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This is 3/4 of my Art ISUs I had to do this year.

Medium: Watercolor

This has gotta be my absolute favourite. Not just out of the 4 ISUs, but one of my favourite art pieces I've ever done. :)

This was inspired by "The Scarlet Letter", a korean movie starring my favourite actress, Lee Eun Joo (RIP). This is her absolute last movie, and many believe that it was this movie that drove her to suicide. Naturally this movie meant a lot to me, and of course Lee Eun Joo meant a lot to me, combine that, came this piece. :)

It's also the first time I tried watercolor MY way. My teacher's way was to cover the area you want to colour with water, then paint, so the paint would go where it pleases. But due to lack of time waiting for the water to dry (-__-;) as well as me just not liking that too much in general (gets too messy), I decided I'm just going to paint, bit by bit, with a small brush. And this was the result. :)

I also made a bold move by deciding to colour the background red. When I told people I was going to do red-on-red, most told me to try pale yellow or purple or something... but I went with my instinct, and I'm glad I did.

The vine was sooo much fun to make, but the best part has to be Ka Hee (Eun Joo's role)'s dress..

everything here is designed by me!

And here's the technical write-up I did:


Art ISU #3
- Capture -

Theme: Love

My third ISU of the year is inspired the Korean movie, "The Scarlet Letter", starring Lee Eun Joo (RIP), Han Suk Kyu, and Uhm Ji-won.

The movie starts with two women, Soo-hyun (played by Uhm Ji-won) and Ka Hee (played by Lee Eun Joo), who were high school classmates as well as friends, both in love with one manâ??Ki Hoon. Even though Ki Hoon is married to Soo-hyun, he is still passionately in love with Ka Hee, and has a love affair with her. We see many scenes where Soo-hyun is begging Ka Hee to "stop", and most people would assume she meant for Ka Hee to stop seeing her husband.

But the truth is found out, on a birthday gone wrong. Having impregnated Ka Hee, Ki Hoon takes her out to an isolated seashore for her birthday, and while they kiss, they accidentally fall into the trunk of the car together, with the lid shutting after them, locking them inside.

At first it seemed funny, but as the days passes by, Ki Hoon and Ka Hee are both slowly going crazy and dying, while Soo-hyun is growing impatient at the absence of her husband and Ka Hee. On the third day since their disappearance, Soo-hyun enters Ka-Hee's apartmentâ??she has a key to it, I wonder why?â??and she picks up and examines a photo of her, Ka-Hee, and Ki Hoon. After that, she walks to a local church, and began her confession.

Same while, Ki Hoon is going insane, muttering incoherent nonsense as he says over and over again "Soo-hyun's waiting... Soo-hyun's waiting for me... I must get home... Soo-hyun's waiting..."

And with tears in her eyes, Ka Hee replies, "she's waiting, but for whom?"

In a dual-scene sequence switching back and forth between Ka Hee (confessing to Ki Hoon) and Soo-hyun (confessing to a priest), we learn the truth.

When Ka Hee and Soo-hyun met in high school, they quickly became friends through their passion in music. They often stayed after school with each other in the music room, Ka Hee playing the piano, Soo-hyun playing the viola. During one session, Ka Hee walks from the piano bench over to Soo-hyun and kisses her, and Soo-hyun reciprocates, thus beginning their relationship. As both women said simultaneously, "I don't remember how it started, all I know is that I initiated it... no, I love it. Had I died then, I wouldn't have any regrets."

Ka Hee and Soo-hyun were deeply and happily in love, until Ki Hoon comes along, and Ka Hee falls in love with him. Scared of losing her love, Soo-hyun thought that if she married Ki Hoon, she would in turn get to keep Ka Hee for herself. Unfortunately that didn't happen, as Ki Hoon continued having affairs with Ka Hee, and Ka Hee still loves him as much as ever.

After yet another day passes, Ka Hee begins to have a miscarriage and bleeds uncontrollably. She didn't want Ki Hoon to see her get any lower, and so she bids him goodbye, and told him how much she's loved him all along, even though he chose Soo-hyun, and she takes his gun, and shoots herself in the mouth.

Another two days go by before the police finds the abandoned car and opens the trunk, rescuing a blood-soaked Ki Hoon, and carries away Ka Hee's body. Soo-hyun comes out of the police car as she stares in shock at the scene. She turns away slowly, drops her wedding ring, and walks awayâ??now that Ka Hee was gone, there was no point to her and Ki Hoon's marriage.

As the theme of my ISU is love, I have decided to focus on the love Su-hyun had for Ka Hee. She loved her so much, but despite everything she did to keep Ka Hee, she was unable to contain her, to capture her heart. The overall colour of this picture is red, because the title of the movie is "The Scarlet Letter", and because when Ka Hee was carried out in the final scene, she was soaked head to toe in blood.

The way Soo-hyun's (the girl in the back of the picture) hair spreads all across the picture, and the silver curtain on the sides of the picture symbolizes Su-hyun wanting to capture Ka Hee, and to keep Ka Hee for herself for eternity, because of her love for her.


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  1. Strike-Force Jun 12, 2008

    What can I say except that your work is absolutely amazing.
    Beautiful piece.

  2. dollyespinal Jun 13, 2008

    Great job! ^^

  3. skye Jun 13, 2008

    one of my favorites from you. Its really a nice pic. You really did do well with the colour scheme. Only critique is the red girl's neck - too long and curved - although i guess i shouldnt be saying much when i never listen to my own advice :P Keep it up!

  4. gaara-no-shukaku Jun 15, 2008

    I love how you worked with watercolour. And the green actually looks nice with the red. Logically, I thought the front girl's position looks odd and the sudden appearance of grey roses. But this is just elegant to my eyes.

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