jun 27, 2008

    Haha, I just watched the new Indy at the cinema and come back to find this.
    Neat vectoring, his clothes are awesome in brown (I love brown). Thanks so much for the dedication <3 I'm glad you finished in time. Too bad you didn't have enough time for a temple bg but I think the map fits the theme as well.

    Quote: Then I came across that chibi scan of c.c. and immediately thought it'd make a good ugly monkey statue.

    Better dodge all the sharp objects thrown from all the angry CC fans. XD

    I'll add my tad of input(=nagging) though, the statue isn't shiny enough I think, maybe outlines in a dark golden shade and more highlights would help? Otherwise great work, good luck for the contest. :)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 27, 2008

    Nicely done ;)
    The vectoring is neatly done and the simple bg is coolio. LOVE the idea XD

  3. YENESIS Jun 27, 2008

    ahh is ADorable supply!

  4. temarigenius Jun 27, 2008

    Wow! This is really cool! o_0
    Lelouch as Indiana Jones?
    The vector is awesome :D And the background too! Using the map is really a nice idea.
    Poor C.C though :nya:
    Anyways! You did an awesome job! Best Luck in the contest! >_<
    And thanks for the dedication!~ <333

  5. Sinever Jun 27, 2008

    I love your entry XD
    Lelouch as Indiana Jones XD
    well done & good luck :)

  6. KaoruMikagami Jun 27, 2008

    well done it look great

  7. YoruAngel866 Jun 27, 2008

    excellent idea! like luolu indiana

  8. uffy-chan Jun 27, 2008

    Kawaiii.. Very nice and original idea

  9. anit4e Jun 27, 2008

    HEhehe i adore the Indy idea :),i saw the new movie like a week ago :D.Love the colors,and you made Lulu look gorgeous posing like Indy! XD
    Amazing job! ;)

  10. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jun 27, 2008

    Cute and funny idea, I love how you used
    C.C >3

    Sexy vectoring, and even though Lelouch
    looks skinner in that image I was quite fond
    of it. Nice to see someone use it creatively.

    Aww Thanks for the dedication :3
    Great work and good luck on the contest <33

  11. ArtificialRaindrop Jun 28, 2008

    NICE! XD I showed this to my brother (since he's been watching this series) and he thought it was great as well. Changing the colors of his outfit was a nice touch, and doing so definitely helps him resemble Indy. Using a chibi for the monkey statue... Priceless. ^_^

  12. christabel92 Jun 28, 2008

    Lulu a.k.a Indiana XD I like the idea very much...and the C.C statue is pure love...Good luck on the contest,I'll be cheering for you ;)

  13. eternally-asuka Jun 29, 2008

    LOL nice indy lulu! XD this wallie called my attention with the chibi C.C XD interesting idea!

  14. Sakura-Dust Jul 01, 2008

    Quote: Then I came across that chibi scan of c.c. and immediately thought it'd make a good ugly monkey statue.


    Thank Gods you didn't made a bald Lulu XD
    I luv this, how can I put it... simple & right on time X-P

  15. Rayzi Jul 02, 2008

    It's actually kind of a funny idea! I like it! Your brother was right, he could be Indiana Jones! Rebellion leader turns into Indiana Jones looking for the C.C. Monkey! XD Who'd a thought?

  16. misstyque Jul 03, 2008

    Now that's what I call original :)) and absolute awesome. chibi cc makes a great "ugly monkey" statue =)). nicely done ^^

  17. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Aug 20, 2008

    Oh such a perfect wall! I love it! :D

  18. marigoula Oct 26, 2008

    da taaaan!and here we have chibi c.c. ^^

  19. Nigredo Jan 26, 2009

    Haha, oh wow, that's rich. Great, really. (Indiana Jones, eat your heart out.)

  20. selemental Banned Member Jan 28, 2009

    looks awesome dev-devy-san! :3

    It looks like CC became the chess-piece that will take over the world lolz
    creative indeed and and it rlly is great! I like the Indiana Jones looking outfit. XD


  21. rumiko23 Feb 20, 2009

    Very nice! never seen this before, thank you!

  22. Elves Mar 20, 2009

    That. Is. Awesome! :D
    Loving your concept, and it so does fit Lelouch. Is he afraid of snakes by the way? lol

    I think the old map texture works fine for the background. It fits. Though I agree that a temple with vines would be more true to the inspiration's setting. But yeah, time crunches have a way of making other ideas fit just as well. ^_^' Thanks bunches for sharing!

  23. Thiendrah Aug 18, 2009

    I like this!

  24. wira123 Oct 06, 2009

    Awesome thing is a great thing

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