Chiho Aoshima Wallpaper: She's a Handsome Woman

Chiho Aoshima, Vector Art Wallpaper
Chiho Aoshima Mangaka Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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Goodness, after months and months of no-walls-from-Fran I finally managed to finish this crap :3

Please! but please! fullview

First of all this is for Chloe and Pam. Yep, this is the super late birthday (liekOMG) present.
I'm deeply sorry for the lateness. ;_;

In second place I feel like complaining. For what? you may say. Well, because I think that they're way too much Code Geass (and CLAMP) wallpapers out there :x *prepares for the avalanche of punches and deadly pointy objects*
I'm tired of seeing half dressed C.C's walls and vectors D: Lame, am I?

Thus! I bring you something different! And Hell, I know it won't much love as the other walls here, but whatever, I wall for myself, and if you like, cool and if don't, that's cool too!

When I first saw the scan, I was in awe. It's so cool and I wanted to wall it right away, but I didn't have idea what was I gonna do with it, but still I vectored it and then added things, patterns, textures and colors during the walling process.
Scan: Chiho Aoshima Artwork by Revan Thanks so much Revan! :3
Funny thing, as you can read the comments, already two people claimed the scan (alterlier and starr) but that was like 47 weeks ago, so I guess I can claim it as my own.
And wall it. >=) Yep.
Title comes from a Panic at the Disco song, from their new album Pretty. Odd, which is amazing. <33 And no, it doesn't have a thing to do with the wallpaper, I just like how it sound :B
I used brushes (OMG, no way!) because I can.

Uh, I know the background is super empty and I left it like that because none of my backgrounds looked fine.
Same happened with the text, I must say I fail :(
If you have some suggestions, go ahead. But be aware I'll have to crop the wall when I resize it to 1600x1200 >_>

Textures and patterns came from a bunch of different places =/:

Hybrid Genesis

and other sites that I can't remember

Anyway, other resolutions can be found at EDD! whenever I get the chance to send it to Chloe (:

Hope somebody like it!


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  1. Sakura-Dust May 27, 2008

    I really wanted to see this wallpaper, ever since the full-view of the corrupted image teased me >.>
    As expected a really interesting idea!
    Exotic colors, beautiful gradient, not to mention great scan choice! <3
    The patterns are 'refreshing' and offer a huge variety of designs.
    Beautiful composure, in a way, it's also creepy.

    [first comment, whoot! ^3^]

  2. Erdbeermilch May 27, 2008

    Finally I can see it.
    I like your use of textures and the gradient from red to green you applied with them, the small designs on their faces add interestening detail to your vector. I also like how despite the gradient you switched sides for her eyes, gives a nice touch.
    I don't think this needs a fancy background because the vector itself is already detailed enough and I'm never able to find the fitting text or font myself so I understand you. It's a great wall thanks for sharing something new and fresh.

  3. Lady-Lotus May 27, 2008

    This is gorgeous. I really like the different texture you used, combined with the colors, it blended really well to create the shade look. This look very psychological, it's like this girl have two other personalities. very interesting concept here. great work!

  4. Kairi-Hearts May 27, 2008

    true, you're not the only one... too much code geass lately.....it's sickening x_x
    now this is really interesting.
    the image is really cool and the use of patterns is nice.
    the colors are great, it's a nice contrast using complementary colors (well, kinda ^_^')
    all those little details are gorgeous!
    it's a really interesting work! ;)

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator May 27, 2008

    yay! I can see it now!
    Awesome colors and I love the simple bg. Nice use of patters and brushes!
    *adds to EDD*

  6. zaira May 27, 2008

    i can see it now! XD when it just loaded it up i was shock! XD
    i was planning to make a vectored wallie too using that scan!
    but man! you already made one! ^_^' mine is not yet finish
    and i'm still having a hard time vectoring the islands up in
    their heads OX tsk! damn youre ahead of me dood :D
    anyway i like the vector + its cool and awesome patterns! XD
    the outlines are great and the color matching really matched and fit!
    having a plain background is already good! since the vector already
    have its colors an such so i guess leaving the plain background is an OK! ;)
    Overall love the patterns used and color combos! ;)
    double love for the widescreen version!

  7. pamkips May 27, 2008

    Pama loves ya very much.

  8. Sinever May 27, 2008

    now I can see it too XD
    your wall is awesome & the colors are fabulous :D
    well done Naomi-chan ;)

  9. Koboshi93 May 28, 2008

    wowowowowow so stylishhh!
    I like it

  10. dslassey May 28, 2008

    This is amazing. You are very talented. I love the colors, and especially the textures. Nice job! ^^

  11. chubbykitty May 28, 2008

    Love the bright colors on top of the grey background. The textures and vectoring look very nice together :) Great work!

  12. Hanazaki May 29, 2008

    A masterpiece! Love that different colors.

  13. sakuranb May 29, 2008

    dang this rocks, i love the colors and clean look of it.
    awesome job! :D

  14. sailorchiron May 29, 2008

    Awesome stuff, Fran. Tis the season of fangirl wallpaper titles... *blushes* or just fangirl walls...

  15. Iare May 31, 2008

    Wow, beautiful image and work. The colors and the concept are very interesting, great wall.

  16. flyindance May 31, 2008

    very creative

  17. Hanahanoiday Jun 02, 2008

    I love this originality and these colors are simply amazing!Birds like the hair?Really awesome created!Totally beauty!+++FAV

  18. annakee Jun 05, 2008

    guilty... i began to feel like i am.
    ahora yo tambien tendre que ponerme las pilas y terminar algo para subir >_<"

  19. DarthTofu Jul 10, 2008

    It's awesome, and yes, too much Code Gears. xD
    This is really beautiful and creative.

  20. melymay Aug 12, 2009

    Great work with that scan! :D :D This looks amazing, I don't think anyone could have done it any better. Excellent work :)

  21. Revan Retired Moderator Aug 14, 2009

    Can't believe I missed this!
    Well, found it eventually so I guess it's alright.

    Anyways, I do think you did justice to Chiho's artwork so kudos for that!

  22. silverwinganime Mute Member Jan 25, 2010

    colorful and a bit creepy thanks

  23. lisz Apr 07, 2010

    Beautiful texturing and color.
    I love this:)

  24. Jeno May 19, 2010

    Eta imagen esta genial sigana asi las galerias son geniales!

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