Mononoke Wallpaper: Kusuriuri-sama

Yaeko Ninagawa, Toei Animation, Mononoke, Kusuriuri Wallpaper
Yaeko Ninagawa Mangaka Toei Animation Studio Mononoke Series Kusuriuri Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Materials and the walling
The scan used

This wallpaper was such a pain to make. I hated those cats so I decided to get rid of them... therefore I had redraw some of the missing parts (hey, I actually can't draw to save my life).
I really wanted to keep the original uneven lines but the more I vectored the more annoyed I got >_>

For FMN Activities #5
Requested by Erdbeermilch at the Moar Plz! Project.

2017~ this thing has been used and abused so many times over the years, I almost feel bad for sharing it...

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  1. chrisp Jun 07, 2008

    uahhhh!how beautiful! you did such an amazing job!

  2. christabel92 Jun 07, 2008

    Awesome job!It's in the elite in 20 mins,that's fast!it really deserved it...
    I like the textures and the number of details...wow...

  3. Erdbeermilch Jun 07, 2008

    Already praised this to no end on AP but I can't resist to do it here as well it's awesome, I love it. The amount of detail is stunning and I love the clean colours and texture. great choice of scan too, I wish there were more great Mononoke scans like this one out there.
    Thanks so much for walling it, I already wonder what your request will be.

  4. Sakura-Dust Jun 07, 2008

    Ksuriuri is love!
    He's indeed really smexy and cool :3
    Your wallpaper is amazing when it comes to counting the details. I had to stare for quite a while to see everything and I still have the feeling I missed a few things.
    I adore your vector, his sexy stare and the nails I praise so much... *likes guys with long/dark nails ^q^*
    It's good to know MT now has a Mononoke gallery, I had to submit my Ksuriuri to 'Others' at first T_T

  5. Mayis2008 Jun 07, 2008

    AWSOME!.... I think is the best vector work I have ever seen! I love Kusuriuri-san, and I am very happy to see such a well done artwork of him :) THANKS A LOT!
    I already used it as my desktop image :)

  6. flyindreams Jun 07, 2008

    Snap~ insane vector work XD It's seriously hawesome and that's really all I can say about it :3 You didn't put your request down in the group GB though :O Let us know what you want since you've finished this insane wall for Erdbeermilch XD

  7. pirupirupi Jun 07, 2008

    waa I LOVE this anime and kusuriuri is the best!
    this wall is wonderful <3

  8. markjo Jun 08, 2008

    Love the abundance of colours and all the vectoring work must have been a hell.
    Is it just me or is there a slight Hokusai (I've been reading a lot about Japanese painting lately) reference?
    Anyway, a great wallpaper.

  9. YoruAngel866 Jun 08, 2008

    i saw it on ap, it already has s there
    congrats on elite too
    its so cool btw

  10. EevaLeena Jun 08, 2008

    Said it on AP, and I still wants to comment! This is too awesome! >.<

    And yes! ALL HAIL KUSURI-URI, the SEXIEST man alive! Nyahahahaha!

  11. Angi Retired Moderator Jun 09, 2008

    nyaaaaaaaa its beautiful
    but the cats were pretty there -_-
    anyway its a wonderful work ^^

  12. Koboshi93 Jun 09, 2008


  13. Cranbery Jun 18, 2008

    This is awensome!
    I just love Kusuri-uri!
    I tried to colour this page too. My version is on deviantart, but I am not so skilled as you so it doesn

  14. monicayurie Aug 16, 2008

    First time I see this wall of yours.
    It's amazing! Even though there's a lot of information on it, a lot going on, it's a very pleasant image to look at. Its richness of details is really impressive!
    The paiting looks awesome! You came from a black and white scan and you managed to choose really suitable colors! The vector is very neat.
    You also managed to recreate the missing parts perfectly.
    I'm really impressed with this wall. It's perfect.
    It's a fav!
    Ja ne... ;)

  15. celavi Oct 28, 2008

    great job...*rendered speechless*
    beautiful and thank you ~

  16. Lish-chan Nov 07, 2008

    It's too AWESOME 0.o

    I've watcheds this anime and treally be impressed with it. The way the story lead was surprised me all the time.

    Your art work is so great! Thank you very much!

  17. hipanda Dec 10, 2008

    lol, so traditional yet so fresh, so mysterious, so "Mononoke" XD! Fav wall of all time!

  18. swanmaiden Jan 11, 2009

    great anime
    great character
    great wallpaper

  19. ajkk Jan 21, 2009

    KUSURIURI KAWAII~@///0///@
    Art works about monoke in MINITOKYO are very rare.T T
    Thanks for sharing,Dioma san!

  20. LibranCCY Feb 06, 2009

    The greatest yokai wallpaper I ever seen, I like the colourful bg and it is awesome! Nice vector art! :)

  21. kaminary Jun 15, 2009

    nan te subarashii koto *sparkling eyes*...XD just leaves you brethless, it was worth the effort, such art brings joy into our lives

  22. pinple Sep 14, 2009

    so cool

  23. jooonasz Oct 04, 2009

    Uwaaah! That's so, so, sooo beautiful! I'm in love with my own desktop right now xD

  24. nova5 Nov 04, 2009

    cool, thanx for this one! i like this anime ^_^

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