D Gray-Man: Merry-go-Around of the Noah

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Tyki Mikk, Millenium Earl
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Tyki Mikk Character Millenium Earl Character


Artist Comment

I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT >D ~ and TOOK some time for sure >_>

this is my participation of to d.gray-man - black-fighters group's doujinshi contest ~ dgrayman-black-fighters

i started to do this work in february and it was supposed to be just a normal submission but it turned out to be participation work for the group's contest in april since it fitted for the contest's theme and i wouldn't have had time to start new one. anyway, i had worked on it for three months ~ not doing it all the time of course, just little by little ~ but this is has been most challenging drawing for me till this far.

the idea just came from that since i haven't seen much of works of the noah family on d.gray-man gallery, i thought to draw one. i wanted to have the atmopshere of a carnival or little like amusement park. i have this thing on my mind rolling when making the sketch : "want to play transformation game with road ? have tyki to fortune tell you some horrors ? maybe dance on the rope of doom with the millennium earl ? or ride the roller coaster with the akumas and see if you ever survive that ride without trauma ?" xD by the way, the akuma on the roller coaster is my own creation !

most of the headache caused the background ~ i had to think a lot that what to do on it since i had already used quite much pattern effects on the characters and they shouldn't mix up in the background too much. and yes of course, THE DOTTINGS ! want to give a try and count how many dots there is ? i don't know the amount but it sure took some patience to get them all done ~ even the hair of road (the girl at the front with the lollipop) took two hours >_< my hand was really aching everytime after doing the dottings and yersterday it was the worst, i barely could move my fingers after releasing the pen from my hand xD

there is quite much mistakes in it ~ mainly in the shading and lighting, it was really hard to think how to put them and i tried my best. also the distances are bit mixed up too in somepoints but i hope you don't pay too much attention on them. and then there is the magically in the air floating rope where the earl is dancing with the lero x3 the rope was supposed to go behind the moom but if it would do so, it would go thinner when going more back ~ so when it's not, it looks like it just ends suddenly and is attached to nothing. but i'm really happy with the result in the end, turned out pretty much the way i wanted.

the whole drawing is traditionally made by hand with bottled ink and drawing nip ~

comments are welcome as always and i hope you enjoy :3


Chosen by fireflywishes and Chloe

What's more freaky? Road's face or the insane amount of detail and effort put into this doujin? Both are pretty crazy!
Originality and patience come together to make this one stunning piece. No matter how many times you view it, there's still more to see!
Excellent job, Zefie! Please continue the awesome work!

Proposed by fireflywishes and highlighted by Chloe.

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  1. trofikabinet May 31, 2008

    OMG! It's amazing! I tought it was a original scan XD
    Road is very beautiful, but Tyki looks a little bit weird but is still an amazing
    piece of art.
    You have great talent and good luck for the contest :)
    +fav and keep up the good work! :D

  2. temarigenius May 31, 2008

    Wow... I knew you'll draw something awesome! XD
    I can't stop staring at your drawing! I'm really really amazed that your drawing >.<
    I really like the dots :nya:
    All I can say is that it's totally amazing! It's worth the long wait :nya:

  3. skye May 31, 2008

    i love your ink drawings - they're so good - you can prob make your own manga. hope to see more

  4. Danielly May 31, 2008

    as expected from you
    another outstanding art
    your lines are so perfect
    and yeah making dot really hurts
    but then you're a master hehe
    +fav for your amazing work here

    and i'm seeing something sad
    seems i lost some of your last entries let me see them now hehe

  5. fireflywishes Retired Moderator May 31, 2008

    Amazing work as always Zefie! Great composition-- the way that you've inked everything just draws the viewer's gaze from top to bottom. Also, great job on spacing--there's so much, but nothing feels overcrowded. And finally, the dotting! Wow, any mistakes in lighting or shading are completely overlooked because of the stunning effect the dotting makes when viewing the thumb. But the full view is definitely better! ;) I can't imagine how much patience you must have to have been able to do all of that... I once did pointalism with a q-tip, and I got fed up after one quadrant. ;) Keep up the amazing work! +fav for sure!

  6. farhana May 31, 2008

    Lovely art! Worth the 3 months you spend!
    And the DOTS! it was amazing.
    If I were you, I will just give up the doujin.

