Clannad: Petals of Spring

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Wow! Long time no submit, ne? Well I took a bit of a break from MT and Photoshop, sometimes I just can't bring myself to work on anything. And I apologise for the friends and group responsibilities that were neglected in that time. I'll really try to get back up to date.

Moving on~ It's Ryou-chan! This is one of my favourite vectors ever, I guess just because I love her so much ^^ She's so cute! *Cough* This wasn't an easy vector. The original image was too small :( But I used to be good at those, so hopefully this one turned out well too.
Original image: Click
(I have no clue why there are no full-size scans of the regular edition DVD covers; they're awesome.)
Hardest part had to be the eyes, since a lot of it was guessing, but even then it wasn't too hard.

This is also the image for my new userpage layout! Finally a new one, and it's pink :D It's simple--I might add to it--but I like it enough.

Outline: 6.5 hrs
Colouring: 4 hrs
Total: 10.5 hrs
Layers: 37
Original Size: N/A (This is such a small one, ne? Don't know why...)
PSD Filesize: 8.67 MB
Duration: Mar. 12 - May. 21 2008

I guess that's all! Thanks for viewing minna-san! <3 (Please no one steal this one ^_^')

Submitted at:
vectory celestial-luminesse mikos-moon-flower sakura--cb kyoani-fans clannad-fans

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  1. Omone May 24, 2008

    this is so awesome.. i am glad your back.. i really missed all your awesome vectors *-*

  2. eternalmemory May 24, 2008

    lovely vector XD
    i'm glad you're back :D

  3. YoruAngel866 May 24, 2008

    welcome back, this vector is goregous,youre great artist after all

  4. temarigenius May 24, 2008

    Long time no see your works :)
    And your vectoring skills is still as good as before~ ^^
    And you vectored it from such a small image! Really amazing >_<
    Anyways, Great job vectoring! :D And it looks good on your userpage~

  5. saki-xan May 24, 2008

    Omg! Give me your brain to make backgrounds to vectors! It looks so well with this background :3 The vector is so good, never find a mistake :o I hope see more work of yours soon! <3

  6. Scampi May 24, 2008

    Welcome back! I missed your vectors. ;_;
    I see you still have not lose your touch in your vectoring skills because this vector says it all.
    Hopefully you are planning to do the regular DVD covers cause I like to see all of them.
    Keep on vectoring!

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 24, 2008

    Ah your back Ash <3
    Nice vector, it's so good to see your
    vectors again. It looks a bit weird though since
    you we're doing walls and then now this comes
    and I guess I'm just not use to seeing your single
    vectors. Anyways, great job.

  8. KriisEH May 24, 2008

    Welcome back! :)
    And wow! o_o Simply Amazing!
    Your vectors are just so elegant. :]
    It's so pretty the way you vectored Ryou from the original scan.
    It's soo cleean! Yep yep.


  9. minamiyukihimenonaka May 24, 2008

    Okaerinasai hikari-chan^^
    I'm already look your latest vector first on your userpage and Ryou-holic now. Pink is my favourite colour too. Kawaii Ryou desu..I haven't vectoring ryou before cause she's rare to be found in scans. But you touch up her perfectly. Welll done! I'm wait for your next vector/wall! I'll keep support you!
    Ganbatte^^ :) :) :)

  10. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi May 24, 2008

    long time not see your work hikari-chan
    this is very great
    I really like Ryou-chan too
    hontou ni KAWAIIII desu yo
    Waku waku
    You really workhard to create this art,nee?
    eventhough you have many trouble like a small scan and anything like that
    But the result is very Great
    amazing like always you do

    (and gomen nee,because I create C.C a little ecchi,I won't do that again.hehehe^ ^.you don't like Ecchiness,Right?Gomen)

    And I just want to say

  11. Aiira May 25, 2008

    Welcome back Ash-chan ^^
    Sorry I didn't comment on this one yesterday..
    I need to finish my project first..
    so here I am..
    I love this vector..
    It's really cute..
    and the cherry blossom behind her is also awesome..
    Yeah..I can't say something negative about this...
    it's really perfect and nice ^^

  12. Wslasher May 25, 2008

    May I ask how did you do the outline, stroke path or shape layer?

  13. sakurals May 26, 2008

    oh... this is so cute...
    i doesn't see Clannad yet.. but i want to..
    Your work is awesome like always!
    Nothing less from my shapes sensei! ^^
    Kisses and huggies!

  14. Kairi-Hearts May 26, 2008

    yay~ how i missed commenting your works <3
    you worked with such a small image >.< I know how hard those are. (but I found yesterday HQ images of the regular dvd covers!)
    anyways, your vectors are always so clean, it's always nice to look at them. I love Clannad eyes! You did a really great job.
    and the bg is so cute too, it just goes so well with Ryou! XD

  15. Lunariha May 26, 2008

    u make such excellent vectors, ash-chan!
    *squeeeee* this one's really pretty and kawaii too >.<
    love it..love it..love it! XD

  16. Indiana May 27, 2008


  17. Koboshi93 May 27, 2008

    raaaaaaaaaaa very nice vector!

  18. xKai May 27, 2008

    Welcome back~
    Miss commenting your work =D
    They are still looking as good as always~ But you always has some little mistakes with the fingers =x *points at Ryou's right hand(i believe the fault lies with the image size XD)*
    Would be good if you ever find the time to edit it to the correct shape XD

    definitely a fav! =D keep them coming *evil laughters*

  19. kenny52690 Mute Member May 27, 2008

    aw the flower at the background fits her very much
    great job u done there

  20. speedking5 May 28, 2008


  21. shinn23 May 28, 2008

    Welcome back!
    Nice vector...

  22. LystikinenaXP May 29, 2008

    Yay that you are back! ^_^. I just <3 your vectors, they are all so well done! Ryou-chan is kawaii =]


  23. clanlax May 29, 2008

    Wow, love it :D....

  24. sayacrazy Jun 17, 2008

    lovelyy :D

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