Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: .: Bloody Queen :.

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I will be happy if you DOWNLOAD THE FULL SIZE

This is my entry for the Tsubasa's Group Wallpaper Contest 2008 and Dark-Wallies's Group Wallpaper Contest too!

At least, i finish this wallpaper :) When i was making the vector for this i have a huge problem.. my computer stop working! At first we thought it was a problem with the hard disk (GOD! NO!), after that, maybe it could be a memory problem.. but a five days before we discover that this was a problem with the memory slot in the motherboard XD so, we change the memory of slot and everything works again! ** cheers! **

So, i continue my work.. when the vector was finished i started with the wallie.. and this is the result! I know than i can add more things to this wallpaper, but, my, I'M TOTALLY OVERLOAD ABOUT THIS WALLPAPER! With the vector this took me more than a month! I want to finish him now! And aaahh.. i finally do it XD

Let's talk about it... as you can see.. i change Sakura and the Syaoran's colors, from white to red, and also i change Sakura's symbol which was the same as the syaoran's one in the original scans.. i do this because i think the symbol was for the King in the chess and not for the Queen. But this things are more good looking in the vector.

The wallpaper is called "Bloody Queen" because Sakura is the Queen of the Cheess, and she had two kings that destroy everything that wants to hurt their Queen and splatered blood in everyplace of the picture.

For this wallpaper i made everything from shaped vectors based in my imagination (in exception of the Tsubasa image of course) So, the background, the chess pieces, the curtain, the windows, everything was made by me using shaped vectors and textures. The only brushes here are the moon, the buildings at the back, the grass and the plants.

I hope you like it!
Is a bloody wallie :P hahahaha!

Kisses and hugs!

Vector here: .: Bloody Queen Vector :. by sakurals

tsubasa vectory colorfull-wallies sakura--cb dark-wallies

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  1. schwindelmagier May 08, 2008

    First to comment, yeah. xD

    As I already said at MSN, this wallie is gorgeous, amazing beyond words. The vector is so nice and clean, not to mention all these details you put into the wallie with all your effort. The windows and its frames, the shadows they throw onto the ground, the blood everywhere, the trees, even the bats. The best part of the background is the sky though. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it. It belongs to the kind of dark night skies which really appeal to me. Awesome job, very well done. Will be my new desktop bg.
    +fav +fav +fav

  2. erikamirou May 08, 2008

    oooooooohhhh I love how you used the textures! :) The vector is great and the changes look good too :)
    A little dark but i like it that way XD fav~~~~~~

  3. chrisp May 08, 2008

    just perfect! the dark mood the red color...just awesome!
    the vector is very well the lines are smooth and thin!
    man i think this gonna win the contest >.<
    can't say more...have no words.. >.< perfect!
    +fav of corse

  4. dslassey May 08, 2008

    Gorgeous! This is an amazing wallpaper. I love your use of textures and color. I agree with chrisp that this might win the contest. I think it could also work as an entry in dark-wallies's contest. o:


  5. Shkira May 09, 2008

    Great wall. Looks awesome. I like the added chess piece (not a rook, what's it called?) and the moon on one side with the sun on the other. The textures look beautiful: silky curtains and gritty castle walls... Excellent job. I was curious what the picture in the background was. The black mound with the person standing on top!

  6. aqiaqua May 09, 2008

    Whoah, all I can say is whoah! I love it! You don't see stuff like this nowadays! The vector is awesome, your skills are improving! I really like the stained glass windows. <333 do submit more like this! +fav

  7. zaira May 09, 2008

    wow! this one is totally loaded for a wall! XD
    nice vector and theme! love the blood stains on both Syaoran! XD
    i like the stained glass too! the moon reflected on the glass was nice
    too! love its lightning effect! the blood all over the place fits with your
    title + the curtains are really well made becoz of the gradient colors
    you made. the candles give a nice touch on the floor, the bats really
    shows how creepy the place is + the tree branches! Overall great
    job on your vector + totally bloody theme! XD
    this goes to my fav! + added this in tsubasa contest entry ;)

  8. eternalmemory May 09, 2008

    wooow, just so awesome wall XD

  9. KieraAnn May 09, 2008

    That's so freak'n awesome. Fave from me!

  10. YoruAngel866 May 09, 2008

    i agree with dsalley.wanna join my group dark-wallies i will also get it as highlight in the group and i'll put it as contest entry. And good luck with tsubasa contest
    other than that, i love the vector and background is just beautiful, colors are like awesome and this piece you cant avoid to down and fave

  11. xKai May 09, 2008

    Nice vectoring and of cux a nice wall but i personally find that the textures were kinda over used in some areas of the wall making it slight hard to tell the difference.
    Other then the texture i have no more complains xD Cool lighting and background~ i love the floors too =D

  12. anoli May 09, 2008

    Cool wallie.
    I like colours and beautiful background.
    Great work.

  13. mystvearn May 09, 2008

    Nice wallpaper with nice background colours suiting the characters which have the same tone outfit. Maybe you can make a slightly unpolished version of the wallpaper to highlight the realism of the background

  14. DarthTofu May 09, 2008

    So friggin' detailed, nice.
    Great job.

  15. Elyvania May 10, 2008

    It's been a while since the last time a saw a wallpaper as wonderfull as this one. Your work on the textures, background, characters and colours made the final product look incredible, and it's a real pleasure and delight to see this finished :D I luv it!

    Thanks for sharing this ith us :).

  16. KaoruMikagami May 10, 2008

    WOW this wallpaper is cool.no wonder so much people favorite this

  17. Hanahanoiday May 11, 2008

    Oooh this looks so mysteriously,as that from a ghastly movie is,very much pretty elaborate background,this looks as by vampires at home XD,but very nice and vector is always beaituful without errors.:)

  18. ArtificialRaindrop May 11, 2008

    Sorry if I sound like a storm cloud, but I kind of feel like there's way too much going on with the wallpaper, and that it buries the beautiful vector underneath. I really like all of the individual things that you put into this wallpaper, I just feel that together it has become overcrowded and smothers the main characters. The vector looks jagged in several places as well (most noticeably around the hair), which is kinda strange since this is smaller than the original vector, and that didn't look quite so pixelated in the larger format (maybe it's because of how you saved it?). o_0 But I have to say, I love the way you did the text. Mixing the different fonts was an excellent move, and the placement is fitting. It's great to see people using text effectively in wallpapers :D It's too much for me personally as an entire wallpaper, but the individuals elements are nice on their own.

  19. Yukari18 May 25, 2008

    The Background is very cool and Sakura and the others looks great in it.! Nice Wallpaper

  20. CHIBIVAMPIREQUEEN Jun 09, 2008

    MadCore pic I'd Vote it any Day ;)

  21. AyuTenshi Aug 15, 2008

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!<3 You're great! I love this wallpaper so much!

  22. Sakura-Rabbit07 Sep 01, 2008

    the background suits the scan VERY well although i think that there was abit too much blood splattered on the wall....

    Keep up the sensational work!

  23. Galtrann Sep 12, 2008

    *_____________________* Lovely!

  24. farhana Sep 12, 2008

    I love the background and the blood!

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