Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Welcome home, Lelouch Lemperouge!

Takahiro Kimura, Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Shirley Fenette, Suzaku Kururugi Wallpaper

2560x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My contest entry for Aniwood at vector-wallers
Movie poster: Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins

I can't believe I finished this baby before the deadline.
Sorry for the huge resolution, but there was no other way to fit so many characters >_>
The vectors were quite complicated to make, but the scans had high quality, no text on them so everything went smooth.
I know the grass is very light colored, but PS grass in normal colors looks synthetic, at least this way it looks like hay ^_^'

I omitted a few people, because there was no room for them, but also...
- C.C/Kallen: I couldn't find a scan with them in school uniform to fit the way I wanted.
- Ninna: I hate her... crazy bastard :angry:

There was a similar 'welcome home' scene in R2 episode 7... starting with 15:42 :nerd: Lulu actually cried then, it was adorable.

As I said before, everything was hard to put together and there were so many characters to vector, that I had to vector 1 or 2 per day (I also took 2-3 day breaks) and right now my eyes are as healthy as Uluquiorra's... :sweat:

Scans I used (I'm so happy Code Geass is popular and I found images with everyone smiling, to fit the mood):
Lulu, Shirley, Rollo, Villetta, Rivalz, Suzaku, Nunnally, Milly.

Enjoy! Favs and comments are highly appreciated!


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  1. dslassey Jun 18, 2008

    Ya know, if I had to guess, I would've said that this was one picture from the beginning. That's how good you worked everyone into the wallpaper.
    The vectoring is solid, and the mood of the wallie just screams happiness. ^^
    I personally like the light colored grass. I think it looks better than if it were done in normal colors.
    Now, I've never seen Code Geass (OMG REALLY!?) so I don't know any of the characters, but after looking at this wall, I'm liking the blonde girl, and the dark-skinned girl. And that boy with the helmet on looks... very joyful... I guess?
    Anyway, this is quality. Truely. I would've never done so many vectors for one wallpaper. It must've required not only a lot of patience, but a lot of skill as well.
    Great job, Sakura-Dust. ^^

  2. moonescape Jun 18, 2008

    So small. >.< I love the idea and the title really matches with the wallpaper, but something seems off with the academy school. Like the windows for example. c_c Still nice job especially with collaborating with others scans. ;)

  3. Erdbeermilch Jun 18, 2008

    My gosh, now that's what it'd call widescreen. I predict you're gonna drown in favs and comments for this one, XD and you deserve it.

    Very nice vectoring, you really vectored about two of those per day? D: I think the school looks quite fine, it's hard too find good scans or stocks for such things.

    Quote by Sakura-DustThere was a similar 'welcome home' scene in R2 episode 7... starting with 15:42 :nerd: Lulu actually cried then, it was adorable.

    That's what they said but I didn't see any tears when I watched it. Am I blind?

    Anyways I'm glad you made it before deadline, good luck for the contest (to all of us ^_^').

  4. machimiko Jun 18, 2008

    Wow, I love it. Everyone looks so nicely vectored.

  5. priincess Jun 18, 2008

    nice vector! well done :)

  6. Gfert Jun 18, 2008

    Yeah, you said it. Nina was a crazy phsycopath! Well, you've done a really great job. It certainly does look beautiful. Two thumbs up for you!

  7. Susan-chan Jun 18, 2008

    just one word:: awsome! :D

  8. milla-chan Jun 18, 2008

    WOW. thats an awesome piece of work
    you are great :D
    thanks for sharing ^_^

  9. herXFantasyX Jun 19, 2008

    lurb it FAVED! =)

  10. Korixxkairi Jun 19, 2008

    where cc and my kallen. -0-*!
    But it's ok ! Good job~!

  11. tsuki-akari Jun 19, 2008

    Yah wall from code geass (won't fit on my desktop).
    Love the idea how you put al the scan together.
    They look al so happy :D
    + fave

  12. Aiira Jun 19, 2008

    Great job..Sakura-chan
    I love it..your vectoring is really nice ^^
    thank you for sharing ^^

  13. KaoruMikagami Jun 19, 2008

    great job.It look great

  14. norine07 Jun 19, 2008

    hotness they look good~ thanks for sharing~

  15. dizzy-me Jun 19, 2008

    This is great! Everyone in Geass is having a good time together (well, except Kallen and my lovely C.C. T.T) I think everyone looks nice except Suzaku. The way he appears in the wallie is abit weird especially his coloring. Overall, the wallie looks awesome and Nunnally is so lovely and cute :nya:
    Good JOB! :D

  16. xKai Jun 20, 2008

    Vector work was neat~ But somehow the characters' colors doesn't blends very well with the background. They feels kinda 'outstanding' >_<
    Still a great piece of work =D and a fav~

  17. S3xx1p33 Jun 23, 2008

    I think this looks fantastic. However Suzaku does sort of stand out with the coloring of his school uniform. I think without the highlights it would blend in alot better with the other guys. Overall great job though ^^

  18. JCzala Jun 23, 2008

    This vector is impressive as well as heart-warming. Seeing the bright and cheerful faces of these characters can definitely lighten up the mood. From a different point of view, I can say that they look like ordinary people having a wonderful school life. The coloring and the outlines are very good. The vector is crisp and neat. I've also enjoyed the fact that you merged other scans into one.

    The best parts I like about here is Milly, Nunnally, and Lelouch. Milly is so cute and her bubbly character shines the most with her pose and and smile. Nunnally is very adorable and her being in the scene makes it a lot cuter. And Lelouch is definitely the eye catcher here.

    Great job on this!

  19. temarigenius Jun 23, 2008

    Woow... Awesome! I knew that your entry would be totally awesome! *_*
    The size is so long XD I wonder if there's any computer or laptop with that kin of resolution XD
    The vectors of the people looks like they are from one single scan XD And the background is really cool! So nice! I think the only weird thing is that the vector didn't really blend into the background... Or it's not suppose to? :nya: Either ways, it's awesome!

  20. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Jun 23, 2008

    thats really cool
    and you make this one with high resolution too
    very GREAT
    everyone looks very happy
    where is my C.C.?
    this is really Great
    it's so wonderful

  21. clanlax Jun 23, 2008

    Good wallie! ^-^

  22. Sin1102 Restricted Member Jun 25, 2008

    yes, yes.. I hate Ninna too. She's so crazy. But ... where's my C.C...

  23. Tikalhammy Jul 09, 2008

    Awesome! This is so good! I would have to say my favorite part about this wallpaper is the background, very pretty!

  24. angel26278 Sep 06, 2008

    great work

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