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Newest work, this one was a week project.

With all the busy work on my schedule I've
had less time to do the things I like, I've been trying
to work more on my originals since I find it a more tougher
art to do on the com.

No reference for anything except the girl's left
hand, brushes are only the grass and everything else is

Added blood to give it a more battle
for death look and added the crispy grass part to show
that the fire actually effects more than the boy.

I tried my best to work well with the colors
to give it a more real look, it's my first time working on
a fight scene so bare with me.

PNG and more at: EDD!


Chosen by Saikusa and Chloe

Great sense of movement, fabulous vectoring and check out the awesome facial expressions!
Kitten does an excellent job with this original doujin.
Please keep up the good work!

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by Chloe.

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  1. dslassey Jun 09, 2008

    Your first time doing a fight scene? Really? WOW. Amazing first fight scene, haha. I really do love your original artwork, Kitten - they are all just so amazingly drawn and colored. I really like the expression on the face of the figure with the weapon. <3
    Once again, great work. :D

  2. Omone Jun 09, 2008

    You are so talented.. I love all your original works.. I really hope to see tons of originals works from you =D
    I love the facial expressions of those two.. this is really your first fight scene? looks really awesome*-*
    you did very well.. the only thing I don't really like is the fire..

  3. erikamirou Jun 09, 2008

    Another excelent vector work!
    This one deserves a illumination at celestial-luminesse! XD

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 09, 2008

    I love you! I love the expressions on their faces! The fire looks awesome and the vectoring is very neatly done! You've improved so much!
    I'll add it to EDD after work!

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 10, 2008

    I love the smooth lines, the soft shading, the gentle transparency in the cape, the energetic pose, the vibrant colours... just everything about this is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. dollyespinal Jun 10, 2008

    Excellent job! ^^ I like your work!

  7. YoruAngel866 Jun 10, 2008

    youre not normal, to draw something that is so coooooooooooooool and its highlighted! omg, congrats on your first highlight

  8. ASH-Hikari Jun 12, 2008

    Wow, a highlight! Well deserved for you, who I think has become one of the best artists around here ^^ And this piece is no different. A fight scene couldn't have been easy to do from scratch. I just love the whole thing, though my favourite part may be the fire. Wonderful job!

  9. chubbykitty Jun 12, 2008

    Very cool Kitten! The transparent cape is a cool idea. I just like the fact that you thought about making it transparent :D It's drawn very good as well! I'm a bit nervous about trying to draw battle scenes. Action poses for me seem harder for some reason. Anyway, great work!

  10. Hikari87 Jun 13, 2008

    Wow~~ awesome! ^__^ Their expressions are just great.
    Eto.. mind if I asked how do you vector the clouds part to be that real? Is it by using the gaussian blur effect? 'Cos I'm having problems doing the sky. =_=;;

  11. moonescape Jun 18, 2008

    I agree with saikusa about this. Your own doujinshi is pretty impressive espcially when it comes to you. It's nice to see some people with creative minds like yours. ;D

  12. pamkips Jun 18, 2008


  13. auel1124 Jun 19, 2008

    OMG! I love this work, is just too nice! it`s nicely colored and drawed, the effects are good too! I would have preferred it without textures, but it`s great as it is though... keep it up!

  14. DepressedYoukai Jun 24, 2008

    Everything looks great! It's just the bloodstains bothering me abit. It looks like the blood was droppe on them, instead of it being from their own wounds or something o_o
    Otherwise, verything else is perfect! x3

  15. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2008

    you improved a lot kitten ^-^

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