  7. aozoraskies Jun 02, 2008

    This definitely stands out. 0.0 Love the creepy atmosphere! I like how you didn't hold back with drawing the scary, gory bits like Road's face... I haven't seen Tyki looked like that.. but I'm only up to episode 27 after all. And yes, gosh, the dots! I love how they create unique textures and lighting! And that deep black.. I'm curious, do you use the pen to draw all the black in or can you sort of spread it like paint or something? If it's the former... gosh, that must be hard work. Thanks for telling us that it's bottled ink.. this might sound dumb but I had been wondering what medium have people exactly been using to make art like this.. I was actually wondering what brand of pen they used.. -_-

    Well, despite the darkness, your piece shines with creativity! I wouldn't want to ride on that roller coaster for sure ^_^' . Definite fave! I wonder if it would get highlighted...

  8. CelestialSakura Jun 02, 2008

    ...o.O what Douji Contest?! I shouldn't have stayed away that long....;.; Err, forget my babbling, your drawing is plainly...AWESOME! It's....WOW! The details...the characters, the background...! I might become your fan! *w*

  9. hetsuhebi Jun 03, 2008

    I T ' S R E A L L Y A M A Z I N G ! +fav XD

  10. ventures Jun 07, 2008

    ZEFIE! my eyes almost popped out of its sockets! your drawing is amazing, with AMAZING detail! I love it to bits! I just love love love the background you created and the lighting is awesome! girl, you have improved so so much! /(O0O)~ I am impressed at how much patience you have to make that many dots! lol, zefie is so amazing, but your hard work paid of as usual, its like a masterpiece, honey. everything blends in smoothly and the perspective is mesmerizing!

    I really really love the gurl in front. she's creepy but her facial expression is priceless. I just love that tongue action! lol I especially love the lighting on her hair and the lollipop. the roller coaster is my favourite bacause its just awesome. yes, the string does look like it is hanging in the air, but thats okay too, I hardly noticed if you didn't point it out. I love it zefie, good job. favs <3333

  11. YoruAngel866 Jun 07, 2008

    excelent drawing, i especially like how you drew road
    adds to watch

  12. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 07, 2008

    *see highlight comment!*

  13. bunnykiss Jun 09, 2008

    AWESOME! Love it a lot.

  14. Brooke81 Jun 11, 2008

    wow I love your art's.It's awsome <3

  15. windyroller Jun 13, 2008

    The stippling is wonderful on this. When I first saw the preview, I thought you'd used a screentone. I'm in awe of anyone who can use stippling like this, though. Excellent job on that.

    My only concern with this was that Tyki seems a bit... off. But the sheer amount of detail and work that you've put into this more than makes up for him. Road especially looks awesome. Very nice work. :D

  16. christabel92 Jun 13, 2008

    This looks so professionally-made...like it was a cover for a manga chapter :D
    Congrats on getting a highlight on this///It's fabulous...I'll add you to my watchlist since I like your work very much..I wonder..could you make a Kanda doujin sometimes in the future?
    oh,and I would like us to be friends too...do you agree? :D

  17. rythem Jun 21, 2008

    (sadfs 2nd time commenting, the first didn't go through ;_; sorry if this is a bit short! DD; )

    AHH ZEFIEEEEEE your art gets moar amazing every time. seriously, this is impressive. I love the whole layout of the drawing, we can really tell that you thought well about all the elements and details to place. it's very well balanced, everything fits perfectly. your inking as usual is neat (that you don't even need to edit it on the pc!) and omg the dots ;-; *salutes*. I love how you did the roller coaster, the perspective just adds more depth and makes this more fun and mesmerizing to look at. the characters too, even though I know nothing about them but their expressions are very convincing.
    I don't even know what to critique xDD overall I love it~ *favs* and good luck with the contest dearie /o/ <333333

  18. heavens-Dragon Aug 25, 2008

    Holy Smokin'! Words alone are not enough to describe how amazingly gorgeous and crazy this artwork is!
    The details are just out of this world! Just simply impressive and I'm speechless with awe!
    The dots! OMG, it's endless! Just like rythem-chan *salutes* You have the patient of a saint!
    They add such amazing details! And I love your idea of a carnival! The background is just awesome!
    Just love it!

  19. kuryuki Nov 21, 2008

    ur doujin's are really great!
    hope to see more!

    lol i SERIOUSLY thought it was from the actual manga >.<

  20. Evercold Mute Member Jan 23, 2009

    I have no words *___* It is just amazing *__________*

  21. Kukuru Jun 22, 2010

    Wow! This looks like a professional manga piece (well to my naive eyes it does :P)

    Fantastic! It speaks volumes, you've created a nice piece of fanart!

  22. Black02wing Jun 27, 2010

    at first I was like OMG, then I was like OMG!
    it really looks like Hoshino's art (except for Tikki ><)

  23. qqyuanranxueheitu Mute Member Aug 20, 2010

    Adorable ! Thanks for sharing !
    nice pic~great >////<

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