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The last one of the batch! Whew!~

Pyre of Fury Collection: (in order/Links provided)
1. Shanna
2. Illuxin
3. Callipxo the 7th
4. Luina

Check out the date, he was left behind by 3 days, why? Coz I was so god**** too lazy draw him ~_~

He's the main character of the story. What story? Whatever XD

I was just tooooo lazy to draw him since I can't think of any ornaments I should put on him. I want him to, like, carry a 50lbs thingy on his shoulders or something. Then I came up with whatever he's wearing. Like really whatever.

His sword? Is that a sword? Don't ask me! The artist herself does not know either! XD
But judging from it's appearance, it may serve as some sort of "extractor"...like it extracts soul or something. Whatever :D

Tools of trade:
> 2B mechanical pencil
> Blue pencil (for sketching)
> MyGel, Gel Pen 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 (nope, I will never buy expensive art tools -_-)
> (Mango Shake) <-- Can't live without this
*The preliminary sketch is not available since after I sketched it, I lay the inking directly. Save the environment by saving papers XD

Fast facts about Luina:
> His name is a girl's name, since is mother wanted a baby girl, but hell it was a boy haha :nya:
> The ornament dangling from his waist, yeah, that enormous one, is detachable. It a part of his weapon by which the artist again does not really know how it functions XD (I just drew it as it is)
> Check out his clothing. The opening on the left shoulder part is actually a trap. It's to draw the enemies' attention on his left side since it does look like the most vulnerable, but actually the strongest part of his body. It's a trap I'm telling you, and not another perv idea *cough* >_<
> All the characters used are all made up. It's not kanji..as if! XD


And the 1st batch of Pyre of Fury is done! Wee~ I'm so happy I actually managed to level up my skills Nyoro~n :nya:

Batch 2 will be drawn...later XD

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  1. skye Jun 09, 2008

    like your drawings they all look like game characters ^_^

  2. Shkira Jun 14, 2008

    Again, I like the shoes! And his muscley abs.

  3. DarthTofu Jun 14, 2008

    haha, I wasn't sure at first if this was a guy or a very muscular girl. xDDD lol. Always was bad at gender differentiation. Nice drawing.

  4. Carmen Sep 03, 2008

    I like this picture, is very cool.
    I love the detailed pictures, and ths have a lot of detail.

  5. Anjhurin Sep 26, 2008

    Well he does have a girly face ^_^... Great detailed work, the inking is really good, and i love all those random accessories of his :)

    Thumbs up, nice drawing, and great long-winded explanation :D

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