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Numberrrr 3! XD

Yay~ Same with my second experiment, I drew tis the day after I finished Illuxin.

Pyre of Fury Collection: (in order/Links provided)
1. Shanna
2. Illuxin
3. Callipxo the 7th
4. Luina

She's the only character I drew whom I have to waste a sheet of drawing paper. Noo! The environment! XD

She's not that hard to draw, except that what the heck is that ornament in her belly?! Seriously! It took me like, what, 40% of my working time thinking of how she'll be properly dressed with proper ornaments since I really wanted something like that on her belly even if I don't know what I really wanted to draw gah~ it freaking hurts in the head!

Nevertheless, SHE IS MY FAVORITE. I love her so much I want to be her. Maybe I'll make her my icon or something later on. When I was thinking of a good story to compensate her appearance, I came up with these ideas...

1. She's a demi-human. Part God and part human.
2. She's always smiling. Or rather the people who saw her other facial expressions did not live to tell.
3. She is psychotic, in a controlled way XD

This is why I love her! She's a part God and part psycho! Hahaha! :nya:

Anyways, the thing on her belly is not her belly, but a giant "bell", with little bells dangling on it. Gyah I really love bells XD

Anything else said, I, I just really love her XD

Tools of trade:
> 2B mechanical pencil
> Blue pencil (for sketching)
> MyGel, Gel Pen 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 (nope, I will never buy expensive art tools -_-)
> (Mango Shake) <-- Can't live without this
*The preliminary sketch is not available since after I sketched it, I lay the inking directly. Save the environment by saving papers XD

Fast facts about Calipxo the 7th:
> The ornament in her hair, wind chime(?), is approximately 20lbs
> The reason why people sees her as "psycho" is because of her ability. She's an attacker and a healer at the same time. And the way she tears her enemies apart literally is the same method or way she uses to heal someone (except that she does not tear you apart OX). So you wouldn't really now if your about to die or live. How does she do it? Will be explained maybe later, I'm trying to make a manga out of it XD
> Calipxo the 7th is not her real name.
> I love her bra XD

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  1. gel-chan Jun 09, 2008

    Whoa. Over detailed! :)

  2. Shkira Jun 14, 2008

    Hmm... So if she's part human, are her darker legs and clawed, fuzzy hand part of her body or her outfit? Either way, I love them. Looks great!

  3. athena Jun 21, 2008

    Quote by ShkiraHmm... So if she's part human, are her darker legs and clawed, fuzzy hand part of her body or her outfit? Either way, I love them. Looks great!

    Part of her clothes XD

  4. Anjhurin Sep 26, 2008

    Ahah, the bells actually look like reduced heads ! Oh, and her stare is definitely pshycotic ! Anyway, great lineart and inking, though i'm not too sure about the coloring of her legs... Somehow the faces of your characters have really clean lines compared to the rest of the drawing, and are really pale, it's a bit disturbing (a bit like the drawings from Blame!).

    Keep it up :D

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