Metal Gear Solid Wallpaper: Funky Camo Index

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Okay I hate this picture so much now. His art style is so freakin' hard to vector - especially if one wants to vector it in the exact style of the scan! Which is what I did.... and now my hand is in utter PAIN! X-O

Okay, enough complaining from me. The wallpaper is a birthday present for my twin brother. Even though our birthday isn't until the 26th, I could tell that he wanted it before the 12th (he knew it was gonna be MGS). This is also a tribute to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4! I so can't wait to get my grubby little hands on that sexy game! <3
So the original version for my brother was done in various shades of blue (his fav color). I'll link ya to it at the end of my SPEECH.
Okay, so anyway.... where was I? Oh yes! Although the color scheme worked for the MGS look, I wanted to do something crazy! I wanted to make the color scheme contrast the very nature of the games. Then I came across my dear friend Sakura-Dust's wallpaper He.s always been the talk of the Town. I fell in LOVE with the wallpaper (gonna make it my PS3 wallpaper :nya:). And the colors inspired me! I wanted to do something vibrant and awesome. As you can see, my wallpaper is not featuring the exact same shades and colors, but my color scheme was inspired by her's. So I'm dedicated this wallpaper to S-D as well as my bro.

S-D was also awesome enough to supply me with a couple of textures. She's on a role, amirite? Anyway, I applied those textures, as well as using several polka dot and square patterns to sort of mimic her's (well, the spots do), and to add a funky feel to it. Which is where the title comes from. If ya'll have played MGS3, then ya'll know how important the camo index was. You know that you needed to change your outfit and face paint to better blend into your surroundings. And if you know anything about MGS4, then you know that a modified version of the camo index returns. So this is what happens when snake uses his new camo index in.... a disco club... or something.

The scan can be found in the MGS gallery right here on Minitokyo. Kudos to the scanner and uploader of this fabulous, yet frakkin' hard to vector scan of our dear ol' buddy Snake.

Enjoy, Minna! ^^

Blue Version: CLICK! HERE

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jun 11, 2008

    Aww how sweet of you, ah another b-day in June~

    I started being a fan of Snake's when I got Brawl,
    I know I'm late and it's not that I disliked him before,
    I just never payed much attention till now.
    He looks like an old geezer in his new one, kinda creepy :x

    Anyways on the wall, for me I would
    have preferred you just leave it as a vector since
    I don't really think the bg is strong enough for the vector work.
    It's hmm plain and just not cutting it for Snake :\

    I actually pictured something similar to his Stadium
    in Brawl, like a snowy secret base look.

    For the vector it's very well done and I can
    only imagine the pain it was for all the detail and stuff.
    But it's very well done and much praise for making it
    look so good.

    I just really feel the bg should have more or
    just have it be a vector, since it does itself enough justice.

  2. Erdbeermilch Jun 11, 2008

    I wanted to make a mgs wallpaper once too, but I gave up because of the sketchy artwork and instead made a mgs userpage (with easier scans). XD
    Which brings me right to the most important point, wow you vectored it. D: Must have been awkward, but it really paid off.
    Unlike Kitten I like the bg, I think it complements the vector. My problem is the colour, I mean seriously, pink? For Snake? I just feels kind of wrong for me, so I'd pick blue instead. As for camo, I loved some of the patterns in those, especially the more comical ones (like bananas, or goldfish XD).

  3. dementia Jun 11, 2008

    I can't wait for this game..Comes out tomorrow..I thought this was just a scan with some textures. I didn't realize you vectored it, nice job. I don't think I could get my Paint shop to do that. I have to say though I'm not a fan of the yellow, but everything else is awesome a usual.
    I want to try my hand at a Raiden one eventually..

  4. Sakura-Dust Jun 11, 2008

    Love <3
    It's such a unique design, close to abstract, but not quite it...
    I'm luvin' it! :3
    I'm luvin' it so much I can't find my words to describe it...
    Anyway, it's a fav, I bet the vector was hella hard to make.

  5. temarigenius Jun 12, 2008

    So this is the awesome Metal Gear scan you were talking about? XD It is indeed awesome!~ And I think thta your vector is awesome too! I don't think I can ever vector scans like this :nya:
    I like both this version and the blue version, but then somehow the blue version makes me feel sad XD So I guess I prefer this version~ :)
    As I said before, I love the way you used the textures~ It's just amazing! I really like the buildings in the background~ <3
    The whole wallpaper seems nice~ :D
    And I didn't know that your brother was a twin :nya: I thought he was a few years older than you ^_^'

  6. vitaamin Oct 05, 2008

    OMGGGGG i always wanted to do a vector like that but just never got to it because i think i would cry my brains out.

    this is just friggin awesome. and i know you start to hate looking at an image after a while esp a difficult vector.

    anyways no other words other than stellar and amazing

  7. NST1980 May 21, 2009


  8. supersaiyajinx Mar 24, 2010

    thanks for this quality image!

  9. RayEmara Apr 10, 2010

    like the wallpaper, nice job.

  10. keivan Jan 01, 2011

    It's such a unique design, close to abstract, but not quite it...

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